The foods of Easter — Les plats de Pâques

You can trust many of the food magazines everywhere to remind you of the foods popular at Easter. Amongst them, you will invariably find recipes using lamb, eggs and of course, chocolate. I am lucky: I am fond of the three.

So my dilemma is that I really had many egg and chocolate recipes ready for you but you see, I really don’t know where time went this week. It clearly vanished in my hands and here we are, Easter is in two days and puis rien. Nada !

But I trust that you will have already planned scrumptious meals, whether elaborate or simple, with people you love, your friends or family. Really, whoever is special to you.


Well, we cannot always plan everything, can we ? My second half P. is sick, so we will really have to play it by ear. In fact, I might simply make springlike green asparagus scrambled eggs like these ones. Filled with fresh herbs and a touch of spice on top. They would make anyone feel better, wouldn’t they?

In any case, I wish you all a Happy Easter, if you celebrate that holiday. Joyeuses fêtes de Pâques à tout le monde.


  1. Sorry to hear P is unwell for the holiday weekend, however I’m sure with all your good food he’ll be back to normal in no time. Take care and a very Happy Easter to you both!!

  2. Love those little eggs and the asparagus, they made me feel better and I wasn’t feeling bad. Hope they do the same for your P.
    Have a lovely and taking care weekend!
    Happy Easter.

  3. What a beautiful presentation that is, and so refreshing amidst all the chocolate people do like to go on about this week.

  4. Happy Easter to you Béa! It is snowing here in Aveyron so my Easter spirit is zero! The girls have requested tartiflette for Easter lunch. Pourquoi pas?

  5. Bea, I am ill also. But Your picture looks wonderful. Adore Your site!!:))

  6. You are so creative! I love the scrambled eggs served in the shell. And because you are so creative, I know you’ll have something great for easter. Even if it is only for you. Hope your other half is getting better 🙂

  7. I made chocolate mousse in egg shells and ran out of time to post them too! Wishing P. a prompt recovery, and I hope you had a good Easter too!

  8. Hope P. is feeling better! I love scrambled eggs with asparagus and I make it often but I like to boil the asparagus a little bit, just enough to keep it tender though and add it to the eggs while in the skillet.

  9. Oh Bea! This looks so enticing! I love eggs so a simple scrambled egg dish would definitely put a smile on my face 🙂 I hope P is feeling better! And a belated Happy Easter to you both!

  10. i’m always impressed at people who can cut the tops off eggs like that. i’m pretty sure that if i ever tried, i’d be a physical threat both to myself and those around me.

  11. Si jolis ces oeufs deguises en lapins! L’herbe me fait autant craquer en ce moment, meme si celle-ci est aussi verte toute l’annee 😉 Joyeuses Paques Bea!

  12. Bea, your photos are always a feast for the eyes. Those eggs are absolutely gorgeous–they capture the very idea of spring, to me.

  13. Wonderful photos-I made an asparagus and egg frittata it must be the order of the day!-your photos are so inspiring and this one was just pure printemps!

  14. Many thanks to you all! I hope your Easter was good too. P. is better, Thank God! 😉
    So now we have to hope for the new season to continue settling in, haven’t we?

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