Birthday Girl with a Red Charlotte — Anniversaire et charlotte habillée de rouge

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Strawberry and Raspberry Charlotte

I know, I know, there seems to be a lot of pink or red desserts on my blog these days. Desserts generally speaking! But I can assure you that this is not all we eat. In fact, there are always more savory things to eat than sweet. I simply cannot keep up with taking pictures of everything I make, or eat. Not enough time!

But I had to let you know about this one. It is that special!

Pourquoi ?

Tomorrow is my birthday! Mais oui ! This happens too. And being my usual self, I am so impatient that I cannot wait until tomorrow. Come on, you are like this too, n’est-ce pas ?

As long as I can remember, my birthday cakes have always included strawberries, this is how much I like this fruit. This year, I decided to rework and improve the recipe of one of my favorite cakes, Dame Charlotte, and designed this one. Regretfully and as sad as it sounds, Dame Charlotte is already no longer with us because last night, we ate it in the company of two friends.

So without waiting, let me introduce you to a special Dame, la charlotte habillée de rouge or how to make a Raspberry and Strawberry Charlotte.

All it takes is biscuits roses de Reims, a strawberry sponge cake, raspberries, a strawberry mousse, and some patience and love. Because like anything else in life, if you treat Madame Charlotte well, it gives it all back to you!

Miam ! Que du bonheur cette charlotte !

And next week, this time for good, I will be off to France. I hope to keep some posts going while I am there! Not bad for a birthday treat, isn’t it?

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  1. For something this gorgeous, I can revert to one of the few phrases I learnt in my high school French class – c’est tres, tres magnifique!

    Happy birthday for tomorrow, I hope you have a wonderful day of celebration, and that this new year of life is filled with friends, laughter, love, and lots of good food 😀

  2. First of all, Happy Happy Birthday! I hope your special day is as fabulous as you are! 🙂 Secondly, that cake, and those photos, are breath-taking! And thirdly…off to France…how wonderful is that ? 🙂 All the best Bea! Have a ball!

  3. Bon Anniversaire ! C’est une fois de plus magnifique et je ne me lasse pas de tes desserts roses ou rouges !

  4. Joyeux anniversaire !!! super la France comme cadeau de fête !!! profite bien des croissants, du petit café au comptoir et de la tarte aux abricots

  5. magnifique !!
    je te souhaite donc un très bon anniversaire 🙂 en attendant de pouvoir te le souhaiter de vive voix à Paris !!

  6. hooray for may birthdays!
    a sweet cake for a sweet girl. hope your day is wonderful tomorrow, bea. you deserve it!
    ~ chanelle

  7. Bon Anniversaire!! My birthday was this Tuesday, so as a May birthday, I salute you and wish you a gloriously happy birthday, with lots of pink desserts and whatnot. And yours looks SO incredible up top, that perhaps I’ll try my hand at one this Saturday for my own birthday soiree!! have a lovely time in France and a fabulous birthday!

  8. A very Happy B-day to you Bea!!!! Hope your day is as fabulous as your photos

  9. Happy Birthday Béa!!!
    That’s funny, because today morning I bought a pack of biscuit roses de Reims like that, and now I’ve just sat down to looking for a good charlotte recipe (I never knew what is inside), and your blog was the first site I’ve clicked on :-)) I hope all of my wishes will be come true like that…

    Bon voyage, et soyez bienvenu ici!

    (I’m sorry my poor english, but i’m just a hungarian girl who lives in France)

  10. Happy Birthday, Bea! With such a gorgeous cake and a trip to Paris – that’s one fine birthday:)

  11. You can’t help but have pink and red food…it is the season. The cake looks vibrant and gorgeous.

  12. What a beautiful cake! I hope you have a wonderful birthday and enjoy your time in France!

  13. Happy Birthday! This cake is lovely! And the strawberries …..yum! How do you get these pictures so fabulous? Enjoy France!

  14. Joyeux anniversaire! Et bon voyage à toi qui en profiteras au maximum, j’en suis persuadée. Profite bien de ta journée de demain, laisse-toi gâter… 🙂 À bientôt!

  15. Et puis, je vois par ce dessert que tu réalises des merveilles pour te faire plaisir. Je trouve cela vraiment bien… 🙂

  16. hey bea!
    been temporarily signed off from blogging and hopping, but this one i just can’t miss….happy happy birthday to you! may you have more more more lovely posts with splendid photos to come!

  17. Happy Birthday Bea!!! Wish your everyday is as glorious as this chalotte! Will miss you but have a great time in France!

  18. Un très joyeux Anniversaire, Béa!! ouf, j’airrive un peu après tout le monde, mais je n’ai pas loupé ce billet là!! beaucoup de bonheur pour cette nouvelle année et que tous tes projets se réalisent et pour nous, que tu poursuives ce blog qui est une échapée dans un monde merveilleux et beau…

  19. Happy Birthday Bea!
    That charlotte looks fantastic, delicious as ever.
    Have a great time in France

  20. Call it what you will, this Madame Charlotte, would make everyday a happy happy day.
    A very Happy Birthday Béa and a wonderful and safe birthday treat trip!!

  21. A very happy birthday Bea! wish you many more inspirations and more n more recipes (this seems to be more a wish for myself). Enjoy France…

  22. What a wonderful cake. It seems very very special and delicious!
    Happy birthday Madame!!

  23. Tanti Auguri Bea…but what’s this? How many candles??? You won’t say? Ah well, all is forgiven, because seeing your pics is eye candy enough…. 😉 I’ll be in Paris the end of this month…whooo hoooo!

  24. Happy Birthday! This “Dame Charlotte” is amazing! Unfortunately I can’t fine Biscuits de Reims here!

  25. Un très joyeux anniversaire plein de douceurs roses et rouges (il n’y en a jamais trop…).
    Et profitez-bien de votre voyage en France.

  26. joyeux anniversaire, bea! i wish i could get anything like such sponge cakes here in the uk – they look great! i haven’t made a charlotte in ages – you couldn’t have chosen a better cake!

  27. Joyeux Anniversaire. J’espere que cette journee est remplie de bonnes choses, et que cette nouvelle annee t’apporte tout le bonheur que tu merite.
    Cette charlotte est incroyable!!!

  28. This cake looks simply divine! Happy birthday, and may the next year be as sweet as your confections.

  29. Happy Birthday!!! I must remember this dessert. It looks scrumptious and strawberries are in season. Mmmm…

  30. Gorgeous cake, Bea! I can see why you can’t wait!
    Happy, happy, happy birthday! Travel safe!

  31. Hey Bea!

    Happy Birthday! The charlotte looks stunning! Don’t worry about the red and pink desserts. With pictures as beautiful as yours, no one’s ever going to complain! Except maybe for the fact that they can’t eat what they’re seeing. =)

    Also, thanks for dropping by at my blog and leaving your comment!

    Enjoy your trip to France! =)

  32. Happy Birthday Bea! I love your birthday cake, it’s so adorable! I love the ribbon and the strawberry in the middle. 🙂 I love pink and red desserts. 😉

  33. Buon compleanno, cara Béa!

    I hope you enjoyed every bit of your beautiful cake. I wish you much happiness in the year ahead!

  34. Je te souhaite un très très bon anniversaire Béa! Et très belle charlotte!

  35. Quel dessert magnifique, une charlotte de toute beauté, absolument irrésistible !

    Déjà un très beau cadeau d’anniversaire ! Je t’en souhaite beaucoup d’autres, tous mes voeux pour ce jour spécial !

    Amicalement blog,

  36. Belated Happy Birthday, Bea!!!

    I didn’t realise that we are so close with birthdays! Mine’s on the 10th!!!
    See? We have so much more in common than food. 🙂

    I love your birthday cake. I wish i could make a birthday cake as beautiful as yours.
    I hope you had a nice birthday!!!

  37. Happy Birthday, Béa. You share a birthday with my grandmother. These charlottes are a vision. You really do some of your most beautiful work when you explore a colour. Enjoy your trip to France.

  38. Is it true we share the same birthday Bea? Well, Joyeux Anniversaire to you as well! I hope you have a wonderful trip to France and that you enjoyed that beautiful birthday cake!

  39. wow. thats nice looking. i made a raspberry charlotte for my sisters birthday last year–it had gelatin in it and it kinda fell apart. i think i’ll try it again, but this time like yours!

  40. Je te souhaite un joyeux anniversaire, avec un peu de retard! mais le coeur y est 😉 Auguriiiiiiiiii
    quelle est belle cette saison des fraises chez toi, toutes ces couleurs me fascinent! ciao ciao

  41. Je suis en retard mais je te souhaite tout de même un très joyeux anniversaire. J’espère que tu as profité comme il se doit de cette belle journée. Ton dessert a du faire sensation, as usual. Amitiés.

  42. Hello Bea! Happy Birthday! This dessert is amazing! Please, post the recipe, I beg you! I need to eat this beautiful Charlotte!
    Have a nice trip

  43. Thank you so much all for your wishes and sweet notes. I had a great day, and was spoiled! I received a new lens that I started playing with, so hope to show you more photos soon too, while in France.

  44. Happy birthday Béa… et comment trouver les mots ? Tes créations sont si éblouissantes !!!

  45. Lovely
    Happy Birthday….. enjoy your vaccation chef…
    Try to dont be late to post something fanatastic very soon….
    Waiting you.

  46. I know I’m too late but anyway I’ll wish a happy happy and wonderful birthday… I mean with such a Charlotte it MUST or it have been a great birthday!! Kisses!

  47. Joyeux anniversaire, Bea! What a glorious looking charlotte – the colours are just mouth-watering. Hope you have a fab time in France and can’t wait to hear all about it when you get back 🙂

  48. merci pour ces sublimes photos et bon anniversaire !
    serait-ce possible d’avoir la recette svp ?

  49. bonne anniversaire! a little late, but nonetheless i still wanted to say cheers to you!

    the cake looks marvelous and just too pretty to eat. but what is this? you are making your own birthday cake? someone should be doing that for you. 😉

  50. Merci Requia.

    Camille, merci c’est tres gentil.

    Bergeou, merci

    Gracianne, il n’est jamais trop tard! 😉

    ALI AMMAR, thanks a lot.

    Tarzile, merci beaucoup.

    Clairechen, thank you so much. Yes the charlotte was pretty nice 😉

    Veron, thank you! Glad you like it.

    Jeanne, thank you so much.

    So, merci.

    Elyssa, I know I know. 🙂 I should have someone do this for me next time! Thank you!

  51. Happy Birthday Bea,

    I know, I know I’m late, but I have been a little busy!!!

    You have made my heart skipped yet another beat!!!! At last you posted the recipe of the strawberry charlotte. You are the ( “Mire poire ” of any Foodie’s soul ha! ha! )( Hope I spelt that correctly !ha! ha! It just felt good to say that.

    I make these really beautiful soaps and not a bad cook and baker myself and I have just finished a sea shell and a Savon de marseilles bar. I would like to send you some because an artist like you need to be appreciated!!! Please tell me where to???

    Everytime when i unleash yet another of my creations, my husband always say ” Sweetie, you have just brought us closer together” ha! ha!

    Thank you for sharing.


  52. Wow is that a beautiful creation. Came upon it as I was searching for recipes using Roses de Reims. But I have to admit – I can’t see where I find the recipe to go along with the fantastic photos. Help?

  53. Thank you all for your continuous interest for this dessert. True, I have not yet posted the recipe. Will become available in the future!

  54. Oh Bea, I love your website!! And have found myself often returning to this particular dessert wondering if perhaps you’d be so kind to provide us with the recipe so that we can also share in the Charlotte joy?

    Everything looks so wonderful… you are truly an inspiration.

  55. this cake looks unbelievably beautiful! i hope you had a happy birthday!

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  57. I am wanting to make this recipe (Strawberry and Raspberry Charlotte) for a Susan G. fundraiser at work. Would you be able to e-mail me this recipe. It look like heaven.

  58. Hi Judy,

    thanks so much for your note. Sorry though, but I do not have this recipe available on my blog at the moment!

  59. Would you be able to e-mail me this recipe Strawberry and Raspberry Charlotte?

  60. I guess all I would need is the Strawberry Sponge Cake recipe. I can figure out the rest.

  61. I just received the Lady Fingers in the mail, are they suppose to be hard?

  62. Hi Judy,

    yes these Lady Fingers are hard in texture. Most of the time, you brush them gently with a flavored syrup. For this cake, I brushed them with a strawberry syrup I made. Good luck!

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  65. Hi! This looks gorgeous and I really want to make it — is the recipe available yet? Or at least the strawberry sponge cake part?

  66. Trop magnifique cette charlotte! Ca y est j’ai trouvé ce que je vais faire pour mon gâteau d’anniversaire (en juin)! 🙂

  67. Hi Meghan,

    Sorry if I do not have the time right now to post the recipe!

  68. This Charlotte cake looks amazing! I’m thinking of making it for Mother’s day. I went to the website listed on your stylefeeder to purchase the champagne biscuits ( and unfortunately it is out of stock. I also found another website,, but the are out of stock as well! Can you recommend any other websites. Thanks!

  69. Wow, your decorations are so brilliant and beautiful. Very moving with the pretty strawberry. Good job.

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  71. A tomber par terre! Ca fait une semaine que je surfe sur ton blog, je n’arrête pas d’etre émerveillée par tes recette et ton incroyable don de les mettre en valeur. Felicitations, Béa!

  72. Hummm tres beau!!! Vous pourriez nous donner votre recette?
    Merci par avance.

  73. Perhaps you are withholding the recipe to include it in your upcoming cookbook? My fingers are crossed this is the case, since I have been checking back for the recipe since I first laid eyes on the glorious creation. With berries coming into season I am dying to emulate your culinary prowess, however I doubt that I am talented enough to bake ‘off piste’ i.e. recipe-less, no no, I need to follow carefully crafted instructions. Please divulge your secrets Bea, we have an ache for Berry Charlotte burning in all of us!

  74. Bonjour

    ta charlotte est adoraaaable. je te prie de bien vouloir m’envoyer ta recette, je compte la faire comme surprise a maman dans 2 jours c’est son anniversaire aussi.

    merci infiniment.

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