Seasonal Soup — Soupe de saison

Easy Sage-Flavored Vegetable Soup for the Boston Globe

I know. It’s been quite a while now since I’ve written and shared some photos and a recipe with you. I miss coming to this space to write. But I know you will forgive me. Imagine this: my parents are here to spend a few weeks with our new small family. They are discovering their first grand-child, and enjoying every minute of their time. As to us, we enjoy watching them love Lulu as grand-parents do.

These special days fly by, regrettably. Most days — actually every day — my dad is busy renovating, tidying and building shelves for my kitchen (lucky me!); my mum cooks with me, and when I am busy with Lulu, she prepares more food. It’s truly lovely to have her in the kitchen prepare the foods I always enjoy when I visit them in France.

We also take daily walks at the park after long lunches eaten the French way. Well, simply, we have happy times I am glad to have and want to remember. It is an important time in our life.

There’s been some writing and testing nevertheless, even if at a much slower pace. I have a soup that you might enjoy, a recipe I wrote for the Boston Globe Seasons Column. It’s extremely easy to make, and still something lovely to be enjoyed during the rest of winter.

Then, I am still in the process of organizing the recipe testing of my book. Bear with me. It will take some time before I am finished, but I promise to give some news soon on that front.

So yes, crazy busy with life these days.

But I love being a mother.

Even if I am sleep deprived, and wished for more time to manage it all.

At least, we always eat well and healthily — and that keeps us going.

So enjoy the soup! It’s a recipe for busy people who still want to eat a healthy and scrumptious meal.

Us these days.

I am honored to have had my blog mentioned in an article entitled “On Local Blogs, there’s plenty to take in” in the Boston Globe Food Section, as well as selected as part of the Times Online 50 Top Food Blogs. What a list of talented people! You probably know most of them. If not, you will have a truly happy time discovering those whom you do not know of yet. A big thank you to Andrea P. and Nick W. for selecting La Tartine Gourmande as part of this happy bunch of people.


  1. By all means, enjoy your parents visit, write to us when you can. How great of them to come to see their little Lulu. I was wondering when Lulu will take her first trip and to where? The soup recipe looks delicious, must try. I began reading your blog about a year ago. Thanks for all you do, such a talent!

  2. i was looking at that list, you are in good company. congrats! that soup looks delectable. enjoy your parents, mine live on another continent also, so i know how happy you must be to have them on this side of the pond for a while.

  3. Congratulations on making the top 50 food blog list! Your blog is definitely on top of my list!

  4. Enjoy your mom and dad! I can’t wait for my parents to be here in a couple of weeks! The soup sounds delicious as always. Maybe I can have my mom make it for me?!!

  5. It seems like you are having a great time….

    This soup looks fantastic! Yes, healthy food is very important.



  6. I love the crisp ham slice on top. The recipes looks great and the frost has not yet killed the sage in our garden…
    From the picture, I was expecting that you mash the vegetables just before adding the creme fraiche tough…

  7. Mmmm… I love sage with rich winter flavours. The soup looks gorgeous. Congratulations on your accomplishments!

  8. Salut!
    Cette soupe c’est surement delicieuse! Mais j’ai pas ces ingrédients proche de chez moi… Alors, on va rêver qu’on peut le gouter en faissant qqch qui aie une couleur pareille!
    Bisous pour Lulu!


  9. Nathalie,

    The soup is pureed indeed. This step seems to be missing. So you are totally right. Add puree or mix the soup after you discard the bay leaf. Thank you!

  10. The picture alone is worth moving into the kitchen to try to recreate it! I totally understand the new motherhood thing – it is a great time I would not trade but exhautsing (in a wonderful way). Be well, The Hostess

  11. Bea, we all know how busy motherhood is especially the first few months so enjoy every minute of it. Enjoy your parents and the walks. Oh how I miss my family… The soup looks divine with that crispy prosciutto. We wait anxiously but patiently for more!

  12. Profite bien de toute ta petite famille… et de ces repas français (je comprends que cela te manque), Bizzz à Lulu

  13. Sounds like you are enjoying quite the wonderful life these days. My mom can’t wait until she had grandkids at home. As for the soup, it looks lovely and nourishing. Thanks for the recipe, and congratulations on the publicity.

  14. so nice that your parents came to visit Lulu! and well deserved recognition for your blog! enjoy!

  15. C’est super que tes parents aient pu venir, pour vous et pour eux aussi. Profitez bien de Lulu.
    La soupe a la sauge a l’air delicieuse au passage. J’ay penserai a la sauge, la prochaine fois.

  16. Congratulations, Bea! Don’t worry about us and enjoy your family. Yesterday when my little niece (18 moths and she loves your brioche recipe) was eating for her first time a snack of fresh bright coloured pinneaple & strawberries, I thought about you and L. It will be very exciting when she begin to eat all the food you love…
    Hugs to L. RRO

  17. The giant piece of pig kind of makes it for omnivores. Would have been nice without that.

  18. There is nothing more important than enjoying time with your children. It is so cliched, but they do grow up so fast. Thank you, though, for sharing this wonderful recipe (that my children will enjoy!) with all of us.

  19. congratulations on all the acknowledgements you’ve got! it is truly well-deserved. times with family are precious – so make the most of them! that soup looks good.. and that crispy prosciutto, yum!

  20. The proscuitto is the icing on the cake, so to speak! Just a great dish as we wade through the rest of this winter. Congrats on the mention.

  21. Looks delicious, plus I am so in the mood for soup! Have a wonderful time with your parents, so happy that they can be there to help with baby Lulu and relieve you and your husband from time to time.

  22. Looks lovely, soup is such a great meal. Thanks for taking time out from your precious family moments to share your recipe with us.

  23. Bea, being from Europe myself and living here I know only too well how precious the time with family is. … so all the more reason to say “thank you”.

    Thank you for taking the time and write, add another wonderful recipe and photograph.
    We will still be here when your parents leave, don’t worry about us, you have a lot of fans 🙂

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  25. Have fun with your family! And let your Mom cook for a change. It’s always better when Mom makes it, isn’t it:)

  26. I am sure your parents are going to have the time of their life. I know that when my parents and I visit my brother and his kids in Seattle we can’t stop talking about it. We wish they lived closer (we’re from Chicago)! Nice soup – thank you for reminding us all to be healthy.

  27. En fait, vous êtes une artiste Béa. Ca n’a rien d’un scoop mais je continue à m’en effarer. Sur vos photos, tout est beau : quelque-soit la nappe, la serviette, le plat, la vaisselle, les miettes alentours, etc, vous rendez tout ça si beau par vos photos… c’est ce que j’appelle une véritable artiste photographe ! Et bien sût, je ne parle pas des plats eux-même qui sont eux aussi de véritables œuvres d’art tant un régal pour les yeux (et à coup sur pour le goût)…

    Take care!


  28. This is just so beautiful. Thank you for sharing!

    And, congratulations on your book!!!. You deserve great success. Your work is consistently stunning and brings joy to many.

    May happiness and success rain upon you in sweet abundance!!!


    ~ Paula

  29. I do love soups, and one can’t have too many kinds. This one is lovely – like so many of your recipes – which is why so many people keep coming here. I am so not surprised for the nominations!

    Passez un merveilleux moment avec vos parents: 3 generations ensemble, c’est toujours si beau. Et profitez bien de toutes les gateries de votre maman!

  30. Every child should be so lucky to have such love. You are an inspiration.

  31. What a gorgeous and comforting looking soup. Congrats on the mentions 🙂

  32. You know how to draw me in… That garnish of bacon or prosciutto has me drooling.

    We had a baby back in July and also have a 2-year-old, and slowly but surely the sleep schedule is getting back on track. It’s a special, whirlwind, delirious time.

  33. Salut! The soup is simply heaven! I love walking in the park or beach after a fabulous meal such as this soup. When it snowed, we lit some firewood and all family would gathered around have some hot chocolat… peace and love…

  34. Soup looks great I love the piece of prosciutto on the side. It makes for a great textural contrast, not to mention a lovely thing to dip in soup! Congrats on your mentions. You have a beautiful blog and it’s well deserved.

  35. The garish with bacon superb, the photo simply divine! You are very truly talented, I agree the textual contrast is stunning!

  36. I made this soup over the weekend – it was delicious and very rich – even without cream! The texture is lovely. Brought a container for lunch today and am looking forward to another helping! Thanks and your baby, by the way, is JUST BEAUTIFUL!

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  38. That looks delicious. Congrats on being on the top 50 list – that’s a good achievement! 🙂

  39. Hi. I will def. try to make this recipe one of these days. I had a baby 6 months ago, and the first few months were tough. sleep deprivation, adjusting to the changes. but you seem to be doing well. keep it up! have a good day! 🙂

  40. Ok so I have been sort of “lurking” “skulking”‘ (damn that makes me sound awful – I promise in a completely good way) on your site for a while now. Its so beautiful, the photographs the way you talk about food. I finally summed up the courage to comment. This particular blog about your parents being around just sounded exactly like when I stayed with mine (cause the hubby was travelling all over the place) soon after my daughter was born….so much time was spent with her curled up in a sling in my arms while my grandmother, mother and I made jams, stews and all kinds of stuff…it was one of the best times ever…

  41. Congrats on your recognition, Bea! I am so happy your family is there with you helping out and getting to know their grandaughter. A very special time for you all. Re: the recipe/photo, what a lovely soup.


  42. I am definitely bookmarking this recipe…sounds delicious and easy! Perfect! Enjoy your wonderful time with family! 🙂

  43. Congratulations! It is a wonderful accomplishment to be mentioned in the Boston Globe and recognized by Times Online. I’m not surprised though, esp. after sharing a great, hassle-free recipe like your Easy Sage-Flavored Vegetable Soup. You deserve every bit of that recognition!

    Warmest regards,

  44. I am finishing up my culinary degree and going on to finish a degree in food photography. Your pictures are amazing! What lens are you using? Congratulations on the cookbook and the new baby!

  45. Hi Bea,
    I was talking to Rekha (our mutual friend) at my baby shower this weekend and she told me that you’d had a baby recently. I figured I’d check out your blog to see how it’s affecting your blogging and must say I am so pleased to see that you’re chugging along, eating well, testing recipes, and continuing to take the most amazingly beautiful pictures ever! I’ve been a little worried about whether I will have the time and energy to cook (and write and take photos) after our baby is born so it’s very inspiring to see what you’re up to.

    Congratulations on Lulu and on your cookbook — your two babies!

    All the best,

  46. congrats on your baby and your new cookbook, as well as the recognitions you received. you definitely deserve it. love your blog.. and btw, i did one of your recipes, the mustard tuna tartlets… they were really good!

  47. Hi there! I love your blog and I love this soup recipe. I hosted a grilled cheese party last night and made this soup, and the guests seemed to go bananas for it. I even wrote about it in my blog here. 🙂 Thank you.

  48. i am going to test this soup this weekend…i am collecting a few recipes for my upcoming Paris trip…………….my friends and I will cook a lot together so it will be so nice to try your soup!

    and thank you for sharing your wonderful “update” story……you have a lovely family it seems. and I so look forward to your book!!!!!!

    kindest regards….

  49. I made this soup yesterday afternoon and it is very delicious. Wonderful flavor – enhanced when served with a dollop of tangy yogurt. I did not garnish with prosciutto as pictured so for those who are meatless, this soup doesn’t require it. Thank you Bea for an easy, thrifty, seasonal and tasty soup.

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  51. I would love to try this recipe for soup but can’t find it. Your recipes sound sublime and I can’t wait to start trying them, thank you!!

  52. Enjoy your time with mom and dad, Congrats on your new cookbook, your pictures are amazing i just love looking at them. Soup sound delicious too. Thanks for sharing…

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