Milk from Normandie — Le lait de Normandie

Le Lait de Normandie

The milk obviously does not come from Normandie. I wish I were there now. But the bottle! Thanks so much Lisa for offering to send me these great bottles. I love them! They remind me of the time when I was a kid, proudly walking to Mr Meyer’s farm to collect fresh milk in my bidon à lait (metallic milk container). These were great moments. I just *had* to photograph them!

Merci Lisa !

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  1. Oh I remember getting the milk in the metallic container from the farm when we used to live in Provence. I got mad when I learned my brother inherited it. Great milky white and heavenly shot!

  2. Magnifique bouteille… moi aussi je me souviens les nombreuses fois où je suis allée à la ferme chercher du lait. Cet été je serai en Normandie, peut être trouverais-je d’aussi jolies choses !

  3. Bonjour Béa,

    I’m actually going to be in Normandie in a few weeks this month and wonder if you might recommend any foodie things to do while there, besides eat tons of seafood and camenbert of course.


    – André

  4. Bottles and glass jars… jam jars, bonne maman… I think we all have a weakness for these little works of art. My friend has recently begun buying milk straight from the farm and loves milk again. I ought to do the same. Such a good idea.

  5. That bottle is too adorable! Sigh…I was born and bred in a city and have no wonderful fresh milk from the farmer memories. I wish I did! It must have tasted awesome…

  6. oh yes, what memories to have been able to get the milk, eh?

    Merisi, my bidon à lait was just like yours too! I was so mad when I heard that my mum had got rid of it a long time ago, when I wished I would have inherited it! But then, how could she have known that I would become obsessed with objects like this!

    Helen, you can always steal it from your brother 😉

    Lisa, I just found out that there is a Comptoir de Famille store in Boston! Heaven!

  7. Moi aussi j’allais chercher le lait a la ferme avec mon bidon en alu. Ah l’odeur de l’etable!
    Elles sont adorable ces bouteilles.
    Tu ne serais pas un peu “homesick” par hasard?
    Bon weekend a toi aussi Bea, repose toi bien.

  8. Your photos are always beautiful and this one in particular is really light and very nice… I like it.

  9. Inspired in your milk, those time , when the fresh milk came in a bottle,i do a milk confiture.But is not the same ,like the old times when my grammy made to use her tasty confiture
    . Wonderful photo

  10. Eddie, I am not sure as I brought them back with me when i returned from France in last May. You have to ask the company.

  11. Thaks you so much for your response…if anyone ever sees them in the US I would so very much appreciate you letting me know…Happy Friday to everyone!!!

  12. Where can you buy the lids of the Le bon Lait bottles, if you break one.

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  14. I just bought a blue one for .99 from a Goodwill. My last name is Guernsey. My mother started collecting. I followed along! Have many Guernsey bottles.