Between Mangoes and Apples — Entre les mangues et les pommes

mango mousse apple chips shortbread sweet

Mango Mousse, Almond Shortbread and Apple Chips

There is something else.

I was recently asked by R. from National Mango Board if I was interested in receiving a kit designed by them. They called it a celebration in a box dubbed “Cinco de Mango?. Well, I love mangoes and rarely buy them, I thought, so why not if it includes a few recipes on top.

When I received my kit yesterday — a glass, one mango, a lime, margarita salt and two recipes (a mango salsa and a mango margarita) — I was curious to use the mango right away, to experiment with an idea I had had on my mind since I ate a lovely dessert at Upstairs on the Square. On the menu, I had read ricotta mousse and loved it. My plan was to try with mangoes and since I had a jar of fresh whole milk ricotta in the fridge, I set to work, late last night.

Histoire à suivre…. To be followed…. I have not eaten the dessert yet — only nibbled on the crumbs and had time for the pictures.

And now I need a rest.

Update on April 19th: we ate the dessert and loved it — P. said he did especially, which is a good thing since he has always always always claimed (3 times to show how often he told me so) that he hates mangoes — so yes, the recipe will come.

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  1. That looks so good. I can’t wait for the recipe and your review of the dessert. I was wondering if you have professional training in cooking or is it just a hobby? Because all your recipes are very creative and beautiful.

  2. your web site= gorgeous inspiring photography. (i love both [food and photography]!)

  3. Hihihi..comme tu le disais , je vois bien un sablé breton là ou alors qq chose qui y ressemble drôlement !!
    Superbe comme d’hab est il besoin de le préciser !

  4. wow… i’m still drooling over the rhubarb mousse creation of yours and there comes yet another show-stopper! you are so talented and creative!

  5. Mmm….what a combination. In Hawaii, we used to pull the mangoes right off the trees and roll them in our spicy tuna sushi…no, maybe that was papayas. Well, who cares? Both smooth, juicy fruit.

  6. Very good idea z with this apple chips; i have some ones here; I think you have give a good idea for a recipe;
    thanks and you make vraiment de photos superbes

  7. Absolutely gorgeous! Mango is one of my favourite fruits, but I usually eat it all fresh and therefore have none left to actually cook with! Mango season is over for us now, but next time it rolls around, I will have to give this a try – once the recipe is up, that is! 😉

  8. I love anything mango. They are my favorite fruit. I am excited because it is almost the season for them and I have lots of wonderful ideas for them.

  9. oh! how could i have missed this dessert!! great idea slicing the mangoes with the skin still on as the garnish. can’t wait to see the recipe since i’ve been thinking about a ricotta mousse/cream to lighten things up a bit.

  10. I don’t have a blog yet, I’m been pondering how to begin, fell in love with your Mango Mousse, but was not able to locate where the recipe is. I’d love to try it…….