Hard Boiled Eggs — Les oeufs durs

Apr. 6, 2008 37

Dressed Up Marbled Eggs

A Potato Salad to Love — Une salade de pommes de terre si tentante

Apr. 1, 2008 57

Mint Potato, Pea and Bresaola Salad

The Vegetable Broth and the Minestrone — Le bouillon de légumes et la minestrone

Jan. 29, 2008 54

On my Shopping List, for a Vegetable Broth:

Eggs en cocotte, between earth and sea — Oeufs en cocotte, entre terre et mer

Oct. 22, 2007 46

Eggs en cocotte with salmon, leek and its mouillettes

A Real Corn Soup — Une soupe au vrai maïs

Sep. 9, 2007 64

Corn Soup with Fresh Herbs and Paprika