Dessert of One Night — Dessert d’un soir

The simplest things make the best moments.

I always believed that I could only invite friends over for dinner only if I cooked everything, de A à Z!
I am fairly new to the concept, but instead of the whole dinner, I simply invited our friends J. and L. over for dessert last night!
A great way to still be able to see the ones you love, and not spend the whole day tied to the stove!

I decided to make mini-charlottes aux fruits et aux poires (Red Berry and Pear Charlottes).
It was easy and yummy, and we had a lot of fun, until late in the night!

Life is way too short not to enjoy times like these! Why did I not think about this before?? Tête ailleurs !

Bon weekend à tous ! Have a great weekend all.

Je ne le dis pas assez souvent, un grand merci à vous tous qui venez régulièrement lire mes histoires ! And I never say it enough, a big thank to you all who keep coming back to read my ramblings!

A short update. This is the picture I am entering for the DMBLGIT event hosted by Andrew at Spittoon Extra. Check out the round-ups here.

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  1. Gorgeous! Absolutely beautiful! You simply can’t keep me away, especially when you post up delight after delight!!

  2. Just dessert is such a nice idea. It’s kind of like inviting people over for tea (and treats of course).

  3. i am not calling this simple bea. it looks marvelous! wish i was one of the invited guests!:) how’d you do this? if it’s simple then i can handle this marvel!:)

  4. Et la recette Béa ?!!! C’est juste parce que ta charlotte fait vraiment envie 😉

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  6. Yes! What a brilliant idea. And oo la la, what a gorgeous photograph of a lovely dessert. You’ve done it again! Have a beautiful weekend.

  7. I agree with you a 100% specially when it comes to dessert ,I want to be able mingle with the guests instead of running around the kitchen preparing the food!

  8. What a wonderful idea – and such a great way to gather friends together without having to slave for hours in the kitchen!

    The charlottes look beautiful just by themselves, but paired with those delicate looking glass plates, look utterly exquisite!

  9. You are so talented Bea – all I ever volunteer to bring to get-togethers is dessert! With your beautiful charlotte, who would even miss the rest of dinner?

  10. je charlotte aussi en ce moment mais les tiennes ont l’air tellement juteuses que j’ai hâte de lire la recette (pas lassée pour un sou) !!!

  11. on a déjà parlé de mon amour pour les charlottes, je crois! 😉 splendide comme toujours!

  12. Thank you all for your comments. Merci de vos commentaires. La recette est à suivre, promis, dans un prochain billet 😉 Recipe to follow, promise, in a future post!

  13. Oh! They are so beautiful! And it’s true, you can just enjoy a “meal” of dessert and coffee.

    Bravissima, Bea!

  14. Thanks Ivonne!

    Christine, the recipe will follow soon, when I get to write it!

    Jeff ahah, well, you do not live far!

    Gracianne, ah mais oui, quand tu veux!

    Karine, je t’envoie un mail pour te montrer une photo.

    Brilynn, yes indeed! 😉

  15. I am glad I came across your blog through Flickr.. I am the worlds worst cook… ask my family.. I would love to learn how to cook stuff that they will actually enjoy… HELP ME