Pairing of Beet and Mâche — Des betteraves et de la mâche

mâche salad beetroot

Beet Cake and Mâche Salad

I know well that what I am doing is terrible. I am leaving you abandoned, a lot, like orphans without recipes. Please pardon me (pardonnez-moi, allez !), but I do not have much time to write these days. There are moments in life like this, aren’t there? Or maybe I have nothing to say (alors là, ce n’est pas possible, not possible! as my papa would say).

In the meantime, I am not leaving you with nothing. Enjoy these with your eyes, I hope at least.
This appetizer is one of my mother in law’s favorite, as she reminds me often!

And, can you tell I like mâche?

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  1. I absolutely love beets! It’s okay that there aren’t any recipes lately (hopefully you’ll have some time to write later), for now we can just feed our eyes. I think that’ll keep me happy for a little while since it looks good.

  2. But of course we forgive you. Comme nous pardonnons à ceux qui nous ont offensés and all that. But you will give us this recipe, right?

  3. Oooh I’m working with beetroot today too, different recipe though.
    These look great, do you grow your own mâche? Or are you fortunate to find it this gorgeous and fresh when shopping? Wonderful presentation as always!

  4. Ce qui est toujours étonnant chez toi c’est que meme des aliments qui sont pas forcément “sexy” le deviennent entre tes mains 😉

    Belle journée

  5. this really does look superb …. would LOVE the recipe for this. *hint hint*

  6. Bea! You absolutely have to find the time to write the recipes soon! I am so tempted to try out the mango mousse dessert. And these beets! The colours are just so beautiful. I bet they taste marvellous too! =)

    Keep cooking!

  7. very vibrant colors! I’m curious as to what mache is? Please tell me when you have some time 🙂

  8. I id something similar with beets this fall and it was delicious. But what is the orange part?That’s all I need to know and I think I can make something similar…

  9. Gorgeous! And we don’t need a recipe — this looks like goat cheese, beets, and mache. Do you find it easy to get gold beets where you are?

    These are like jewels. Fabulous.

  10. la mache??? where did you get that in the US? I miss it so much….among other foods. Thats it, you inspired me, from now on I am going to market and buying one new thing in season and doing something with it, once a week. I have to start small otherwise i will just envy you forever.

  11. I know what you mean…sometimes I just stare blank on my computer screen and nothing comes out, nada, no words, nothing inspiring to say, no stories to tell.

    Writing is tough and not so much fun. Cooking, taking pictures are more fun. Hehe. 😛

  12. These appetizers are so fresh and colored ! I was wondering wath the orange slice is taken from… but that must be yellow beet, isn’t it ? I’d like to taste but I’ve never seen those beets (I live in South of France)…

  13. it’s so pretty! maybe I should try with my youngest daughter who refuses all kinds of vegetables ; (

  14. Hi Bea…I am from Hong Kong. I found the baking stuffs and the photos in your blog are remarkable. May I ask what kind of camera and related equipments are you using when you took these photos?


  15. Not to worry, Bea! We’ll be here waiting for the recipes.

    This looks like a pretty dress with a lovely green hat on top!!!

  16. Thank you all very much. Busy busy on my end indeed. Back to normal soon, hopefully!

    To answer the questions, the yellow layer is golden beet, delicious. I am lucky to find them very easily in Boston.

  17. Mmmm – beetroot! Lovely-looking appetiser, using a delicious and so-underrated root vegetable. Well done!

  18. I’m gonna guess the white s goat cheese and make this with dinner! Thanks for the inspiration.

  19. Bonjour,
    je trouve votre recette magnifique et à la fois appetissante : de l’art!
    pourriez-vous m’envoyer votre recette en français ?
    par avance merci

  20. Beautiful colors! Did you ever get around to posting the recipe?