Simplicity with Apples — Simplicité et des pommes

I don’t think you know what an apple tastes like, until you have picked one from a tree, or tasted an organic or a Heirloom one,” I recently told P.

I really believe this.

And I know that I am lucky. I grew up with the best apple trees around — eating apples after dinner while watching TV was a highlight for my brother B. and I.

So I don’t know about you but today, there will be a few apple tarts around in our house. After going to a Foliage Festival last weekend where I bought delicious Reine des Reinettes, I now have too many delicious apples that need to find a home. And what better thing but treat yourself with an apple tart?

These tarts are really simple to make, *really simple* to eat, so simple that you are allowed to taste every single ingredient, leaving you as light as a feather.

Vraiment ! So if you feel short of dessert ideas, think A. P. P. L. E.

  • For an apple tart recipe, check this link: Simple Apple Tart, or this more elaborate Apple and Quince tartlet.
  • To see how to make artisanal apple juice, check this post here where you will meet my brother.
  • An Apple Juice Sabayon maybe?
  • Or make one apple cake, or two. Not forgetting one baked with almonds.
  • Ideas never fail to pop out, when it is all about gorgeous authentic apples.

    I really love the fall!

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    1. I also grew up eating apples right off the tree and you are right, no comparison. Ours were always smaller and a bit more acidic than the ones I find here. But the best were the “reinetas” which I am assuming are similar to the reinettes. Sandy texture. That’s the apples we always use in the family pastry shop for apple tart. This is gorgeous!

    2. What a fabulous idea! So simple and delicious, and quick. Thank you for inspiring me to go home and make something quickly tonight.

    3. I have a bag of apples from my aunt’s orchard sitting next to me on the counter. I grew up with real apples, real veggies and real beef all raised on the farm of my relatives. I agree with you fully and am feeling quite fortunate.

    4. Great post. It seems you come from a very talented family. Apples! Yes, I love them. On the last day of our local farmer’s market, I bought a 40 lb. box of assorted varieties. Just the smell of fresh picked apples can’t even begin to compare with those bought in a grocery store. I made apple butter yesterday. I think I’ll make a cake today. Thanks for the idea.

    5. Pomme…sucrée, salée, en jus, en compote, en gâteau, en tarte, en salade,…ou tout simplement crue ou au four…j’en passe et des meilleurs. et c’est bien vrai qu’elle ne déçoit jamais! Pour moi, ça sera “two apples recipes” pour un dessert parfaits

    6. This looks absolutely delicious. I saw the recipe on Flickr and was wondering if you have actually baked the apples together with the tart as they still look so very fresh in the photo. I was hoping to find the answer here but haven’t found it yet..:) Love the photograph though (as always)

    7. Beatrice, each time I stumble back upon your blog, I am blown away by the beauty of your photos… they are simply moreish, hunger and envy inducing! A fan of pistachios (and of course, apples) I will endeavour to test out the above pictured apple tart. Merci!

    8. This is beautiful. And your website is so creative with out of this world photography – utterly gorgeous.

    9. P.S. I’m gluten intolerent too so I really appreciate and love your recipes and ideas. Thanks!

    10. Your blog is so very inspirational – thank you!
      I have just one question, which recipe matches that fantastic photo. I can see the beautiful golden crust and the apples…I must have it!

    11. Hello everyone,

      I am glad you are as inspired by the apples as I am. Irrésistibles ! Merci !

      Kate, I did not put the recipe for the tart on the pic. The closest though is the tart on this link. I keep the other recipe for a special occasion — I will tell more soon, promise. 😉

    12. I just made an apple cake this weekend…that tart looks amazing, I just want to take a bite of that gorgeous crust!

    13. i am completely with you, bea – i grew up with apples (it’s not that long ago, but the fruit offer back then in austria was really seasonal), one of my favourite being fried apple slices (tempura baked) with an apple juice sabayon… and now i have my own two apple trees in the garden. i sometimes curse them when they’re a lot of work, but eaten straight from the tree, they’re one of the best things ever!

    14. Tu as bien raison! Quand on est à court d’idées pour un bon dessert, pensons au bonheur que nous avons d’avoir un si bel éventail de pommes et à tout ce qu’on peut faire avec. Ma mère pensait aussi ainsi…

    15. Any fruit coming right from the tree is so much better isn’t it…..I didn’t grow up around apple trees but I love apples though, they’re so satisfying not to mention adding them to pastry+cinnamon+sugar = perfection! I recently found a recipe for Olive oil apple cake that it’s so simple to make and at the same time looks so decadent.
      Beatrice, I wanted to say thank you for taking the time to share your beautiful pictures, anecdotes and recipes, I really enjoy your blog : ) reading this brought back memories of my childhood… being from Venezuela I grew up around mangoe trees, we had a few of them in our backyard and when they where bearing fruit that’s all I would want to eat,(I really miss eating good mangoes as it is not easy to find them here in Houston) my sister and I would climb the trees and seat on their branches and try to spot the best looking mangoe of all, I would usually go for the ones that had already been pecked by the birds as they where the sweetest ones! ah sweet memories : )

    16. This looks fantastic! I just stumbled onto your blog this afternoon and I LOVE it!

    17. Ty for sharing your gorgeous pic. I love photography and your pics are awesome.! There is no one that I did´t like. I love them all. and your fantastic recipes too. I made some and always are great. Merci beaucoup!

    18. This simple apple tart looks just perfect! Not too much effort, not too sweet… just enough to savor the season!

    19. When we lived in upstate NY my grandparents had their own apple tree, my grandmother would make fresh apple sauce and I loved it! Your pictures are beautiful and the tart, so cute!!! Looks great 🙂

    20. Wonderful, quick, simple and tasty, what else ???? Thanks for the recipe and the beautiful photos, as always. Terrific. Kisses from sunny Italy !

    21. I love apples and I love your recipe, always perfect! I’m going to make some “tartelettes” like these tonight, with pate brisée, some sliced apples on top, cane sugar and few flakes of butter. Greetings from Italy 🙂

    22. Thanks for the beautiful recipes
      but where is the recipe for this Apple Tart with Pistachio

    23. Bea, I’ve voted for your site as the Best Food Photography Blog on the ‘net in the first annual Foodbuzz Awards.

      I’d like to ask your other readers to do the same at: or in any other applicable category.

      I’m a first-time reader but it didn’t take me long to see that I’d come across a superb blog, one that cheered me up no end. I plan to be a frequent visitor.

      Merci beaucoup.


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    25. I love tarts! egg tart and macapuno tart are two of my favorites, but of course apple tarts are equally tempting.

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