Chocolate Truffles for the Boston Globe — Des truffes au chocolat pour le Boston Globe

chocolate truffle boston globe

Cardamom Chocolate Truffles for the Boston Globe

Indulge is exactly the word that comes to mind when you think about this end of year. Whether you want it or not, December is a month when nous, people, spend more time preparing food, and sharing it with family and friends.

I meant to talk about chocolate truffles in my latest article entitled Indulge, published today in the Seasons column of the Boston Globe’s Food section. I was pleased to interview both lovely Kate Zuckerman, pastry chef at New York’s Chanterelle restaurant and author of the Sweet Life, and Michael Klug, chocolate maker at L. A. Burdick Chocolate in Cambridge, to tell me about their experience with the making of truffles. To my surprise, Kate has just emailed me to let me know that she was actually trained by Michael who, in fact, worked at Chanterelle before she did. Now, if this is not an odd coincidence! I absolutely had no idea. The connections are much smaller than we think!

chocolate truffles dark

I hope that you will indulge in a few chocolate truffles, or whatever you prefer. Make them as gifts to give away. As a child, we ALWAYS made chocolate truffles for Christmas. A pure tradition that I simply like to continue. Chocolate is just too good!

My recipe of Cardamom-infused Dark Chocolate Truffles.


  1. C’est le plaisir fondant en poudre d’or de chocolat. La truffe est délicieuse par son coté magique. Intense de bonheur et de raffinement…Merci Noël…

  2. You’re right, ’tis the season to indulge! And I’ll do so happily when there are treats like this around :).

  3. Guess I’m one of your few readers who got to taste these firsthand! Delicious! Merci bien.

  4. I love the slightly whimsical look of the first photo – with the truffes in the takeout box. How fun!

    You mentioned crème fraîche in your last post. I’m wondering if you make your own or do you buy it? The brands here in the US are too salty-tasting for me. I’ve tried adding buttermilk to heavy cream but still no luck. Thanks for any info. A+

  5. I love the first photo, too! Looks like somebody has placed those chocolate truffles there exactly for me:)
    Congrats on the article!!

  6. Mmmm. You make these look so easy, and delicious. I made truffles, many years ago, as Christmas gifts for all my friends. Yes, all of them. And I thought I’d never be able to face them again, but you’ve definitely made me think I might have to try these.

  7. I was reading the Globe online yesterday and I knew you had styled this photo before I even saw your name! It’s a great recipe too. I happened to be posting about truffle making on my blog yesterday and linked to your article–great timing!

  8. Bea, I might just have to start reading the paper version of The Globe again, so I can see your wonderful photos! So glad you’re a regular contributor to their food section.

  9. These look marvelous. I love the flavor combination too…just perfect! Perhaps I’ll make these for the holidays!

  10. With the prevalence of fabulous looking truffle recipes lately, I’m sold. I have to make them this year. I’m curious about the butter. Other truffle recipes just call for the chocolate and cream. What does the butter do texturally? I LOVE using the crushed cardamon pods. What an inspired idea. Someone else I saw rolled hers in ground ginger snaps. I think that would be fun with your cardamon idea. Thanks!

  11. They look so delicious. I like the idea of giving them as gifts – if one can stand not keeping them all jajaja.

  12. Merci Bea!
    I used to make truffles for everyone in my teenage years back in France, and I have been looking for a truffle recipe since I moved to Canada! Harder than you can imagine!
    I will gladly add these to my Xmas baking, and I will get back to you for sure when they are ready to eat!

  13. Many thanks everyone, I hope that you like them. Or whichever version you decide to make. Xmas without truffles is NOT xmas in my book!

  14. so lucky that you got to interview Kate – I adore her cookbook! Your truffles look very indulgent – so perfect for this time of year!

  15. Hi Bea,

    Have been lurking (and admiring) your recipes and styling for quite some time. Everything seems so exquisite! I’m going to attempt this recipe for the truffles. I’m curious…have you ever added gold or copper luster dust to the cocoa powder coating?

  16. Hi Claudia,

    Thanks for your comment! In answer to your question, I have not yet used gold, or copper luster dust to cocoa powder coating, so if you end up trying, let me know how it turns out!

  17. We must be on the same wavelength. I have been making these as gifts for our non buying christmas presents this year. I found some old accordion music from the 40’s and have been wrapping the boxes with that.

    Your photos look fabulous as usual!

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  19. yum, truffles! I have a batch infused with Earl Grey tea in the fridge right now 🙂 For my cardamom truffles I often use espresso chocolate – I find coffee and cardamom go very well together. Love the little ceramic dish in your first photograph.

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