Spanish Tortilla for the Boston Globe

spanish tortilla boston globe

Spanish Tortilla for the Boston Globe

Ok. I am a few days behind. It seems to be happening a lot lately. But better late than not at all. I still have an email to send to all of you who kindly offered to help with the testing of my recipes. I have not forgotten.

In the meantime, since it is fairly quick, I meant to let you know about a fun recipe that I wrote for the Boston Globe Seasons Column last week. Now, I am perhaps not an expert of Spanish cuisine, but I surely enjoy cooking it. Then, who can really resist potatoes, olive oil, eggs — and my addition of spinach and cumin. A Spanish tortilla anyone?

That makes a perfect breakfast, light dinner or lunch idea, and a great picnic for the summer. Oh, I cannot wait to get the picnic basket and blanket out!

The recipe can be found here.

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  1. yes, i’ll have a spanish tortilla! especially one that photographs so beautifully. i wish i could be you taste-tester…

  2. Wonderful photo and very appetizing! I’d like testing and tasting your recipes but I am too far…

  3. looks delicious bea. and i love the addition of spinach. i will be having of this soon myself!

  4. La tortilla aux pommes de terre, un régal! J’en ai fait une dernièrement et tu me donnes une idée pour nos prochains piques-niques, des cubes de tortilla, quelle bonne idée.

  5. I’m spanish and this are my favourites spanish omelettes: TRADITIONAL: fry potatoes(4) with onion(1) and green pepper(1/2). ORIGINAL: add some parsley & garlic chopped to the eggs+potatoes batter. REFRESHING: add some spearmint leaves chopped to the eggs+potatoes batter. YUMMY: add some chorizo slices to the eggs+potatoes batter. Anyone fits perfectly with a traditional cold soup called SALMOREJO. My favourite summer lunch!!!! Béa, e-mail me if you want the recipe. Saludos.

  6. It looks so beautiful! I have been in a frittata/omelet mode lately, so I will definitely be making it this weekend. Thanks, Bea, for another lovely recipe!

  7. Looks delicious Bea-thanks for sharing with the rest of us who are wondering what you’ve been cooking!

  8. We love Spanish flavors. I’d make this today but I need spinach! I’m dreaming of the day we can picnic, I’m looking out the window at a snow-covered lawn with more in the forecast! Thanks for the ‘sunny” photograph.

  9. La tortilla: je n’y pense jamais… mais là tu me donnes une idée. Merci. Si tu as besoin d’une gourmande pour tester des recettes, je mets mon nom!

  10. Gorgeous photo and sounds like the perfect meal for springtime. Also, very similar to Persian kukus — you must try the herb kuku….so delicious!!

  11. Oh yes just right for a springtime meal…I have been making quite a few Fritatta/Omelettes lately..quick and easy and tasty!! 🙂

  12. That’s seems a really good version!
    My Spanish flatmate cooked one yesterday evening. She uses around 50cL olive oil to cook the potatoes. I’m a bit afraid of that even if she throws away the remaining oil before “cooking the tortilla”.

  13. I fell in love with spanish tortilla when I was travelling through Spain. I ate it everyday! My favorite was sandwiched between toasted baguette.

  14. What a beautiful foto!!! Love It! Ive been following ur blog an dI just love ur fotography! And food.

  15. The Spanish tortilla is one of the most typical foods of Spain. And yes, it is delicious! Greetings from Spain. (thanks for advertising 😉 )

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