Another step to finish my cookbook

It’s already Tuesday and I am a day late. Désolée ! I promised a winner for the Around Fog Linen catalog. And I am happy to announce that Dawn McBeth is the one with the lucky number. Thank you Dawn, I will be sending you the catalog tomorrow.

This week is also one amongst many that requires my full attention. So you’ll have to excuse the lack of chit chat. And recipes. I have my cookbook manuscript to finish, the pictures to organize and prepare for print–and I am feeling fairly rushed with life, to say the least. But I am *so* looking forward to finally see my cookbook take shape. To see my recipes on paper, with colors and a design. To have the book be given a life outside my home. It will be published and available next Spring.

This morning, while I was chatting with a friend and I told her that I felt quite exhausted, “I am not surprised,” she said. “Your book,” she went on, “it’s like you are giving birth again!”

Obviously, it’s not exactly the same kind–we know that. But it’s definitely a life event that took its course over numerous months, growing slowly and steadily, step by step, day after day. And today, I am really keen to feel the final product between my hands.

Merci! Thank you for being here. For coming back, no matter what. Next to the love and support I receive from P. (who is well fed, under all circumstances, as he likes to tell me when I ask that he goes grocery shopping at odd times of the day) and Lulu–who took her very first steps this weekend–you are making this book happen!

Here’s a snapshot of what’s going to be the feel you’ll find inside my book.


  1. ou la la !! il me tarde tellement de voir ton livre !!! et pour une fois, je ne serais pas désavantagée en habitant en Amérique du nord ! 😉
    Et bravo a Lulu pour ces premiers pas…. par contre, fini la tranquillité pour vous, il va falloir tout redecorer… Un mètre plus haut ! LOL 🙂

  2. Vivement que ton livre soit publie, on va se regaler!!! En attendant, bon courage pour la derniere ligne droite et bravo a Mlle Lulu 😉 Sa copine Jeanne sur la cote Ouest marche depuis 2 semaines, vive l’independance et bonjour les betises!

  3. I’m so happy for you and your Lulu!…And I’m sure your book will be the best cookbook ever, I dream of the day I will receive it! The snapshot is amazing, thank you for showing this to us!…

  4. Can’t wait to purchase your cookbook. Do you get to do a release tour? If you make it to San Francisco, I’ll be in the front row supporting you! Sounds like life is fun and full. Blessings to you!

  5. Ces photos representent tout ce que j’aime, j’ai hate de voir le livre entier… Je suis sure qu’il aura beaucoup de succès!
    Et félicitation à Lulu pour ses premiers pas 🙂

  6. What a wonderful achievement, really looking forward to seeing your cookbook. Your photos are so beautiful and evocative.

  7. Am very excited to see your new cookbook next year…the ‘teaser’ photos look beautiful and evocative, as always… And congratulations on enjoying Lulu’s first steps…

  8. comme vient de dire ma mère à côté de moi, ce “snapshot”, à l’image de ce que tu fais, est beau et reposant et c’est très agréable.
    Can’t wait to buy your book!!!

  9. If this preview is a part of the reason of your absence, you are completely excused. There’s a whole world of foodblogger looking forward to see your book published, I only hope it will be available in Italy or that I can order a copy en english or french on the internet!

  10. Keep smiling and working hard on the last steps of that book. I’m sure it’s going to be an excellent book. Will it be available in Europe??? I’d love it so much to have one!!!

  11. Waouw… j’ai vraiment hâte de commander ton livre. J’adore tes recettes, et tes photos sont juste sublimes. Merci pour ces morceaux de beauté pure :).

  12. et qu’on le trouvera sur Amazon ton livre ??? me rejouis de passer commande !!
    Merci pour ces belles photos et textes !

  13. This is my first time posting. Your website is a delight. Congrats on your wonderful journey towards your book – your photography and food are astounding for all the senses. Congrats on the first steps of Lulu…so precious. Looking forward to the book. By the way, where do you get your lovely bowls?

  14. Looks yummy Bea. I can’t wait for the book to come out.
    Bravo Lulu… marcher c’est le début de l’indépendance.

  15. Wow Bea, so beautiful the pictures!! and I can’t wait for your cookbook.. hehe.. I can say I “know” the author!! and a signed copy would be great don’t you think?

    Good to know that Lulu took her first step.. hugs for her!

  16. Et tu as tout pris en mains, toute seule ? Bravo. Dans un livre de cuisine, en général, le travail des photograhies est à part, réalisé par une autre personne. Toi, tu as tout fait de A à Z, c’est un boulot énorme. Au plaisir de lire ton livre, et de découvrir d’autres photos tout aussi magnifiques.

  17. i am new to your inspiring + gorgeous blog, but am no less excited than the veteran readers about your upcoming cookbook!!! it looks like it’s going to be AMAZING! good luck 🙂

  18. oh goodness, so soon !

    It’s exciting once your manuscript starts forming into a book. The experience is wonderful for an author.

    So here is a little magic i could add to that cookbook for you: I know you’ve got Lulu and Author Solutions Inc, but i’ve got Malaysia with me. So, if you’re looking to self-publish, maybe you could write me and we’d discuss about your book. You could save a bundle here, hon.

    Besides, you’ve got a real talent for both shooting and editing your own work, i’m sure all you want is a self-publishing partner. Hope to hear from you.

    with my best,
    Kuala Lumpur.

  19. I live in New Orleans — a city with a wonderful French influence – and where good food from red beans and rice to the most sophisticated dishes are always appreciated. I am so looking forward to your cookbook! I am extending my congratulations to your husband as well as I know he is sooooo supportative of your projects!

  20. So, so exciting!! I can’t wait to see your new ‘child’ take IT’s first steps!

  21. thank you for this little preview. looks beautiful and can’t wait to see the images and words in print. hope this last sprint goes well so you can enjoy your much deserved break. xx

  22. I’m far too excited about your book – please hurry! :o) x

    Natalie in Manchester, England

  23. Congratulations on your daughter’s first steps and your magnificent creation in progress! Your photos are breathtaking . . .I am new to your blog and so look forward to every posting! Thank you!

  24. I’m so thrilled for you! And, I have to admit that I’m excited to purchase your cookbook. I love your aesthetics and think your recipes are delightful. Only wishing it was this spring and that we didn’t have to wait a full year more! Congratulations!

  25. oh this glimpse into your beautiful book has me wishing i could tumble into its pages this very moment!
    next spring seems such a long time to wait, even though i know it will be well worth it!!!
    sweet blessings to you and yours.

  26. PLEASE READ!!! There is a picture you have that is absolutely beautiful and its the tree by the lake with white flowers… where is that? It is a wonderful picture, amongst your other pictures, all so beautiful. And what camera do you have? Thank you!

    Your life is reflected by the child you hold in your arms… beautiful

  27. You are so inspiring! Can’t wait to see and buy, ofcourse, your masterpiece! Congratulations to your little angel on her first baby steps!
    Have a nice day to all of you! 🙂

  28. L’ambiance de ton futur livre donnée par le patchwork de photos est exactement ce à quoi je m’attendais, et je suis super impatiente de pouvoir le feuilleter et m’en inspirer, ça va être dur d’attendre! ,)

  29. I so much love your photographs and can’t wait to see it in print! Congratulations to Lulu on taking her first steps. Isn’t it nice? Spring is coming and Lulu is taking her first steps… I love spring because the nature wakes up and it’s like new fresh things are happening…
    Take care xx

  30. i hope that your book will be available in Greece as well!! hope it’s written in english and not french though, hehe :))
    everything you have in here looks so perfectly cooked and phographed!

  31. Congratulations on being almost done! Funny, it is EXACTLY like having a child. All this hard work and then one big PUSH and it’s out of you and out in the brave new world. Thing is, it’ll keep coming back…for line edits, the day you see the final product, then book signings, etc. It’s such a weird process. I wish you all the best. I’m sure your child will do very well in the world!

  32. Thank you *so much* everyone for your sweet comments and encouragements. I, too, cannot wait! It’s been a long long ride.

    Ralphie, most of the book was taken with the Canon 5D (some with the Canon 30D and the 1D, my newly purchased camera). The tree you’re referring to is actually where I live now, in Boston, by the river in Spring 🙂

  33. Oh it looks wonderful and congratulations on making it to the end of the marathon, again! 😉 I can’t wait for it to come out and so fitting that Lulu is starting to walk at the same time. You are finishing the marathon and she is just about ready to take the relay. =)

  34. Bea,
    I’m soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo looking forward to your book!!! Hope it will be shipped to Europe and of course to Hungary too. Sometimes it’s too difficult to get a book for Europeans or Hungarians because there is no delivery here from the USA!

  35. oh I can’t wait to have your book in my hands..!!! 🙂 It looks fantastic, and congratulations on the finished work, EVVIVA!!! Brava 🙂

  36. This sneak peak makes me want to get the book NOW!!
    It looks fantastic and I’m sure (by following your blog, enjoying it to the fullest, but so far never left a message) the final result will be even more gorgeous! Can’t wait! Good luck with the last steps! Bisous from Versailles, Chantal

  37. Sophie,

    Merci, j’espère que je serai éditée en France! A suivre….

  38. Dear Bea, you deserve every success. it is wonderful coming here every time, learning from you, having a breath of optimism…I can’t wait to see your book.

  39. yours will be the prettiest and best in all the cookbook sections of the world! i cant wait!

  40. It’s going to be one amazing book if its anything like your blog! It must have been magical watching Lulu take her first steps.

  41. I love your photos. I want your cookbook. I will keep close watch on your feed (which I already do) waiting for the announcement.

    Many thanks for all you have shared.

  42. Fantastic pictures! Voila un cadeau qui fera bien plaisir a ma chere et tendre (qui adore ton blog)! En esperant qu’il soit dispo en Angleterre :$

  43. Dear Bea,

    I’ve been following your blog for over 3 years now and I am so amazed by everything you do! I just started my own food blog and see what hard work it is, so really, a huge “chapeau” for your work and art!

    I can’t wait to buy a copy of your book! Good luck with the finishing touches!

    Best wishes,

  44. It’s going to be a beautiful book, so many people waiting for it! I hope it will be available in NZ.

  45. What a great book it’s going to be. Can’t wait! And Lulu is walking… what a step – quite literally.
    All the best.

  46. I’m so looking forward to your cookbook! I’m sure it will be gorgeus. I just can hope that it will be published in Europe!

    And well done Lulu!

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  48. What a beautiful book I will buy several as gifts. I am having a garden tea in May and I will use some of your receipes. Love your photography.
    WHere do you find the tiny spring form molds for the appetizers?

  49. Hello! I just discovered your website. It’s so inspiring! I love cooking and it makes me want to try a lot of new things. I am looking forward to buying your book! Just like Sini, I hope that I’ll be able to find it in Europe.
    Bon courage, parce que c’est un sacré boulot, tout ça… =)
    Et merci de m’avoir donné faim en quelques photos!

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