Between Ocean and Mountain — Entre mer et montagne

Jul. 7, 2007 41

Hiking Food: Tips to make You Happier on Trails

Cherries on a Sweet Savory Tartine — Cerises sur tartine sucrée salée

May. 29, 2007 26

Vanilla and Ginger-Flavored Cherries on a Tartine

At the Asian Store — Au magasin asiatique

Apr. 17, 2007 66

Gingered Salmon Tartar with Radish and Green Apple

A Tartine Lunch, with Salad — Déjeuner de tartines, et de salade

Apr. 11, 2007 30

Honey and Prosciutto Tartine, Fennel and Zucchini Salad

Pink in a Watermelon Radish — Du rose dans un radis pastèque

Feb. 27, 2007 51

Beet Mousse and Radish Mise-en-Bouche