She made beet chips with me

gluten free homemade beet chips

Beet chips

This weekend, I wanted to prepare something fun for Lulu. She’s been sick with a cold. She’s rarely sick. But she’s been a real trooper. And so despite her fever and runny nose, she wanted to spend time in the kitchen with me.

Je veux cuisiner avec toi maman,” (I want to cook with you mummy) she said when she watched me peel the small beets I had kept from one of our late farmer’s markets. I had meant to keep them as long as I could. I had fallen in love with the colors.

Amongst others, Lulu likes crunchy foods. I am not blaming her. I do too. I knew that a bowl of finely sliced beet chips would make her happy.

All of us, as a matter of fact.

beet chips gluten free

So we cooked together. And we prepared beet chips. I can still see her eyes lighting with excitement when she noticed tiny bubbles form around the slices of beets inside the boiling oil.

Regarde toutes ces couleurs maman !” (Look at all of these colors mummy) she added. She was right to notice. They looked really pretty!

Tu veux ajouter le sel,” (Do you want to add the salt?) I asked.

I knew she would.

Simple things to cheer my Lulu up.

And help her feel better.

Thank you so much to all of you for your emails about the workshop. Lara and I are really happy to have received such wonderful feedback. We will be back with more information about to register very soon.

Beet Chips

You need:

  • Baby beets*, peeled and finely sliced with a mandoline
  • Brown rice flour
  • Pinch of ground coriander
  • Fleur de sel
  • Vegetable oil, for high-temperature frying, like canola oil
  • *Any types of beets will do


  • Pat the beet slices dry between towels.
  • Transfer to a large bowl and sprinkle with brown rice flour and a dash of ground coriander. Shake off the excess flavored flour.
  • In a medium-sized pot, heat the oil on high heat. When hot, add the beet slices, making sure that you are not overcrowding the pot. Let the beets fry for a few minutes, until they look crispy.
  • Using a slotted spoon, transfer onto paper towels to cool.
  • Repeat until you run out of beets.
  • Once cooled, transfer to a bowl and sprinkle with fleur de sel. Enjoy!
Le coin français
Chips de betteraves

Ingrédients :

  • Petites betteraves*, pelées et coupées en tranches fines avec une mandoline
  • Farine de riz complet
  • Pincée de coriandre en poudre
  • Fleur de sel
  • Huile végétale, pour cuisson à haute température
  • *Toutes variétés de betteraves sont possibles, tant qu’elles sont naines

Etapes :

  • Mettez les tranches de betteraves dans des serviettes pour enlever l’excès d’eau.
  • Transférez-les dans une grande jatte et ajoutez un peu de farine et de coriandre en poudre. Mélangez bien, et enlevez l’excès de farine.
  • Dans une casserole moyenne, faites chauffer l’huile sur feu fort. Une fois l’huile chaude, ajoutez des tranches de betteraves, sans trop en mettre dans le casserole en une fois. Laissez frire pendant quelques minutes jusqu’à ce que les chips de betterave aient l’air croustillantes.
  • Sortez-les de l’huile, et mettez-les sur du papier absorbant.
  • Répétez avec le reste de betteraves, jusqu’à épuisement des légumes.
  • Une fois refroidies, mettez les chips de betterave dans une jatte et ajoutez de la fleur de sel. Dégustez sans attendre !
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  1. Those are candies for my eyes, Bea! Thank you for brightening our grey wintry day. I might just have to try this with the kids. They do like beets…but maybe not as much as I do! 🙂

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  3. C’est trop joli ! Des éclats plein les yeux … Ton ( ou ta ? ) Lulu a du être rapidement sur pieds avec une assiette aussi vitaminée. De vrais petits bonbons dans l’assiette.
    Je devrai peut-être faire ainsi car pour ma part, ma sinusite ne veut pas partir ;(
    Merci Bea pour tout ce que tu offres et partages.
    Bises gourmandes from Cal.

  4. What beautiful contrast between the bright beets and the moody weather. I’ve been meaning to try a baked beet chip recipe I found!

  5. I love the colors, too. Amazing. Do you par-boil the beets first, or peel with a vegetable peeler? I hope your little helper is feeling better soon!

  6. Could these be made via baking? I’ve baked kale chips before which are excellent and crispy and would love it if I could do the same with beets.

  7. I love your vibrant photos in this post. You have made everything look so lovely. Thank you for sharing your story. and get well Lulu.

  8. i wish i knew where to get those colorful baby beets. i only ever find normal big ones :-(…

  9. I love beet chips. Besides being delicious, they are so colorful too.
    Beautiful photographs!

  10. Jamais je n’ai goûté à des chips de betteraves. Je crois bien que je vais me lancer, ça donne tellement un bon résultat!

  11. I’m amazed by the beauty of these colors! Hope Lulu is feeling better already…

  12. They look like beautiful little roses. I can’t wait for beets to come into season and try this recipe. Thanks for sharing!

  13. SO beautiful! I would have expected these to look (and taste) so good. I love an excuse to make more beets!

  14. Beautiful post, pictures, recipe. Hope Lulu is feeling better!

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  17. Wow, these photos are just gorgeous! I’m now on the lookout for fancy, colourful beets. thanks for the inspiration, and for sharing!

  18. I am laughing because I made beet chips with coriander the other day for my LULA! how funny. I was attempting to do them in the oven… they were yellow beets and some kept their color and some turned grey! : ( I was winging it. Next time I will follow this recipe. The coriander was super tasty however and i did a lime salt. Your blog is super beautiful!

  19. I love the vibrant colors. I’ve tried to make beet chips and they didn’t turn out well. Your instructions sound exactly like what I did; however, I did not use brown rice flour. Mine absorbed too much oil and lost their color. If I took them out early to preserve the color, they weren’t crunchy. Any suggestions? Thanks, Bea!

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  22. I’ve been suffering from terrible cold like your daughter’s and looking for some good food to cure me. And I came across your website! Beautiful photos and writing. Love your blog.

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