A summer of fruit tarts

Aug. 31, 2012 45

Tarte aux quetsches

Lulu’s Chocolate Tartlets

Aug. 11, 2012 31

Lulu's Chocolate Tartlet Recipe

Cooking my way through summer

Jul. 20, 2012 53

Red Berry Popsicle Recipe

Such a happy cherry tart

Jun. 24, 2012 45

Rainier Cherry Tart Recipe with Lime and Lemon Thyme

It’s about a nutritious marbled cake recipe

May. 17, 2012 63

Nutritious Marbled Cake Recipe

All in a weekend show on CBC Radio Canada, and a strawberry cake

Apr. 20, 2012 73

Strawberry, millet, and almond cake with buttermilk recipe

Orange fruit salad with spices — Salade d’oranges aux épices

Mar. 26, 2012 68

Orange fruit salad with spices