Fog Linen Work, a give away, and then Saveur Magazine

Fog Linen Work

It’s the feel of a soft fabric touching my hands that becomes addictive. Its color and pattern. And its thickness and shape. My imagination flows and my head bubbles with ideas as I look at the pile of kitchen towels loosely arranged on the old wooden corner table in the living room. It’s high enough so that Lulu cannot reach for them. Not yet.

I look at them again. They make me dream of pictures.

With food in the middle.

I think that it’s about a year ago that I discovered Yumiko’s textiles. It was love at first sight. Yumiko is simply the talented Japanese woman behind Fog Linen Work. She is a lovely, friendly woman.

I forget how it really started, that connection Yumiko and I developed. To start, there was the purchase of a few kitchen towels that sufficed to make me become a fan of her work. Then we started to email each other. And one day, when I didn’t expect it, she asked whether I would like to participate in one of her projects. She wanted a few designers, stylists and photographers to collaborate with their own personal touches to her new Spring catalog 2010. She wanted to see her linens and baskets and aprons and pretty objects to find a home in the context of these people’s own homes. She wanted to hear about these people’s stories. Their lives. I loved her idea. And I felt honored that she asked me. I accepted right away. Enthusiastically.

A few months later, a few clicks and pictures after, her catalog is now available. It’s beautiful and lively. It’s full of pretty pictures.

If you happen to see it, perhaps like me, you’ll fall for Fog Linen Work. It’s easy to. It’s yet another reason that will make us travel to Japan. One day, we really will.

Here is the list of the other people participating in Yumiko’s project. Absolutely gorgeous work. All.

And I forgot! I will also be giving one of these gorgeous catalogs away. Simply leave a comment in this space and I’ll happily ship it to you. Winner will be announced next Monday, March 8th!

I’ve also recently found out that La Tartine Gourmande was nominated as one of the Best Special Interest Food Blogs in Saveur’s 1st Annual Food Blog Awards.

Yes, that’s right. It’s Saveur magazine! I am honored. Un grand merci!

If you are interested, there are many wonderful blogs nominated too, and you can vote for your favorites in each category by following this link. You have until Friday April 2d to do so.

The winners will be announced on April 5th. Good luck to everyone!


  1. The Japanese really have an eye for style, and with such a beautiful catalog, I have a feeling that I’m going to be her next customer…. 🙂 Congratulations on the well-deserved nomination!

  2. Good to hear from you. Still hard at work on the cookbook no doubt. Congrats on the two honors. Your photos are simply the best, always telling such lovely stories themselves.

  3. I’ve always thought Japanese fablics (which I have many) don’t fit with foods but not with your works. I am Japanese but I am learning how to use Japanese fablics from you.

  4. Un bien beau tissu en effet que le lin, j’aime particulièrement celui sur la seconde photo.
    Et bonne chance pour le Saveur food blog award !!

  5. Wow!
    >>She visited Lithuania, a country that grows flax, whose fibers are spun into linen, and has been producing and exporting linen productsto other European countries since the Middle Ages.She was disappointed to find that there were no linen products for daily use available in the stores there.<<
    This is so true. I was born Lithuania and I still live here – that is my home, but Yumiko is so damn right – there is no beautiful linen production here. Or it is but extremely expensive.

    And it is quite disappointing that we can't buy Yumiko's production here, in our beloved Lithuania.

    Photos are aboslutely beautiful and wowing. Congrats!

  6. Congrats! Saveur is such a great magazine…

    Lovely shots, as always!



  7. Congratulations on your domination, your amazing blog deserves many awards!…

  8. hi bea, congratulations on your nomination, and thanks for sharing your story and work with fog linen work – i’ve loved their products but didn’t know they had their own store in tokyo! gotta get myself down there one of these days…

  9. What lovely fabrics! I can see why you fell in love with them…and I can see why they asked you to be part of their catalog. Your photos are beautiful as usual!

    Congratulations on the nomination! Well deserved indeed!

  10. congratulations Bea on the nomination! So truly well-deserved (I know it’s been said already, but it needs to be said again!) Lovely to see your talent and hard work recognized like that.

    I adore Fog Linen Work, and the book is just beautiful. Congratulations on the collaboration there, too.

  11. I love linen. Thanks for bringing our attention to this wonderful resource.

  12. you know i absolutely love Fog Linens and your photographs of them make them even more spectacular (if possible). A big congrats n the Saveur nomination. You got my vote as soon as I read it. I can’t think of anyone that deserves it best.

  13. Hi Bea, Just curious, what is the “special interest” you were nominated for?

  14. Félicitations pour ta nomination dans le magazine Saveurs! J’aimerais tant avoir ton talent de photographe, surtout de graphiste. Tout est merveilleux chez toi.

  15. I voted for you!!!!!
    I have been following you for a year now…so lovely and refreshing!!!!
    I am French as well, living in the big apple and i just LOVE your blog.
    Thank you so much for inspiring me!

  16. I’m planning a trip to Japan with a friend in about 4 years (not our spouses type of trip). It could very well be filled with the amazing design, textiles, crafts, art , AND food that Japan is so well known for. I’m drawn to so many things about this culture, I’m sure I would love to spend many hours pouring over the catelogue (& purchasing). add my name, thanks, Karen

  17. Those pictures are lovely and really make me want to see the rest of the catalog.

  18. This looks like a wonderful book!!! I love the sweet simplicity of Japanese textiles and the photography looks amazing. Please add my name to the draw – thanks so much, Jayne.

  19. i’ve been a huge fan of Fog Linen for ages! they’re so hard to resist for me; i’m glad they’re not so readily available where i live. and the list of collaborators contain some of my favorite artists.

  20. congratulations on your nomination, Bea . Gosh ! the way you tell the story drive me crazy, can’t wait to feel the sensation of Fog Linen thanks for sharing your story .

  21. wonderful work and what a great collaboration. Very smart thinking and if all the results look as good as your photo, then I am sure it is an awesome catalog. – pt

  22. Bea,

    I am totally crazy for everything Japanese and the catalog is definitely a must have… Congrats and good luck with your nomination!


  23. thanks for sharing the story and links (and congrats!)
    I’m going to be on the lookout for some of Yumiko’s linens for next wedding gifts and house warming parties!


  24. I especially love the photos of the little boys with the lussekater! The Swedes and the Japanese do such an amazing job suffusing design with whimsy.

  25. omigosh those linens are absolutely gorgeous. as usual, your photographs just brightens up my day!

  26. Just found your site today! It looks amazing! Can’t wait to dig in (instead of working!!)

  27. I’ve been reading your blog for a couple of years now. You are quite an inspiration to me, as an Art Director and aspiring photographer. Thank you.

  28. kudos and congrads on your blog nomination. well deserved i must say!

  29. Hi there,

    I just love your site! I am an artist and get such inspiration from seeing your photos and vicariously living french-like vicariously. I love FOG LINEN WORK and would be thrilled to win a catalogue. I am a collector and am always searching for inspiration…a lot of my artwork is fabric based sculpture…anyway, I just love your site and can’t wait to bake the rose-quinoa cakes. Thank you for having so many gluten-free options! Please alert me when your cookbook comes out! I cannot wait. All the best, Jenny

  30. Wouw! Beautiful photos as always, Bea! And I love the idea of making a catalogue with photographs of products used in the people’s own homes 🙂

  31. Congrats on your nomination! Your blog is a first stop for me so I know you deserve it. The Japanese have an amazing aesthetic sense when it comes to the arts and so of course the Fog Linens are so beautiful.

  32. I already voted for you before I even saw this request! I just love your photographs. They honestly uplift me. Thank you.

  33. Such gorgeous textiles. Been an avid reader for awhile, but never commented before. Thank you for allowing me to share a little slice of your life 🙂

  34. gorgeous, as usual. you are so talented. it’s no surprise you’re in Saveur. congrats.



  35. I love all about your work: the recipes, the wonderful photos, everything! Your blog is an inspiration, thank you so much for that.

  36. Congrats on your nomination — I’ve been following your blog for the last year, and I just love it. Those linens…mmm…dee-luvvly.

  37. Congratulations and thank you for sharing your life and photos.

  38. Beautiful work as always, Béa. I can’t wait to purchase some of her linens for my own kitchen. Thank you for sharing this, and félicitations on the nod from Saveur!

  39. aww… for the pics,
    aww… for the cloth,
    aww… for the food,
    aww… for the catalag

  40. Congratulations on the nomination…you are a sure winner by me! This is such beautiful fabric and I’m sure your magical photos do it justice.

    Thanks for sharing your talent with us.

  41. Congratulations! You take such gorgeous pictures, it just magnifies the linen’s intricate beauty!

  42. Yeah!! Congratulations!!
    AND these lines are just gorgeous!! That’s one talented women.
    Love the photo’s, so lovely. I now feel the need for some new dish towels! 🙂

  43. Coucou Bea, congrats for your nomination -you will get my vote for sure- waouh Saveur Magazine!! And thanks for sharing your work with Fog Linen Work, I’m a BIG fabric lover, used to quilt before having kids! xoxo always

  44. Love your blog! Recently started reading it and am awed by your beautiful pictures! Keep up the lovely work 🙂

  45. Thank you for another beautiful post. They always brighten my day!

  46. I check your blog daily, just in case there’s been an update- gorgeous photos! Glad you’re getting some recognition 🙂

  47. Je suis à chaque fois émerveillée en venant ici!! Bonne chance pour les nominations!

  48. wow! I love Japanese simplicity and their twist towards natural. I find your posts, your work and your light-hearted dedication really inspiring! xxx

  49. That really looks like an amazing source of inspiration. I’m already addicted to using similar books for ideas, so I’m crossing my fingers.

  50. Textiles, food, photography and your blog are my favorite things. I would love a catalogue, and towels to wrap up fresh mushrooms, my baby granddaughter, to decorate my baking counter at the farmers market……..keep making me smile

  51. Congratulations on your Saveur nomination and your wonderful contributions to the Fog Linen Work catalog. I adore all your images, but the one with the plate of apples atop the gorgeous linen towel, is my absolute favourite.

  52. What a lovely give away! And congratulations for the blog award. How exciting!

  53. Beautiful photos and fabrics! Thank you for introducing me to this designer.

  54. Congratulations on the nomination! And a great post as always…

  55. Sigh, those linens are lovely. Congratulations on your nomination for Saveur mag (one of my favs!)!

  56. Well deserved nomination to Saveur. Your photos are always amazing.

  57. I took a peek at the online catalog, and you’re right, they’re lovely designs, thank you for sharing your find. Oh, and congratulations, the nominations are great news!

  58. Quelle chance de collaboré sur un projet comme ça! Pas de cuisson mais toujours dans la cuisine! et tu es bien entourée, félicitations.

  59. Congrats on your Saveur nomination! I admire your photography and inspiration everytime I visit your site! They are amazing.

  60. How exciting!
    Thanks for informing me about it! 🙂

  61. The linens are so beautiful, and your photographs make them even more so. I love Japanese textiles, but came home with very few, as I was busy buying pottery of all sorts. Congratulations on the nomination.

  62. Congratulations, I love Saveur, and your blog, a match made in heaven

  63. Wonderful work, makes me happy to see crafts people coming together! I am a ceramic student and have been reading and loving your blog for the last year, you have helped me fall in love with cooking, which has had a direct effect on my pottery. I really should have thanked you sooner, but better late then never 🙂 I look forward to much reading and growth to come!

  64. This reminds me about my grandmother, who once lived on a small island outside the Estonian coast. There was a cold war, and she became a refugee. During the rest of her life she never really got fully acclimatized in her new home in Sweden, across the sea. I remember her eyes, gazing somewhere else, and the special note of sadness and regret in her voice when she told me about the hard work with the processing of the flax, all the way from the work in the fields with the scythe to the long hours by the loom. The ‘Fog Linen’ keep up a long tradition and, in a way, deeply honour all hardworking men and women from the past.

  65. Congratulations on the nomination! So excited to get my hands on some of these linens once I’m back in the States 🙂 Thanks for bringing my attention to ’em

  66. C’est une révélation votre site web! et quelle inspiration vous semez à tout vent.
    Thank you very much to be there.

  67. Having not read any blogs before yours (I found it last week!) I now realise why people do this. What a lovely blog. It has inspired me not only to cook more but to try and be a better mum with my 2 little little ones. Thank you Bea. Jasmine

  68. I have just recently been introduced to your blog and I find myself returning quite often. Congratulations on your nomination and I placed my vote the other day. The linens are absolutely beautiful and the photos are too!

  69. Congratulations on the nominations! Food & fabric–my downfalls.

  70. Hola Bea! Greetings from Argentina…. Enjoying all your recipes 🙂

  71. I just found your blog – I made Oeufs en Cocotte aux Fines Herbes this morning and they were amazing. I’ve always loved poached eggs – these were very like poached eggs, but better! I will be trying more of your recipes in the future – thank you so much for sharing them!

  72. Like you, I love the feel of soft textured fabric between my fingers. I like your blog because you capture the simple beauty in everything you do.

  73. You capture life so beautifully! Your photos are so honest and whimsical. Look forward to every new post! Thanks for sharing. Congrats on the nomination….truly well-deserved!

  74. congrats… your nomination is well deserved. Your blog is an inspiration to most of us food bloggers out here in cyberland. Thanks for sharing your experiences with us all.

  75. Congratulations! Your photography is beautiful and inspiring. I look at your blog when I want some peace and beauty in my day : )

  76. Congratulations on the nomination! My husband and I lived in Tokyo for 3 months (he was on a business trip and I was tagging along) and LOVED it!! It was such a great experience. I wish I had known about Fog Linen when I was there. I am sure I would have spent an obscene amount of money (which is not hard to do in Tokyo). I’d love to win a catalog 🙂

  77. Beautiful blog, it’s actually my first visit to this site! I love it and can’t wait to try out some of your recipes. Thanks!

  78. Congratulations! Such lovely pictures, as always. I admire your creativity – or let’s say the ability to live it, to incorporate it into a busy life. I’m looking forward to adding your book to my collection.

  79. I am now an English teacher in Japan. I spend so much time here learning, cooking, and testing, and burning and cutting, and then writing a lot about many of the things I do on my blogs. Of course a big part of living and working here is about cultural exchange, but I’ve realized that many of the things and knowledge I take away will be food-related. Like there’s a special way to peel a tangerine here so it looks like a cherry blossom. Most people peel this way; it’s clean and beautiful.
    I love your blog. It inspires me, because I also love to write, to take pictures and to cook (although I don’t take good photos of my food, because I usually can’t stop myself from eating it). And I also love children and was so happy to read about your baby!
    Anyway, I hope you win!

  80. Lovely 😉 Fog linen…natural…strong…beautiful. Congratulations on your nomination!! Aloha, K.

  81. Congratulations on your nomination. Very well-deserved, indeed!

    How beautiful and sumptuous these linens look and I love Yumiko’s concept of featuring them in people’s homes and everyday lives.

  82. we are big fans of fog linen and would love to travel to japan some day as well! the book looks beautiful. congrats on the saveur nomination as well – we voted for you!!

  83. I absolutely love the photos on this post. I’m also a fan of the delicate linens in yours pictures. You have certainly inspired me to take a look at Fog Linen

  84. Many congratulations on your nomination.. from Australia. It is certainly well deserved!

  85. Beautiful photos, beautiful linens, and such a wonderful idea! There is real poetry in the integration between two artists’ ideas, making it ultimately satisfying.

    Congratulations on the nomination, too – you deserve it!

  86. I just found your site from the Saveur blog awards. I love your pics, and look forward to reading more!

  87. Really congrats!!! your work is amazing and you totally deserve the nomination!!!!! (and I obviously hope you win!!!

  88. These linens are beautiful! And I love your blog…I just clicked over from the Saveur awards page.

  89. How beautiful! I’m a sucker for pretty linens – thanks for let me know of Yumiko’s textiles. I’m so in love with her work now…

    Congratulations on a most deserved nomination!

  90. fine, delicate linens are so hard to find in my neck of the woods – wish i had a place like Fog Linen Work!

  91. Merci pour tes merveilleuses images, & la chance de participer à ton concours … Es-tu déjà venue au Québec pendant le temps des sucres ? Je crois que tu y trouverais un plaisir fou ! Vive le sirop d’érable de notre petit coin …

  92. Love the post and pictures of the linen. I was inspired to go to her site. It is very nice – except when I clicked on “order” it was all in Japaneses – even when you clicked on English….

  93. Very pretty designs. Congratulations on your Saveur nomination!

  94. The photography is amazing. I love the short depth of field to accentuate the textures and colors. The tones have beautiful saturation.

  95. Just smashing, these linens. I’ve got to get over there and take a closer look. Thank you so, for sharing the link. And a hearty, well-deserved congrats on the nomination!! Well done.

  96. Congratulations. Your artwork is a mood lifter. I’m inspired. Thank you. Just bought 2 Fog Linen tablecloths.

  97. Absolutely lovely…both the photographs and the linens. I feel another obsession coming on.

  98. I think that linens and fabrics are great for adding an extra level of celebration to any occasion, its amazing how they can really transform a space.

  99. I just came across your beautiful and inspiring blog. Your pictures are enticing and delicious! Congrats on the nominations and i cannot wait to check in again and be inspired…and hungry!

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  101. Congratulations! I really love your writing and photos. It transports me back to France or sparks a memory from living there. Thank you for sharing your recipes and stories. Merci beaucoup!

  102. Congrats on everything!
    How clever of Fog Linen to use you talented folk to showcase their work!

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  104. hi, i LOVE your photos and Fog Linen too! discovered it in the Selvedge Magazine’s Dry Goods website, where they sell delights from other fine fiber artists & textile designers. (check out Pip Squeak Chapeau’s line). i would love to have the fog linen catalog, if possible.

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