Vitamin-boosted black quinoa salad — Salade au quinoa noir vitaminée

Feb. 24, 2011 55

Vitamin-boosted salad with black quinoa, fennel, avocado and grapefruit

A casual day in August with a melon salad and a berry tart

Aug. 9, 2010 43

Melon, chicken and avocado salad

Searching for raw milk, and making verrines of vanilla custard and strawberries

Jul. 27, 2010 67

Verrines of strawberry and vanilla-flavored custard

Tomatoes rhyme with gazpacho

Jul. 15, 2010 64


Tartines of brioche and crushed peas

Jun. 22, 2010 66

Toasted tartines with brioche and crushed pea spread

Potato salad — Salade de pommes de terre

Apr. 13, 2010 78

Potato salad with watercress, cucumber and radish

La Tartine Gourmande & Envoyé spécial la suite

Mar. 26, 2010 137

Zesty lobster salad

The lobsters of Cohasset

Sep. 9, 2009 83

Lobster salad with tarragon

Tomato millefeuilles — Millefeuille de tomates

Sep. 3, 2009 47

Millefeuilles de tomates

Black quinoa salad — Salade de quinoa noir

Aug. 24, 2009 59

Vitamin-boosted black quinoa salad with golden beets

Verrine fraicheur: cucumber, yogurt and smoked salmon

Aug. 19, 2009 50

Verrine fraicheur: Cucumber, yogurt and smoked salmon verrine

The season of Rainier cherries — La saison des cerises Rainier

Jul. 16, 2009 71

Rainier cherry and red currant almond crumble

Whole soft-cooked eggs, amongst other things

Jun. 1, 2009 37

Spring green vegetables and whole soft-cooked eggs, vanilla-flavored vinaigrette

Comté cheese for a perfect lunch

Mar. 23, 2009 69

Leek and Comté Tartlets

Amuse-Bouche to Please — Des amuse-bouches à croquer

Dec. 17, 2008 55

Potato Nests with Crab and Apple Topping

Potatoes — Les pommes de terre

Dec. 3, 2008 65

Stuffed Potatoes with Mushrooms

Curried Winter Squash Soup with Red Lentil, Coconut Milk and Clams

Oct. 21, 2008 62

Curried Winter Squash Soup with Red Lentil, Coconut Milk and Clams