Cooking my way through summer

Jul. 20, 2012 53

Red Berry Popsicle Recipe

The colors of Turks and Caicos

Apr. 20, 2011 89

Eggplants stuffed with pork, vegetables and spices

The day I found mace

Feb. 1, 2011 64

Multi root vegetable soup with mace

Homemade baby food with the Beaba Babycook

Nov. 4, 2009 45

White sweet potato, purple turnip and chicken with coriander

Homemade baby’s food — Nourriture bébé préparée maison

Oct. 15, 2009 77

Japanese white sweet potato and sole with zucchini, cauliflower and thyme

Lunch for Two with a Rice Noodle Soup — Déjeuner à deux avec une soupe aux nouilles de riz

Jul. 31, 2008 58

Rice Noodle Soup, with Pork, Snap Sugar Peas and Tofu

Everyday Comfort Food — Cuisine réconfortante de tous les jours

Jun. 23, 2008 43

Veal and Pork Meatballs with a Carrot Sauce

Cherries on a Sweet Savory Tartine — Cerises sur tartine sucrée salée

May. 29, 2007 26

Vanilla and Ginger-Flavored Cherries on a Tartine

A Tartine Lunch, with Salad — Déjeuner de tartines, et de salade

Apr. 11, 2007 30

Honey and Prosciutto Tartine, Fennel and Zucchini Salad

Comfort Sauce is Good Anytime — Une sauce réconfortante à tout moment

Dec. 12, 2006 17

Lamb and Vegetable Sauce for Festive Pasta