Fall Means

Lulu Tartine Gourmande Beatrice Peltre

Lila et Lulu

Pick apples with friends, share an impromptu picnic, and have our three-year old girls holding hands.

Feeling they are young and innocent.

And happy to feel alive.


  1. So cute!

    I felt sorry to have missed you at Book Larder in Seattle. Perhaps next time you are in town or in BC I can finally meet you!

    Xoxo -Monica

  2. Gosh, I love apple picking. I’ve been too dependent on farmers markets and generous friends for delicious local apples, I think this might get me to an orchard soon…

  3. J’aime beaucoup cueillir des pommes (ou autres fruits) avec mes enfants … un retour aux sources indispensable à mon sens. Excitation de la récolte, bonheur de la dégustation, partage du dessert réalisé ensuite … Que de bons moments ensemble.

  4. Every child should have the experience of picking apples or berries or something in the fall. We must continue to teach them to mark and celebrate our seasons.

  5. It is my favortie season. Nature shows it colors with differnent hues. And pictures come out so beautiful. Can’t wait to meet you Béa this week-end. Super excited for the course.

  6. Such a beautiful photo! I could spend hours looking through these photographs 🙂