Red Kuri Squash Gratin — Gratin de potimarron

potimarron squash gratin

Gratin de potimarron for the Boston Globe

What a day! But let me start with what brings me to chat today.

Winter Squashes? Belonging to the family of les curcubitacés, in French. Do you like this word as much as I do?

I think that if the numbers of winter squashes P. and I eat on a weekly basis is any indication of our love for this fall produce, we might also soon turn ourselves into big orange pumpkins. And in my case, I would more likely be a red kuri squash, un potimarron, in fact. I am convinced that bébé will love them too!

I’ve used this particular attractive vegetable in soups, desserts, vegetable tarts, cakes, blinis, pancakes, lasagna, risotto, vegetable stews — and gratins.

This recipe was written for the Boston Globe’s Food Section published today. It’s extremely simple to prepare — you need a lovely red kuri squash (preferably organic), a few potatoes, a zucchini, ricotta cheese, a more flavorful cheese too, and some spices. This gratin is the type of food that makes you connect with the season and the bounty that it has to offer.

Frankly, we are spoiled, and we would be silly to not take advantage of it. And enjoy it.

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  1. I completely agree, Bea: we are spoiled over here, aren’t we? With the seasons fitting so neatly in to four separate boxes one can really make the most that each season has to offer. Love this gratin! I love anything that goes in the oven. Your bebe is going to be one well fed gourmandise!

  2. Moi aussi j’adore et je trouve que c’est un aliment sympa pour commencer la diversification le moment venu 😉 J’ai eu la chance d’en trouver 2 le dernier jour de mon farmers market !

  3. Sounds wonderful! My Italian husband is not too fond of pumpkin so I always try to convince him it is a very nice vegetable. this recipe might convince him.
    (On the other hand he loves endives au gratin: you can’t win all the time)

  4. Compte tenu du temps, les gratins, soupes, plats mijotés sont les bienvenus ! Et ce gratin là, il me plaît bien tu sais !

  5. Those photos are just breathtaking! Would you like to share some info how you take these shots? Camera setup etc.? Thanks.

  6. I have a squash over here that is now begging to be turned into this gratin! Thanks for this post…just the inspiration I needed!

  7. le mot est amusant mais son orthographe est “cucurbitacée”. La courge est de genre féminin. Bravo pour les photos du blog, tjrs très poétiques.

  8. Dear Bea,

    I have visited your blog from time to time in the past. It is always a pleasure, your food is delicous, your pictures are beautiful and reading your small anecdotes is a pleasure. All the best for you and the baby, and I look forward to follow your recipes for baby-food! Hege in Oslo

  9. Thank you for the wonderful post! I just threw a party and prepared this gratin as one of the main menu. I had to improvise a bit, as I couldn’t get some of the ingredients. So instead of nutmag, I’ve used a good pinch of cinnamon (perhaps few table spoons) and mozzarella cheese + blue cheese instead of the fontina or ricotta. (perhaps i live in a small town, they are hard to get) The gratin turned out wonderful and the last group of people just left (5am!). 🙂 Thank you for the wonderful recipe.
    It was a huge success and people stayed till 5am.

  10. J’adore le potimarron! je l’utilise pour un tas de recettes très différentes, tout aussi bien salées que sucrées. Je testerai celle-ci aussi 🙂

  11. Hi, I made this last night. I live in Lyon (France) and easily found every single organic ingredient. I’m a fan of butternut squash and hadn’t tried this kind before – it was more “carroty” than I expected. The gratin was really delicious, the only modification I made was to add half a clove of grated garlic for a little lift. It was excellent.

    Thanks for the recipes, photos and inspiration – and many congratulations on your baby.

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  13. I’m going to try this for Thanksgiving. I have to eat gluten-free (celiac’s disease) so I’m always searching for recipes that don’t include a can of condensed soup (full of flour). And I love squash! I hope I can find the red kuri…

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  15. Maman en fait tout le temps en hiver avec les potimarrons du jardin, hummm tellement bon!! j’adore.
    Merci Béatrice pour toutes ces magnifiques recettes et la vaisselle j’adore à chaque fois!

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