Tapioca Pudding — Pudding au tapioca

tapioca pudding

Tapioca pudding

It’s amazing how nice you’ve been. I mean, between the comments and the emails I’ve received, you’ve been extremely kind. My apologies if I have not yet responded to your mail, but I am still trying to figure out how to manage my time well between Lulu and the kitchen. My friends keep telling me that it will get better after she is two months old. Things already change so quickly, getting better and easier, every day.

And Lulu is growing. Fast. Eating away to have inviting pink chubby round cheeks I keep wanting to squeeze; smiling to make us, the excited new parents, melt. There is so much new life in her — and joy. It’s fresh and light, as good as a juicy strawberry freshly picked in the early morning.

Much sweeter, in fact.

I cannot believe it will be in the forties tomorrow,” I told P. when I clicked on the weather icon on the screen of my laptop. We were both sitting at the breakfast table in front of a steaming cup of tea, eating granola and yogurt. I was thrilled since it meant that I was going to be able to go out for a walk with Lulu. Finally! She would get to see snow covered trees close by for the first time. Perhaps she might even see squirrels bury nuts, or catch a glimpse of happy dogs running across the white field.

She slept, of course, like most babies do when they go out in the stroller for the first time, and she probably saw none of the above, even if I sensed that she must have felt the peacefulness outside.

As I pushed the stroller steadily, I found myself lost in my thoughts, organizing what I would do next when we returned home. I thought about the book I had to write, and what I wanted to be cooking.

What would you say is one of the things you mum made a lot when you were a kid,” I asked P. when we sat at the dining room table later that day. He was busy typing on his laptop but still looked up to answer, then paused for a few seconds, like he always does when he is thinking.

Tapioca pudding.

Nice! I replied; my mouth salivated just at the idea of that lovely dessert. “You gave me an idea!

tapioca pudding vanilla cardamom

I know my idea of a tapioca pudding is quite different from what P. used to eat. He told me so. Mine somewhat resembles more a flan in texture, similar to other favorite desserts like a crème renversée, or a petit pot de crème which I can never resist. You will see, it is easy.

I used cardamom and vanilla to flavor the pudding since, as you might have noticed before, we really like these spices. To start, if you want, prepare a caramel to coat your ramekins. Cook the tapioca pearls in the milk with the sugar and spices so that the flavors develop. Then, mix in eggs to make the dessert hold together, and bake it in a bain-marie. In my opinion, this type of dessert is best eaten once it is cooled down in the fridge.

Really nothing difficult. But the guarantee to have a lovely touch to finish dinner on a sweet, yet not so much so, touch.

Our kind of dessert. I am convinced Lulu will love it, like her papa and maman do. And that is not only wishful thinking.

She will.

Cardamom and Vanilla-flavored Tapioca Pudding

Cardamom and Vanilla-flavored Tapioca Pudding

(For about 12 ramekins)

For the Caramel:

  • 5.5 oz white sugar
  • 3 tablespoons + 1 teaspoon water
  • 1 tablespoon warm water


  • In a pot, pour the sugar with the water. Once the sugar has absorbed the water, bring to a boil. Cook until the caramel has a nice golden color.
  • Add 1 tablespoon warm water and stir quickly.
  • Pour the caramel in oiled ramekins without waiting. Set on the side.

For the pudding:

  • 1/2 cup small tapioca pearls (100g)
  • 3 eggs
  • 4 cups whole milk
  • 1 vanilla bean, split open
  • 6 green cardamom pods, crushed
  • 1/4 cup + 2 tablespoons blond cane sugar


  • In a pot, pour the milk. Add the vanilla bean and seeds, cardamom pods and sugar. Bring to a boil.
  • Rinse the tapioca under cold water and add to the milk. Cook on medium heat until soft and translucent. Let cool.
  • Discard the cardamom and vanilla bean and add the eggs. Divide the batter between the molds and cook in a bain-marie for 30 minutes (oven preheated at 350 F), or until the middle of each flan is set. Remove from the oven and let cool before placing in the fridge.
  • When you want to serve, place the bottom of the ramekins in hot water. Run the blade of knife around the edge to help unmold the flans onto plates. Eat as you prefer.
Le coin français
Pudding de tapioca à la cardamome et à la vanilla

(Pour environ 12 ramequins)

Pour le caramel:

  • 150 g de sucre
  • 3 càs + 1 càc d’eau
  • 1 càs d’eau chaude

Etapes :

  • Mettez le sucre et l’eau dans une casserole. Une fois que le sucre a absorbé l’eau, portez à ébulition. Cuisez le caramel jusqu’à ce qu’il ait une belle couleur ambrée.
  • Ajoutez alors 1 càs d’eau chaude et mélangez rapidement.
  • Versez le caramel dans des ramequins huilés sans attendre. Mettez de côté.

Pour le pudding:

  • 100 g de perles fines de tapioca
  • 3 oeufs
  • 1 l de lait entier
  • 1 gousse de vanille, fendue et grattée
  • 6 capsules de cardamome verte, pilées
  • 75 g de sucre de canne blond

Etapes :

  • Versez le lait dans une casserole. Ajoutez les graines de vanille, la gousse et les capsules de cardamome avec le sucre. Amenez à ébulition.
  • Rinsez les perles de tapioca sous de l’eau froide, égouttez-les et ajoutez-les au lait. Cuisez à découvert jusqu’à ce que les perles soient transparentes. Arrêtez le feu alors et laissez refroidir.
  • Retirez la gousse de vanille et les capsules de cardamome, et ajoutez les oeufs. Mélangez bien. Divisez l’appareil entre les ramequins et faites cuire au bain-marie pendant 30 minutes (four préchauffé à 180 C), ou jusqu’à ce que les flans soient pris, surtout au centre. Retirez du four et laissez refroidir. Mettez au frigo.
  • Au moment de servir, mettez les ramequins dans de l’eau chaude, et passez la lame d’un couteau autour du moule pour pouvoir mieux démouler le flan sur assiette. Dégustez selon votre envie.
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  1. This looks absolutely gorgeous! And the pictures of Lulu in the snow are so precious 🙂 My fiancee lives in Boston so I will be moving there when we get married and your pictures of some of the scenery there make me really happy to be starting a life there – it gives me a little taste of what to expect 🙂 I love your blog and your stories and of course your scrumptious recipes! Thanks for always sharing them!

  2. Not only will Lulu enjoy her mama’s lovely desserts, but I think she will also share her love for the outdoors as well. I used to love going for walks with my Marcel and still do, back and forth to school everyday! Thanks for the new post. Beautiful photos. Funny, I just bought whole cardamom pods for the first time the other day and now I have a recipe to use them in! Happy Sunday

  3. Mmmm, looks yummy! And you know that as soon as you get into a routine with Lulu, that is when she will start to walk which will necessitate learning a whole new routine!

  4. Lulu is just beautiful!! Tapioca pudding is one of B’s favorties from childhood also and one he never fails to ask for on the weekends! Comfort during cold weather…..we did a a couple of days of that…just a couple though!!

  5. I loved puddings when i lived in Europe. So much flufflier, lighter than the american versions. Yours looks very good.

  6. oh what a perfect dessert for those snowy photos. it has been cold here too. unbelievable and i i have been craving is comfort food like this.there is no way lulu will grow up to not like pudding! and she is just so, so beautiful…

  7. Your blog is always so beautiful & inspirational…thank you!! I’ve never been a tapioca pudding fan, but yours looks good enough to try yet again! I also enjoy seeing the pictures of your wee one as she changes…what a beautiful little rosebud mouth she has…she’s gorgeous!

  8. The picture of Lulu snuggle in the layers makes me wish I was a baby again! 🙂 She’s precious. I hope to try the tapioca pudding soon. I have some dried roses, do you think it’d be too much if I add in to steep together with the cardamon and vanilla? Or should I omit the vanilla instead?

  9. I love vanilla and cardamom together- one of the best combinations. Your pudding look great!

    And your baby is so adorable 🙂

  10. That is one way tapioca actually looks good! Brilliant pictures. Enjoy Lulu while she is young!

  11. Lulu has such a chic stroller! Lucky baby!

    This dessert looks so good! And it uses tapioca pearl, interesting1

  12. My mother loves tapioca pudding. So I’m going to make this for her on Mother’s Day. The presentation is perfect. Love the photos!

  13. Tapioca hits my tummy with warmth, a family favorite. The photos are always stunning and beautiful, you capture the very essence of beauty in all its grandeur.

  14. All I can say is beautiful! I’m new to your blog, actually this is the first time I’ve ever blogged? Lulu is beautiful, your photos are beautiful and tapioca has never looked so good! Thank you for bringing your life into our homes.

  15. i’m not a tapioca fan, but you do make it look good! Great photos of the snow and Lulu, scrapbook material!

  16. Lulu is so pretty and sweet 🙂 i’ve never eaten tapioca but this pudding looks very delicious. I’ll try to find it so i can taste this lovely dessert

  17. Bea, you always have the most beautiful pictures! Your baby is growing just so healthy!

  18. Wow, it’s lovely to see that it is still winter in some parts of the country! We’ve had what feels like summer for weeks. But it did finally start raining again which got me excited about soup:)

    Lulu is beautiful! My daughter is nearly 3 and it still hasn’t stopped getting better every day. So much to look forward to, but I also remind myself everyday to cherish the present.

  19. My husband also loves tapioca pudim, but it is more of the loose consistency one. In Brazil we cook it with red wine, it makes for a completely different dish!

  20. How did you know cardamom is our new favorite thing to use? It just goes well in so many things. From savory to sweet..like this!

  21. Dear Bea,
    As usual, I was pleased to get the notice that you’ve written the latest entry to your blog. I read with ,not a smug, but somewhat ironic smile your line where you say that Lulu will love your tapioca pudding. A few things came to mind immediately: yes, of course, she’ll love it… it will taste like home and love to her for the rest of her life. But- you’ve also spoiled her for visiting her friend’s homes at times when you didn’t know that your manners lessons needed to be more explicit. My sons took their “my mom is a chef” created taste buds to after-pool parties, birthday parties, casual dinner with friends with comments like: “what? you REALLY eat Hambuger Helper?” and “My mother says that drink is all chemicals… she squeezes lemons for us and just adds sugar.” We then had to learn a whole other set of lessons on how to be a good guest and understand that a meal eaten “out” is not always for sustenance… sometimes just the fellowship has to feed you. And… there is always homemade soup in the freezer when you come home hungry later in the evening.
    Thanks for all of it,

  22. Tu me donnes le goût de ce petit pouding que l’on aime tant!

    Bravo pour la petite Lulu, elle est vraiment magnifique, elle a l’air d’un ange dans son landau mais attends un peu de voir ce qu’elle sera bientôt…

  23. Chouette je vais pouvoir tester mon achat du week end…version pudding à la vanille elles deviennent sublimes ces petites billes translucides ! Merci pour la jolie idée caramélisée !

  24. ou est la recette ?? Sinon quand on parle de creme fraiche qu`utilises tuici e n Amerique? et peut on trouver du fromage blanc type faisselle ici??
    sinon to n site est geneial .

  25. Elle est “à croquer”… et dire que dans quelque temps elle pourra savourer la cuisine de sa maman. Quelle chance!

  26. Coucou Bea,
    bravo pour le livre !!! Lulu est de plus en plus mignone et j’adore cette serie en blanc ( inspiree par la neige dehors ?….) je suis prete a teste des recettes si ca peut t’aider…

  27. Oh, you are talking my language with the mention of all those simple treats like flans and pots de creme, and then this spectacular tapioca. Lulu will love them all. My son’s fave was always rice pudding that his “third grandmother” made for him. Lulu looks so sweet in that buggy surrounded by snow and ice. Fresh air for both of you is a joy.


  28. sympa de savoir que tout va bien pour votre nouvelle famille ! J’ai pense a toi ce w-e, etions a Paris pr 3 jours et suis passee chez Rose Bakery ! bonne idee, ns avons bcp aime 🙂 Merci pour le hint !

  29. We already don’t have snow, sometimes I even catch the feeling of spring commin’, but I guess it is just a fake, we still are in cold : )
    Beautiful images, as always, I usually check Your blog and every time become much more inspired and amazed. “Invisible” teaspoon is soooo brilliant looking and I like that photos are always bright and light, that makes impression of bright life too : )

  30. Elle est craquante ! I know how you feel when you see her smile. And wait until you hear her laugh ! My little Nathan is now 3 months and his smiles have turned into giggles, it’s irresistible ! It DOES get a lot easier after the first 6-8 weeks, you’ll see.
    Anyway, profite bien de ta petite beauté, et félicitations pour le livre, c’est fantastique ! Je suis très impatiente de le lire.

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  32. la petite lulu est magnifique, et semble si séreine. de magnifiques clichés dans la neige et un pudding total réconfort qui va finir vite dans ma cuisine! j’ai fait récemment du tapioca au lait à la cardamome et au chocolat blanc qui me laisse un bon souvenir, je vais adorer ta douceur!

  33. i love tapioca, i cooked a pudding some days ago…your blog is really fantastic and your photos are very beautiful…mike from italy

  34. Lulu gets prettier and prettier each time I visit! And those little tapioca puddings look lovely!

  35. stunning, innovative, gorgeous, honest and absolutely delicious! if I hadn’t gotten home from baking for too may hours at 4 am, I might be attempting this beauty.

  36. Chutttt Béa..je viens prendre un peu de nouvelles et encore Merci, merci, merci….tu sais pourquoi…Kikouuuu d’amour à la petite Lulu…

  37. Lovely pictures, lovely Lulu.
    I’m just wondering how difficult it will be for me to find tapioca pearls… Actually I have never cooked something out of them so I don’t know if I can find them. I think I have to make a tapiola pearl hunt!

  38. where is the time when EVERY TIME I went online you had a new surprise for us !!! can’t wait for the book – until then enjoy your adorable Lulu – no one ever said being a mother was easy….

  39. hi, your daughter is beautiful, its hard work and it doesn’t get a whole lot easier, but they are so rewarding when they start smiling back and responding!

  40. Wow!!! This is truly stunning!!

    I love tapioca pudding and cardamon. I can’t wait to try it! I hope mine comes out anywhere near as beautiful as yours.

    Happy Valentines Day!!

    ~ Paula

  41. Love tapioca pudding. I have never tried making it this way – definitely will! Lovely for Valentines!

  42. How good do these look! I love the individual molds. Your photos are fantastic too, so cheerful even though its winter and we’re stuck with gray skies for a few more weeks.

  43. Hi! I’m Mike Gatten, inventor of Miracle Blanket, and your blog was just brought to my attention. I noticed your mention of the Miracle Blanket and I wanted to say a HUGE thank you! As a matter of fact, we can’t thank you and others enough for helping us spread the word. We really want to help other parents avoid the all-too-common problem of sleep deprivation with a newborn, but we have found that getting the word out is incredibly difficult. People just don’t believe us when we tell them it might be “this easy.” The fact is, advertising doesn’t work for a product like ours, so we rely solely on word-of-mouth from parents and professionals who have been so great as to give us a try and then tell everyone about their experience.

    To show my personal gratitude I want to thank you with a free Miracle Blanket! If you don’t need it for yourself you might give it as a gift or maybe a giveaway on your blog.

    Please call Susan in Marketing and she will send you a free Miracle Blanket of your choice – really! (214) 675.0539.

    And again, thank you so very much!


  44. awww, i love tapioca as well, it’s strange how a lot of people don’t. it is wildly under appreciated. but it is my miracle flour for sweets. i posted on tapioca a bit back as well.

    lulu est trop mignon avec trois little hats on. is that the connecticut river?

  45. Ahhh, the miracle of life… and tapioca. There is something about tapioca that instantly takes you back to your childhood.

    By the way, Lulu is adorable. As for finding the time. I (with two children ages 1 and 5) find that I either have to blog before 6 am or (like now as they are in bed) after 7 pm. If you have the energy.

  46. I like the look of your tapioca but, you don’t give an oven temperature in your recipe-! Thanks.

  47. Thank you everyone for your comments!
    CW Smith. Thanks for noticing! it’s now corrected.

  48. Lulu is absolutely gorgeous, and what a beautiful name! My mom made tapioca pudding for us all the time when we were kids. I’m sure Lulu will grow up with fabulous memories of what her mom used to cook for her 🙂

  49. C’est beau, c’est beau c’est beau…on ne peut pas se lasser…et quel beau bébé et…pff, tout beau, merci!

  50. Big big congratulations, on both your babies. Lulu is beautiful and the book will be too. And yes, it does get a lot easier after two months, absolutely. In three you´ll be cooking for your baby, which seems incredible. Quite fun, too.

  51. Quelles belles images et une recette au gout de mon enfance !
    Bravo et merci .

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