A Workshop in Sicily

Case Vecchie Sicily

Walking through Case Vecchie Grounds

UPDATE: The workshop is currently SOLD OUT. However, in case of any cancellation, if you are interested, you can always be put on the waiting list.


After visiting Case Vecchie in Sicily earlier this year, and then meet Fabrizia, I knew I’d have to come back to the school.

The funny thing is that, without planning it, Fabrizia and I got along really well. It’s easy. She is simply delightful and warm, she cooks delicious foods; she loves to share stories and has a terrific laughter, and she also speaks French like a native.

I knew I had to love her.

Quickly, she and I started to dream about teaching a workshop together. One that would combine cooking Sicilian foods, styling and photographing food, and then visiting locals to learn about the flavors of this beautiful Mediterranean island. Sicilians are really welcoming!

So we exchanged ideas. And came up with the workshop that follows:

A 4-day combined food styling and photography workshop with cooking classes at Case Vecchie, and guided tours in Sicily, from March 15 to March 20, 2013.

I will be teaching the food styling and photography sessions while Fabrizia Lanza, founder and instructor at Anna Tasca Cooking School, will lead the cooking classes. And amongst it all, there will also be local visits to discover snapshots of the Sicilian culture (such as visiting a ricotta farm, traveling to Palermo to see the markets, enjoy St Joseph festivities–and more).

This is an excellent chance to see what your food and scenic inspiration looks like in print!

Some props will be provided–and a number of classic and innovative styles will be explored and compared. Bring your SLR camera! (and tripod, if you have one, and any additional props you’d like)—this class is an invaluable introduction for aspiring food photographers and stylists to start building a portfolio.

The cost for 5 nights (lodging with all meals and drinks included) and 4-day class is US$ 2,300. Air fare is not included. Most rooms are shared. Wifi is available in the main house of the school.

The class is limited to 12 students. See the day-to-day details of the workshop here.

To see more pictures of Case Vecchie and read the story I wrote during my visit this past March, click here.

Registration opens on September 12th, 2012 at 10 AM EST.

Practical things to know:

To register, email Fabrizia Lanza at info@annatascalanza.com (the first ones to contact Fabrizia are the first ones to secure a spot in the workshop).

To sign up: We require a 50% deposit to hold your space. The deposit will be applied toward the balance of the workshop. Final payment is due three weeks prior to workshop.

Cancellation Policy: Up to a month (30 days) prior to the workshop, the deposit will be refunded in full. For less than 30 day cancellations, the deposit is 100% non-refundable under any circumstance. Deposit can be applied toward future workshop within one year of initial payment. We reserve the right to cancel the workshop at any time (and in such case, the workshop fees already paid will be reimbursed.) Local visits are subject to change.

Payment Methods: Wire Transfer or PayPal.
*Note: PayPal and Bank Transfer are subject to an additional 15 Euro administration fee.

Food Allergies & Dietary Concerns: If there are any foods that you cannot eat or are allergic to, please notify us in advance so that we can make arrangements. There are a wide range of foods available at the cooking school and we are happy to accommodate any specific dietary needs.

We hope you’ll be there with us. If you have more questions about the daily workshop schedule, just email us.

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  1. Un reve bea, you captured it so well when you where there last there. What an incredible collaboration between you and fabrizia a feast for the eyes snd heart!

  2. I hope the workshop goes so well that you open decide to repeat it because Sicily is ON MY LIST, but I just can’t go in March as I’m taking my own group of guests on a cooking trip to Italy (Puglia) in the spring.

  3. What a dream!
    There are so many things I love about this workshop….going to figure out if I can make those dates work.
    (So sorry I missed you at Book Larder last night. Looking forward to getting your book that Lara so kindly set aside for me.)

  4. Wow, this looks like an amazing trip! I wish I could fit something like this into my life right now… I would love nothing more than to travel, cook, and eat!

  5. What a brilliant idea… What a shame that we are moving to Australia in two weeks. I know this is a very unproductive comment I just feel SO upset that there will be no way for me to take part.
    I think it’s a brillian idea to combine it with cooking classes as well. I am so jealous of all the 12 people who will be able make it…
    Any plans for a workshop in Australua?

  6. I am so inspired by your blog! What level of experience is required to participate in this workshop? I am a passionate home cook, love travel and the European lifestyle, and love the style of your work. I have an art degree, but my experience in photography is limited. My kids are flying the nest and I am exploring my next life chapter, and this sounds like a synthesis of all the things I love!

  7. Hi Mary, thanks so much for your note. If you are interested in learning about food styling and photography, then this is a good one. SLR cameras are recommended though as I will demonstrate and talk about food photography using a SLR camera. On the other hand, bear in mind that this workshop is a combination of my sessions as well as cooking classes to discover Sicilian foods, and local visits. So you’d get a little bit of the three components. Hope this helps! If you need more info, just email Fabrizia and me, and we’ll be happy to answer your questions.

  8. Vivo en Buenos Aires, hablo Inglès quisiera tener informaciòn sobre el curso, gracias, Daniela

  9. Je ne connais pas la Sicile, quelle bonne idée pour un workshop, vous allez avoir de l’authenticité ça c’est sûr !!

  10. Hello Bea,

    Your site was a great discovery when I first got to see it.
    I love everything about it …it is all so very me….in all the details and the atmosphere it reflects. Whenever I need a break from work I click your site and there I am totally transferred to a beautiful and very authentic world all made by your photos and your travel and living experiences ….Just..seeing your photos takes me on tours to the different destinations you have been to.And certainly your food styling are out of this world so vivid with color and simple.

    It would be a dream come true if I could make it to Sicily in March.
    Finally, would you please explain what is exactly is an SLR Camera so that I get prepared with one just in case.


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  12. Jamais osé venir faire un commentaire depuis que je viens sur le blog…mais aujourd’hui particulièrement, j’ai envie de dire que j’adore, j’adore j’adore !
    Les photos, les idées, la personnalité et l’ambiance de ce blog si apaisantes…voila, juste une petite pause so zen !

  13. Les photos sont absolument magnifiques ! Quelle ambiance authentique la sicile, j’y suis allée une fois il y a 6ans et ça me manque toujours !

  14. Je suis bien tentée par le workshop, faut que je consulte mon planning vacances de l’an prochain, merci en tout cas de nous le dire aussi à l’avance, c’est pratique !

  15. Hi, i was just surfing around and found your blog! Those pics are so awesome 🙂 Sunlight, scenery, sky.. all the things are so much incredible. Since i’m not a native English speaker, i couldnt really express what i felt. I just wanted to post something anyway because your pics are so much adorable and i really enjoyed it. Thanks.

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  17. Hi Bea, what a great opportunity 🙂 have all places now been filled? Also, what brand and type is your camera? Your pics are simply stunning.

  18. Looks beautiful and combines all the things I love- food, Italy and photography.
    Please let me know if you plan do another workshop.

  19. Dear Bea,
    I started my countdown for our workshop on Sicily in march. I can hardly wait for it. I’m very happy to get to know you personally in such fantastic Mediterranean place.
    I registered for this workshop together with my friend Zoe. Even if both of us love to cook and to take photos, I guess Zoe is doing it more for the cooking part and me more for the photography.
    As I’m a Venezuelan woman living in Germany not only my soul and my skin are continuously missing sunshine but also my camera when I’m shooting in winter. Therefore I reduce involuntarily photographing in winter months. And this is absolutely not good.
    That’s why I have a big request to you. Could you please include the topic shooting with artificial lightning? What could the minimal equipment if I don’t a have a studio?
    It would really be very helpful if you could tell us something about this during the workshop.
    Thank you very much in advance.
    I continue finding inspiration in your gorgeous blog.

  20. Ca y est! Ca y est! I’m going to Sicily! I’m so exited!
    And I just saw there will be another workshop in Spain… so tempting!!
    See you in Sicily! Sandrine

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