I was gutsy — J’ai osé

macaron Paris poppy salmon

Smoked Salmon, Goat Cheese, Poppy Seed Macarons

When a few weeks ago, Akiko kindly gave me a copy of one of the latest cookbooks she did the photography for — Macarons — I was excited and perplexed too. As much as I like to admire the aesthetics of macarons, I am never going to go crazy over them. Call me ignorant if you wish, but I would always prefer a slice of my mum’s tarte aux quetsches or a piece of dark chocolate to a macaron, even when they are made by celebrities like Pierre Hermé or Ladurée. Ca y est, I said it. But I am certainly no wall* (But flesh is weak), and tempted I was when I looked at Akiko’s gorgeous pictures, and found this surprising association of smoked salmon, fresh cheese and poppy seeds macarons. Infallibly* Inevitably, it is the picture which really sold me on trying to make macarons again.

I was a poor victim of the look and feel of the picture

(The picture in this post is mine, but check Akiko’s if you have the cookbook! You will understand what I mean.)

*Thank you Ben for your corrections. As you said to me, P. sometimes resists to correct me!

By José Maréchal
Photography Akiko Ida
Published on Oct 17th 2007
Publisher: Marabout
Posted in Appetizers, Fish, French Inspired, Gluten Free


  1. Akiko did a wonderful job photographing those macs. They look fabulous! I agree with you that I’m not so ga-ga about macs that I crave them or will attempt making them (again) at home. However, I wouldn’t mind having them as the occasional treat 🙂

  2. Oh my god Bea, I would also love a quetsch tart but have you tried the big Isphahan macaron by Herme?I have to admit that I was at les 2 Magots one afternoon, and had one there. Just The look of it ,so “couture”, so French, and the taste was mind blowing,the complexities of textures and flavors so subtle…rose essence, litchis, fresh raspberries, the crunch, the cream…

  3. recipe, please! this sounds too adventurous not to try it!!! i have never tried making my own macarons and i’ve had quite a few really bad ones in my life, so i am not launching myself at them at every occasion. but when in paris, i can’t resist having one at pierre herme if i’m in the vicinity!

  4. I’ve never associated macaron with something savoury, much less salmon and cheese! Thank you for posting this little inspiration.

  5. Je viens de commander ce magnifique livre si joliment illustré par les photographies d’Akiko Ida.
    L’idée de réaliser des macarons salés me tente beaucoup. Fromage frais et saumon fumé….ce doit être délicieux…
    Le macaron n’est pas non plus ma friandise ou mon dessert préféré, mais je le trouve si beau, si élégant. Le fait de pouvoir jouer avec les couleurs, avec les saupoudrages, avec les ganaches, c’est un vrai plaisir. J’attends de recevoir “Macarons” avec impatience !

  6. I’ve never seen savoury macarons before and these certainly look divine! Thank you for the lovely idea:)

  7. Les macarons c’est toujours bon…je pense que pour Noël, je vais de nouveau remplir ma bibliothéque en bonnes choses. Bonne journée à toi

  8. comme toi je ne suis pas vraiment fan des macarons et je préfère de loin d’autres douceurs. même si je trouve que les variations sur ce thème sont assez illimitées.

  9. I understand what you mean about macarons….they are gorgeous as anything could ever be but I much prefer something less….fussed over.

    As for kidnapping my dog! Honestly Bea, she would probably just hop into your car. She absolutely loved France when we were there, and needless to say, so did the french! Petit chien!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Je suis loin d’être une fan de macarons salés même si j’ai déjà essayé cette association mais il faut reconnaître que la photo est à tomber !!
    Je vais lire le livre en pensant à toi et à la photographe !!

  11. “But I am certainly not a wall” is a tough one. I would say you’re looking for “But flesh is weak.” I wish “But I’m not made of stone” worked, but alas, it doesn’t mean the same thing. And you’re definitely looking for “inevitably” rather than “infallibly”. Enough to tempt a saint!

  12. I love your photo! I have been wanting to try macarons for several months now, but I haven’t come upon many recipes. I love surprising combinations like this, but I think I’ll start with a basic like vanilla or jasmine tea. Your post on the food styling class was so interesting…beautiful photos too! You’ve really found your calling.

  13. I am overwhelmed by photo and idea of a savory macaron. I did savory biscotti last year and loved it.
    Ofcourse the idea of turning the sweet into savory and making it better always amuses me and demands that I try it. Ah . . . yes I think I NEED another cookbook. You are a devil of a tease with this one.

  14. j’ai feuilleté le livre, et, en effet, les photos sont tellement allecchantes!
    Les recettes d’ailleurs aussi, mais moi, j’ai essayé de faire des macarons 2 fois, râtés…..It’s easier to go the next door to Pierre H. or Aiko!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. I think it’s always the pictures of macarons that draw me in, but then you went and put smoked salmon in yours, stunning!

  16. Ces petites graines de pavot donnent la touche ultra-chic à ton “extravagante” recette. J’adore !

  17. Not surprisingly, I feel the same way about them. I love making them, but I am not a big fan of eating them. Je me demande si ceux -ci etaient bons au moins. En tout cas, ils donnent envie!

  18. I don’t get all that excited about them either. Though I must say that photo is very seductive…and I have never thought of them in a savory way!

  19. A savoury macaron, now there’s a thing! I’m not too big on the sweet ones but the crunch from the macaron against soft salmon sounds like it would be good. And they are so pretty, like an edible work of art!

  20. Wow, I’ve never had savoury macarons before! I have never had the Parisian ones, but my basis for flavors are the ones from Miette which started my obsession with them – their pistachio ones were simply delicious ! I recently ordered some “true Parisian macarons” from a New York outfit and I did not like them at all – tasted like meringue.

  21. Thank you all. I will post the recipe soon, promise!

    As to the taste, I am not 100% sold on this, but then, as I said earlier, macarons are not my favorite delicacies. Although, as you said Pouke, I still have to try an Ispahan, which I have not so far. My next time in Paris then. Deal!

  22. Hey there Bea … this one has got my attention too 😀
    BTW i’ve nominated you for a Meme ! chk my blog for more on it 🙂

  23. Tu as osé, et bien fait! Peut être que les macarons ne sont pas non plus mon pêché mignon, mais ils sont d’un estétisme! Et peuvent être d’une originalité époustouflante!

  24. I love the idea of a savory macaron.It’s so inovative!I would love to try to make it .Can i have the receipe?
    Your next receipe i’ll try is oeufs à la neige vanille et cardamome.Thank you your so inspirering

  25. The presentation of the macarons makes them look almost sushi-like in their appearance. Who would not be tempted by a little snack like this hovering in front of you! The combination of tastes must be exquisite!

  26. How beautiful are these PLATES?! I mean, yes, the macaroons look delish, but still can’t get over the colors and textures of the plates.. beautiful pictures– I’ll take 3. YUM!

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