Everything is Perhaps Over — Les carottes sont peut-être cuites

carrot scallion tartine gourmande

Carrots and Red Scallions

Glazed Sage Carrots and Red Scallions

I know! Coming back to my blog these days and you might well run the risk of transforming yourself into a long carrot, perhaps. Excuse the successive vegetable posts — although they are amongst the food that I prefer to cook — but I had to share a short story that I experienced this weekend. It has to do with les carottes. And you know how much I like them!

I always thought that my friend JF did not like vegetables generally speaking. But last weekend, I found out that it was not necessarily vegetables that he did not like, as he pointed out to me.

Je déteste les carottes,” he told me when we started talking about vegetables (I hate carrots).

En fait non, je déteste les carottes quand elles sont cuites,“(I hate cooked carrots) he went on.

Everything in this recipe would be something that he would hate to eat then!

Is it that les carottes sont cuites ? (which is a slang French expression meaning “everything is over“)

I tried to convince him that this could not be, adding even that it was probably linked to only a bad memory.

Même quand elles sont glacées, avec un peu de sucre et de bonnes herbes fraîches ? ” I insisted (even when they are glazed, with a touch of sugar and fresh herbs?)

Ah non ! Encore pire !” (even worse).

He is known to be stubborn.

Well, so am I!

Perhaps next time that he comes for dinner at our house, I will cook him a large dish of these glazed sage carrots and red scallions, as a suprise! Oh, how much I enjoyed eating them! How could he not, I ask myself? I guess that this really shows that we people all have different taste buds.

Yet, I bet that I could make him like cooked carrots, even if, most likely, les carottes seront cuites.

But I am still going to try….he might even ask me for the recipe, who knows, if I am lucky!

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  1. Your Photos are amazing! I love food photography, it’s actually one of the reasons i love to cook and bake so much. Et j’adore que vous parler en francais beaucoup, j’irais a Paris en Septembre pour etudier a la sorbonne. I love your slang phrases. i started my own food blog with you and Clotilde as my idols! so, merci beaucoup!

  2. The photos in your past two entries have been spectacular! I think carrots are good any time of year.

  3. I loooooooove the picture of your carrots. It’s like they are having a party. A carrot party, that must be fun!

  4. J’adore les carrottes, mais ma meilleure amie ne les aime pas, tout comme JF. Je l’ai un peu convaincue avec des raviolis et une petite soupe, mais quand elles ont la forme de la carrotte, alors là, elle n’y touche pas. J’essaierai de la tenter avec cette recette-ci et on verra.

  5. Ne jamais baisser les bras… Bravo Béa pour au moins tenter de faire découvrir ou redécouvrir un plat à quelqu’un que tu aimes !

  6. moi aussi, les légumes c’est ce que je préfère, moi aussi, je raffole des carottes et j’essaie de convaincre les hommes.. mais je ne comprends toujours pas pourquoi ils ne cèdent pas .. pourtant, c’est censé rendre gentil, non? 😉

  7. I think if he got to try your carrot dishes, he’d change his mind about carrots! 😉

  8. Delicious looking carrots. My mum recently pulled up her spring onion (scallions), which were, unbeknownst to us, red.

    I’m starting to recognise your photographic style more and more with each post, as I’m sure most of us are. It’s really beautifully done and so instantly recognisable.

  9. Aha~ how much I enjoyed eating carrots~

    even i eat them everyday~ the best vegetables i like~

    i believe you can make him like carrots~

    good luck, Bea!

  10. I am loving these photos, Bea. There is such a sense of playfulness! I don’t think you friend stands a chance.

  11. Lovely photos. Usually people hate food that they had once as a child because it was improperly cooked. My wife was the same way about cilantro until I cooked with it and now she loves the stuff! 😉

  12. J’aime beaucoup ton travail sur la profondeur de champ : quelles plongées !!! et la diversification de ta “ligne chromatique” : tes légumes ont l’air deux fois plus appétissants ainsi !
    Quand aux carottes (et leur petit goût sucré) je succombe …
    Enfin, pour compléter ce que disait Alhya : elles rendent aimable … et font les “fesses” roses (c’est peut-être ce que certains craignent !) 😉

  13. C’est bizarre, pour mon fils c’est la meme chose, il ne les aime que crues. Pourtant comment ne pas succomber a une pareille assiette?

  14. You have definitely won me over with that dish! Looks so good and sounds delicious…how could anyone refuse? 😉

  15. Maddie luuuuvs carrots. And regarding that comment you left, you may as well have quoted the very words of the wicked witch of the west. “I’ll get you my pretty, and your little dog, too!” 😉

  16. Et si ça ne fonctionne pas (je ne vois pas de raisons mais j’ adore les carottes, moi) tu pourrais aussi essayer une bonne recette de pa^tes aux carottes. La photo n’ est pas à la hauteur mais c’est très bon tout de me^me…

  17. Oh no, I hate carrots. Seriously, Bea..you’ve convinced me with the word “glazed” sage..sounds so sweet and tempting..yeehaaa !:)

  18. Ces derniers temps, je ne rate aucun de tes billets, j’en aime à la fois les propos, les recettes présentées et les sublimes photos. Bravo…et merci de ce que tu partages avec nous!

  19. Mmm, these carrots look so simple and yet so tasty. I think that these would balance off a nice rich dessert.

  20. You know I get it too. Cooked carrots aren’t an automatic yes. But surely you can change his mind if anyone can! Lovely post and beautiful shots.

  21. Je viens vérifier régulièrement pour les résultats… pffff … rien ;-D Je me sens comme dans ce conte, disant « Soeur Anne, ne vois-tu rien venir?»

  22. Oh, Bea, you’ve reached new heights of artistic expression with that shot of the carrots! It’s dizzying (in a good way) 🙂 and enchanting and vibrant! I LOVE it!

  23. Plus jeune, j’adorais les carottes crues et ne pouvaient vraiment pas manger de carottes cuites. J’y suis venue petit à petit: d’abord des carottes encore croquantes, puis de plus en plus fondantes… maintenant, je suis sure que j’apprécierais votre recette !
    Les photos sont toujours aussi belles.

  24. Merci, thanks a lot all for your more than generous comments. I am glad you enjoyed the pictures, and perhaps the carrots 😉 For those interested in the plates, I purchased them at Anthropologie (check their website).