A Green Tart to Feel Better — Une tarte toute verte pour se sentir mieux

asparagus peas zucchini green vegetables tart

Green Vegetable Tart

Could it be that the season of Beautiful Tarts of all types is back? My dear friends Les tartes! I cannot wait to get into making many more of them! So, I am off making some pastry. How much I love this time of year!

Update on my Paris Visit: it turns out that I will not be in Paris in April, but most likely in May. I will keep you posted as it draws closer! As my brother says, May is a better month anyway!

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  1. j’aimerais beaucoup te rencontrer, et si tu viens en mai… je grimperai volontiers dans un train pour te voir, tout dépend de tes dates… (les week end de ce mois là sont déjà souvent occupés)

  2. So simple and so beautiful. You know, it’s beyond me why some people (read folks here in America) prefer buying boxed food from the grocery store. The flavors of the homemade stuff is just superior — unless you don’t have a clue how anything works in the kitchen, I guess …

  3. That lovely tart looks like Spring (with a capital “s”) personified. Isn’t it wonderful to look at green instead of brown again?

  4. Hi, I’m a student of South Korea.
    This tart looks very delicious and beautiful also.

    I want to learn lots of another recipes from the other people. 🙂
    I’m very interested in this kind of food.

    I am also a member of cookscentral.com I have found many interesting recipes on this site.. it allows for me to upload and share some of my recipes from Korea..

    Has anyone ever tried this site http://www.cookcentral.com – Welcome!

  5. April or May in Paris…
    You will see tons of this color GREEN everywhere!
    GREEN is IN!
    Especially Apple green – very pretty 🙂

  6. Yoyo, thank you!

    Alhya, j’ai essaye de t’envoyer un message, mais l’adresse ne fonctionne pas. En deux mots, merci merci, c’est super gentil et j’aimerais aussi beaucoup te rencontrer. Envoie-moi un email pour que j’ai la bonne adresse.

    Jul, oh yes, my favorite type of food too!

    Sha, merci beaucoup.

    Bergeou, ah super!

    Leonine, merci!

    Christina, ah yes I fully agree with you. Homemade is so so so much better. But you know, things do not even need to be complicated to be satisfying. It is a question of picking quality flavorful ingredients first. I guess in this way, I also know I am blessed to be able to afford it. Not every one can ;-(

    Elvira, merci.

    Loukoum, oui oui, passage court en Lorraine. Strasbrourg, toi?

    Brandon, oh thanks so much. Yes yes, this green is very cheerful I must say.

    Thanks Catalyst, I will check it out!

    Veron, thank you. I am excited too. I just love the thought of making and eating tarts.

    Tanna, yeah, the parade is a good way to say it. You always have the best descriptions Tanna.

    Kat, 🙂 I will work on it. Merci.

    Sam, ahahah, you need a little “larbin” to make it!

    Carol, I cannot wait to see!

  7. well – you can come be my “larbin” if you like 😉
    [I had to ask Fred what it means.]

  8. where is the recipe…..??? the picture looks too good ! I want to make it !!

  9. ton site est magnifique!!! les photos donnent toutes plus envie les unes que les autres!!!!
    Ta tarte verte est top! Elle fera très chic pour mon pic-nique du weekend!!!
    thank you so much for this recipe!

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  11. Est-ce qu’il y a une recette pour celle-ci? J’ai envie de l’essayer.

  12. Hi Cathy,
    Nice article (and picture) in paper today: 1-17-08. I sent your address to Patty in New Zealand. Looking forward to seeing you on TV. Good Luck! Joann

  13. salut pouvez vous me donner la recette elle est sur quel site merci