A Workshop in Sicily in May 2016


Sicilian countryside

In March last year, I had made a plan to run a food styling and photography workshop with cooking classes in Sicily with my friend Fabrizia Lanza, the amazing woman running the Anna Tasca Lanza cooking school in Vallelunga. We were really excited as the workshop filled and sold out quickly. It was going to be the second workshop we ran together. But a few months later in June, I found out I was pregnant with my son Rémy. Doctors asked me to stay put. I had to cancel.

Rémy is now 8 months old. I am overly happy and tired. Not a single day goes by without feeling that I am extremely lucky to have reach that time of my life. Rémy is a beautiful ray of sunshine in our lives: he is a healthy baby boy. There’s so much love between him and his big sister Lulu. They both make me feel deeply proud (I will come back to tell you more about this later).

I am of course challenged too. To find a healthy balance between work, family, and motherhood isn’t easy. I am working towards that goal every day. Yet Fabrizia and I always knew that we would make sure to push forward the workshop we had imagined before.

We wanted it to happen so much.

It’s ready. I will take place in May 2016.


From May 23 to May 28, 2016, we are offering a 5 night/4-day food styling and photography workshop combined with cooking classes and local guided tours at Case Vecchie in Sicily to discover its beautiful food scene and sceneries. I will be teaching the food styling and photography sessions while Fabrizia Lanza will lead the cooking classes. There will be local visits too such as learning about ricotta cheese making, enjoying and styling a picnic at the beach in Agrigento; picking fruit in the orchards; tasting wine at Case Grandi winery, and visiting a local coffee roaster.

There will be many opportunities to learn how to shoot on location, making it an excellent chance to see what your food and scenic inspiration looks like in print.

You can find more details about the tentative itinerary by following this link.

The cost for 5 nights (lodging with all meals and drinks included) and 4-day class is €2,500 per person for single-occupancy, €2,300 per person for double occupancy. Airfare is not included. Most rooms are shared. Free WIFI is available in the main house of the school.

The workshop is now available and limited to 10 students.

You can find out more about the previous workshop I ran here and there;  and my first visit to Fabrizia’s school here and there.

TO BOOK this workshop, follow this link.

I hope to see you there.














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  2. It’s been a while since I’ve read your blog and now that I did, I realized I missed your extraordinary photos and lovely blog. I hope one day I will be able to join one of your workshops. Best of luck Avital

  3. Hi Beatrice,
    I’m trying to register for the workshop through the link provided, but the contact page seems to be broken.
    Please email me at rebecca.litovsky@gmail.com with the next step in securing a position in the workshop. Thanks!

  4. Fantastic photos. I really like the dark hallway with the blue door in the background. Great use of shadow and contrast of light and dark. The rooster right under that one also really caught my eye. But my favorite is the last picture, the dense white flowers. Simple but relaxing.

  5. Do you still have place in your workshop in Sicily? in what city is Casa Vechia located?
    thanks in advance. will do my best to assit.

  6. Salut Beatrice!
    I just think I just registered myself for the course. Started longing already! 🙂

  7. Hi, there! I really want to learn more and I’m very interested in signing up. I tried to follow the link to register but it is broken. Could you help me please? Thanks!

  8. Hi Beatrice 🙂
    I would love to attend one of your workshops but won’t be arriving in Italy quite in time to make this one. Will you be offering any others this year?

  9. Hi Tara, yes there are others in the planning. Thanks a lot for asking. Will post them soon. Béa

  10. Bonjour Bea ! Your photography is so beautiful, colorful and clear ! What kind of camera and lense do you use ? Merci beau coup ! Katy

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  14. Hi Béa,
    Will you be running a similar program to this next year?
    I’d like to attend if you’ll be running one.