She collected eggs

Mar. 4, 2012 84

Baked Omelets with asparagus recipe

There were moutons, poules and potatoes, and we ate quail eggs en cocotte

Mar. 17, 2011 53

Quail eggs en cocotte with leek, julienned zucchini and smoked salmon

Searching for raw milk, and making verrines of vanilla custard and strawberries

Jul. 27, 2010 67

Verrines of strawberry and vanilla-flavored custard

Whole soft-cooked eggs, amongst other things

Jun. 1, 2009 37

Spring green vegetables and whole soft-cooked eggs, vanilla-flavored vinaigrette

Hard Boiled Eggs — Les oeufs durs

Apr. 6, 2008 37

Dressed Up Marbled Eggs

Eggs en cocotte, between earth and sea — Oeufs en cocotte, entre terre et mer

Oct. 22, 2007 46

Eggs en cocotte with salmon, leek and its mouillettes

Between Ocean and Mountain — Entre mer et montagne

Jul. 7, 2007 41

Hiking Food: Tips to make You Happier on Trails

Brunch Idea, My Way — Une idée de brunch à ma façon

Jan. 3, 2007 30

Vegetable Poêlée and Poached Eggs

Scrambled Eggs with Smoked Salmon — Oeufs brouillés au saumon fumé

Apr. 16, 2006 20

Scrambled Eggs with Smoked Salmon

Praliné Chocolate Eggs — Oeufs au chocolat praliné

Apr. 9, 2006 36

Praliné Chocolate Eggs