Fresh Lunch While Looking Forward to Saturday — Déjeuner frais, car vivement samedi

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Fresh Lunch

Not in the mood to cook a lot of fancy complicated things these days. The week was a bit crazy, and on top, I keep breaking everything I touch. Therefore, I prefer not to touch anything.

Here is a little something for the weekend, a lunch as I like them. I do not think that you need a recipe as I simply improvised!

Fresh baguette topped with Bufflone mozzarella, Alaskan smoked salmon, chervil and pink radishes on one hand (and a few local strawberries), homemade fromage blanc prepared with shallot, lemon juice, fresh herbs, olive oil and radishes on the other hand — a classic that we used to love eating when I was a kid. A few steamed Yukon potatoes and mini yams, a mâche salad, and lunch is ready. I hope that next week will be better. And that I will stop breaking things.

Fromage blanc aux herbes et radis roses

Demie- baguette for a Sandwich

Bon weekend or fin de semaine, as they say in Québec !

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  1. J’adore le fromage blanc, mais je n’en ai jamais fait. Serait-il possible d’avoir une recette?

  2. Yes Michael, I also had strawberries with it. Thank you for letting me know. In fact, the radish slices are inside the sandwich. I forgot to mention the strawberries. I bought them from Formaggios this morning. I will add them to the description.

    Mary, I will look into it!

  3. The photos look really refreshing with the orange and green backgrounds and the dishes look yummy. =) I know how awful it must be when everything is in a mess and everything you do seems to go wrong. Hope next week will be better for you!

  4. we only have plastic drinking cups and sturdy denby pottery dishes because i am notorious for breaking anything made of glass.
    i understand your predicament. 🙂
    seems like the perfect hassle-free lunch!
    i hope you have a wonderful and relaxing (and breakage free) weekend, bea!

  5. Il y a des périodes comme ça où on casse tout, mais ça passe heureusement! Et là, avec ta recette, c’est un bon point de départ pour repartir sereine!
    J’aimerais également la recette du fromage blanc maison… Un plaisir simple que d’en manger à chacun de mes petits-déjeuner!…

  6. hello !
    just wanted to say your photography is beautiful. i dont have a blog yet , but i’m exploring others , first. I also love all the colours you use , in your photos.

  7. The universe has funny ways of sending messages — if you are breaking things, it must mean you are meant to take a break! ha — just thought how funny that is….

  8. Lovely! Fresh and summery – very different to the hot soups we are having for lunch at the moment.
    I would also love to see your recipe for fromage blanc – svp?!

  9. Bea, your photos are stunning, even when you are fatigued. I so enjoyed the simple lunch idea. Take care of yourself this weekend, too! Enjoy this weather…. and perhaps a massage next week. 😀

  10. Et bien, tu prends l’accent québécois maintenant? 😉 J’admire la façon dont tu nous transmets tes connaissances, ta curiosité pour ce qui t’entoure, qu’il s’agisse de la cuisine, de la photo, des lieux et des gens. C’est très enrichissant de te lire.

    J’aime ce genre de lunchs tout simples, cuisinés rapidement et avec des produits bons et frais. Ils sont essentiels dans les périodes de stress.

  11. Du frais, du light, voilà qui est parfait !

    Béa, même fatiguée, tes recettes et tes clichés sont toujours aussi soignés, c’est à chaque fois un régal pour les yeux que de venir visiter ton blog !

    Amicalement blog,

  12. Thank you everyone for your comments. Merci a tous de vos commentaires. I guess the week started on a better note indeed, after a lovely Sunday spent at friends, eating a great lunch (and since their house is on the ocean, and they have a pool, you get the picture!. It surely helped!) Recipe for fromage blanc will follow!

  13. bea – you really took on quite a bit. i find i break almost everything in my kitchen on a regular basis. we just ran out of wine glasses for the third time. luckily j’s father is off to Poland on Thursday and will grab some more, along with a slew of glass tea accessories that are likely to last a year if they’re lucky.

    i have to ask. what recipe do you use for your puffed pastry? i’ve never made my own but would prefer to.

  14. I will post about fromage blanc soon, so come back to check for more info!

    Puff pastry, I have a recipe (perhaps poorly explained) but plan to do a step-by-step, one of these days. In the meantime, Mary’s pointers are excellent in the comment section here, so check them!

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  17. I found a recipe/process in a book online…not sure how well it works, but some of you may want to give it a try:

    J’ai trouvé une recette, mais je ne sais pas comment utile. Vous pouvez l’essayer: