Searching for raw milk, and making verrines of vanilla custard and strawberries

Jul. 27, 2010 67

Verrines of strawberry and vanilla-flavored custard

Sour cherry soup infused with lemon thyme and vanilla

Jul. 19, 2010 47

Sour cherry soup with lemon thyme and vanilla, strawberry sorbet

Tomatoes rhyme with gazpacho

Jul. 15, 2010 64


4th of July Dessert idea: Panna cotta and stewed berries en verrines

Jul. 2, 2010 53

Panna cotta and stewed berries en verrines

Jacket potatoes, the French way — Pommes de terre en robe des champs

Jun. 28, 2010 51

Pommes de terre en robe des champs

Tartines of brioche and crushed peas

Jun. 22, 2010 66

Toasted tartines with brioche and crushed pea spread

Cherry amandines — Amandines aux cerises

Jun. 17, 2010 102

Cherry amandines

Chocolate and tahini make a delicious goeey cake

Apr. 26, 2010 110

Molten chocolate cake with tahini and millet

Potato salad — Salade de pommes de terre

Apr. 13, 2010 78

Potato salad with watercress, cucumber and radish

La Tartine Gourmande & Envoyé spécial la suite

Mar. 26, 2010 137

Zesty lobster salad

A visit that means a lot

Feb. 15, 2010 93

Baked pears with lemongrass, ginger and vanilla

Beating the cold with chocolate

Jan. 11, 2010 73

Cocoa, hazelnut and banana muffins

Welcoming 2010 — L’année 2010

Jan. 2, 2010 81

Vanilla flavored-almond and quinoa rose teacakes