Special announcement: Joyeux Anniversaire à Béa


A special note from P:

This is the first time that I have hijacked my wife’s blog, but if there was ever a good occasion to do so, this is it. For those of you who read regularly, you will know that we have a lot going on in our lives: our beautiful new baby, for starters. And Béa is working feverishly on her book, which means that she’s writing, shooting, styling and changing diapers non-stop. Yes, a baby and a book at the same time. It’s quite a sight.

But today is a day to put all that aside and have some fun.

Béa is a force of nature whose determination and passion is a model for many of us, but certainly me (one has to wonder what our daughter will turn out like with a mother like this!). We have traveled the world together, seen each other at our best and worst and still, there’s absolutely nobody I’d rather be spending my life with than her. Yes, the food is pretty amazing. But I think that it’s her good nature or general joie de vivre that is her most remarkable characteristic. Those of you who know her in real life will understand what I’m referring to. Those of you who visit La Tartine Gourmande often definitely get an authentic flavor of what she’s like and how she sees the world. And when I watch her share that with our little daughter, it doesn’t get any better.

So it’s with this in mind that I want you all to join in and wish my dear Béa a happy 40th birthday!


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  1. Bonjour Béa, I don’t think I’ve commented before but now seems as good an opportunity as ever! Joyeux Anniversaire and I hope you have the best day ever.

    I went to France a few years ago with my parents and am now taking Beginner French lessons… have always loved Food, a joyful spirit & good prose – and your blog combines all of them.

    Thanks for sharing.
    Mel in New Zealand

  2. Oh a very happy birthday to you, Bea. I wish you many many years of health, happiness, and love.

  3. Dear Béa, let me wish you a very happy birthday, too! I hope you’re having a beautiful day. I’d like to thank you with all my heart for this amazing blog, which was also the 1st food blog I’d ever read. 🙂

    Wishing you all the best!

  4. Happy birthday Bea.This is the best greeting you can receive…a declaration of love from P. and your readers….Chocolat

  5. Happy Birthday, Bea! May you have a very blessed year to come!
    Thank you for a wonderful blog. I cannot start the day without checking it out for new recipes or ideas. 🙂

  6. Hi Béa, I visit your site all the time, I’m one of the anonymous ones 🙂 But i love your work and the picture you paint of your life… it’s so colorful, vibrant and of course, tasty! Happy Birthday and all the best with your book and new bundle of joy!

  7. Happy birthday!! I like your blog very much. Hope you can always live with passion, just like your blog!

  8. aah… happy birthday! thanks for sharing so much with us. and what an incredibly sweet note from P.

  9. How sweet… a note from the heart… Happy 40th with P. and your little sunshine 🙂

  10. Oh Bea! I just turned 40 too – and wrote a book as well – but babies.. no.. I did those earlier on! I wish you a lovely lovely day with your sweet family! Thank you for the lovely gift of your special blog too! Happy Birthday Bea Sweet!

  11. Hack of the year! Excellent 🙂

    Joyeux Anniversaire Béa!

  12. Dear Bea, may your life be full of happiness and sweet moments with your lovely family!…Thank you for all your wonderful posts! Dear P. I am very glad that you feel this way and I am sure that Bea is lucky to have you too!

  13. Happy Birthday Béa!! How sweet from P. to post this lovely note… You’re so lucky to have each other… and Lulu!!
    I wish you a great year to come, with the book, and Lulu first’s steps, and words,.. of course it can only be great!! 🙂

  14. many many happy returns of the day to one of my fav. bloggers. Have a lovely day dearBea.

  15. joyeux anniversaire et merci merci pour toutes les fois où lire ce blog me remonte le moral!

  16. Bea…you are truly blessed. Who could ask for anything more? Happy Birthday!
    And…thanks for your beautiful blog.

  17. Happy Birthday – Joyeux Anniversaire !
    And thank you 🙂

  18. Happy Birthday Bea – Hope you have a fantastic day!! I still want you to come and visit Vermont and our cooking school to do a class! Thank you for your beautiful and inspiring blog.

  19. Happy Birthday Bea…that is the sweetest thing a husband can do ..truly adorable …what a very very kind man..love reading it your blog, with such fantastic photos too!

  20. joyeux anniversaire béa!
    and thanks to P. for sharing this sweet birthday surprise with us!
    i don’t know béa in the real life, i’m not that lucky, hélas!
    but you couldn’t say it better: her website is really the mirror of her joyful life that she graciously share with us almost every day, and it really gets to us in a way that we all feel like we’ve been knowing each other since a long time!
    congratulations for your 40th birthday and for everything in your life, béatrice!

  21. Happy Birthday, Bea!

    Love your blog and secretly hope you may find some time to teach more cooking classes now that I am also living in Boston!

  22. Happy Birthday, dear Bea from Belgium.
    Adorble post from P. ! Very nice pictures!
    You must be a very, very happy woman and mama.
    All the best for you, I like very much your journal.

  23. That’s very sweet from P. to hijack your blog this way !
    Joyeux anniversaire ! Et tout plein de bonnes choses !

  24. happy birthday, B!
    love, flowers, peace and health for you all!!!!!!!!

  25. Happy birthday, Béa! And thank you for an amazing blog, even for someone as picky with food as I am it’s impossible not to be inspired.

  26. Happy Birthday!

    Thanks for your wonderful and inspiring blog!

  27. Joyeux anniversaire, Béa! This is such a beautiful surprise made by your husband, you must be really happy! I´ve been following your blog for quite some time but this is the first comment I leave. Your pictures are just amazing and the food must be really fantasctic! Wish you all the best!

    Katia Bonfadini from Rio de Janeiro, Brasil

  28. well even if I haven’t met Bea “en vrai” this is exactly the impression she is giving, generousity, bonne humeur, kindness and more !
    Alors je te souhaite une toute belle fete/anniversaire et encore de tres nombreuses annees de bonheur entouree de ton mari, de Lulu et bien d’autres 😉
    Bises suisses,

  29. What a sweet post! You are both lucky to have each other & Lulu is so lucky to have you as her daddy & mommy! HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BEA!

  30. Joyeux Anniversaire Beatrice! Plein de bonheur pour cette annee qui a demarre sur les chapeaux de roues!
    Encore 9 jours jusqu’a mon anniversaire mais je doute que Bill se mettra a blogger pour l’occasion!

  31. A very Happy 40th Birthday to you! What a sweet husband P. is to write such a lovely tribute to you!

  32. Have the happiest birthday, Bea! Congratulations on all the wonderful things in your life (and a sweet husband that hijacks your blog to wish you a happy birthday!!)

  33. Feliz Cumpleaños, Béa! Be a happy “40teenager”!!!
    Besos. RRO

  34. Joyeux Anniversaire Béa! I think it’s fantastic that P. hijacked your blog. Since I wrote you and you know I have a new baby too, you know how impressed I am that you are doing baby and book, but not surprised.
    Mes voeux les plus sinceres to all 3 of you. =)

  35. Happy birthday! What a great reason for a blog hijacking, and a lovely mosaic to boot. Best wishes to you both, and also to Lulu and the progress of your book.

  36. Wow, what a great husband you are! Happy birthday Bea! All the best as you embark on this great decade!

  37. Joyeux Anniversaire Béa! Je te souhaite que tous tes rêves se réalisent, mais tu as déjà l’essentiel : un superbe bébé, la réussite professionnelle et l’amour d’un homme formidable 🙂

    Gros bisous à toi!
    Et à vous trois 🙂

  38. Happy Birthday Bea! Your blog is a great inspiration to me. 🙂
    I wish you a joyeux anniversaire with your beautiful family…

  39. Happy Birthday Bea! Wishing you all the happiness in the world as you enter your next decade. Please keep inspiring us with your amazing blog, and delicious food!

  40. Happy Birthday Bea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I can’t wait to purchase your gorgeous cookbook! I just know it is a work of art! Just like your fabulous blog!

  41. I never commented before, but today is a special day: Happy Birthday or Parabéns! as we say in portuguese.
    I wish you lots of hapiness.

    What a wonderful post by Philipe… that was so touching.
    The best to you three!!!

  43. alors je te souhaite un très très joyeux anniversaires, seul une petite dizaines d’années nous séparent 😉 plein de bonheur! biz

  44. Happy Birthday from Hawaii, Bea! Thanks for a beautiful, inspiring blog!

  45. Joyeux anniversaire Béa !
    Quelle merveilleuse année pour toi ! Profite bien de la préparation de ton livre, et surtout de ta petite princesse ; le temps passe si vite avec ces bouts de chou !
    Bisous de New York.

  46. Joyeux Anniversaire! Bea, it sounds like your life has been full of adventure, passion and many wonderful things. Thank you for sharing it with us.
    How fun that your husband hijacked your blog!

  47. Wow, Booon Anniiiiiiversaire Bea!!! Quelle adorable attention de la part de P. de partager ce moment avec nous. Bea, je te souhaite tout plein de bonnes choses mais que demander de plus apres une aussi belle petite Lulu et ton livre de recettes bientot dans toutes nos cuisines! Peut etre qu’un jour on aura la chance de se rencontrer sur la cote Est ou Ouest, who knows?? Xoxoxox Elise + Baby Jeanne 😉

  48. Happy Birthday, Bea!!!! I started following your blog a while ago and this is my first time posting a message. Absolutely in love with your style! Looking forward to more incredible photos, recipes and life stories 🙂 Best to you and your family!

  49. Happy Grand Birthday to my favourite bloger, with the most beautiful food blog
    have a wonderful day.

  50. Birthday Candles couldn’t have don’t a better job shining the light onto your 40th Birthday as your stolen blog.
    Joyeux Anniversaire~amylu

  51. Well, it’s just one more happy birthday, but happy birthday Béa!!! (from France… your blog is looked at from all over the world!).
    And thanks P. for the announcement/attention


  52. What a joy to read this snicky post from P.! So honest and touching.

    Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday, Bea!

    Celebratory greetings from Holland,

  53. Happy birthday! One does get a flavor for the wonderful person, indeed. Many happy returns, Bea.

  54. What a sweet husband you are P, nice job! 😉

    And to you Bea, Hoppy Burp-day! Wish you a GGGGREAT Year!! =)

  55. Happy birthday Béa!
    Enjoy this wonderful day with your lovely husband and little girl
    Cheers from Belgium

  56. Feliz Cumpleaños desde Venezuela Béa!

    I hope you enjoy your day with your husband and baby.
    Thanks for your daily inspiration…

    Ana Marcela S.-
    Caracas, Venezuela.

  57. what a sweet highjacking/birthday message…all best wishes!

  58. Happy, Happy Birthday Bea!
    What a sweet post written by your husband.
    Hope all your birthday wishes come true.
    And hope you have delicious cake!

  59. Happy Birthday Béa! What a beautiful tribute from your husband. You are a very special woman indeed.

  60. P, you’re a cheeky little devil!! Happy Birthday Béa! I absolutely love your blog, feel like I take a little vacation each time I visit. Merci!

  61. happy birthday to you bea! and special birthday wishes for the many many more birthdays to come to continue on the lovely colors and inspiration you’ve put in our lives! have a wonderful day !

  62. Happy Birthday! I read your blog all the time and enjoy your stories, photographs, and of course the food. I hope you have a wonderful day with your family.

  63. Happy Birthday Bea! Love you posts! And a lovely husband as well!

  64. Happy birthday Bea, what a beautiful note from P! Many many more wonderful years to you, may you enjoy sucking every last ounce of joy from life, blessings XXX

  65. oh la la la! what a loving note from your husband!!! and– wishing you a MOST wondrous birthday filled with all you love most!! Bisous, E

  66. Bonjour Bea,
    I have never commented before, but this is a special day and I wish you a very Happy Birthday……
    Absolutely adore your blog, your words, recipes and the amazing radiant life-loving and giving energy you radiate so constantly and beautifully……
    Merci beaucoup,
    Love xxx

  67. joyeux anniversaire a un autre petit taureau (29 avril pour moi!) qui continue a saliver pour une tartine( aujourd’hui rivita au sesame avec marmelade de bergamote de mon amie June taylor) biz. Pouke

  68. Bon anniv Bea,
    Tous les soirs, quand je pompe mon lait pour le biberon de la nuit de mon Stroumpf de 5 mois, je me branche sur la Tartine Gourmande pour essayer de passer un moment agreable malgre les ventouses accrochees a mes seins!
    Je trouve genial ton site qui de L.A. me rend parfois un peu nostalgique de la France que tu evoques parfois.
    Pour le moment, avec le manque de sommeil, je ne me suis pas encore lancee dans la preparation de tes recettes. Je prefere les deguster visuellement.
    Plein de bonheur avec P et Lulu pour cette nouvelle annee sur Planete Terre.

  69. G’day from Australia! Have always admired your fabulous photos and delightful writing but never posted a comment till now, but your “P” has dragged me out by his tribute to you on a landmark birthday. Baby Lulu is gorgeous – you two have been blessed. Many good wishes always

  70. Aah P. what a beautifully worded message for my birthday twin. Happy Birthday Bea I am thinking of you and wishing I could be with you to kiss you twice or even three times on the cheek and give you a big birthday hug on your special day. You are indeed a force of nature and the world is definitely a better place because you are in it. Grand bisous tina, david & milo.

  71. Happy birthday Béa Wish you all the good hopes and a very joyful life as your pictures describe life 😀

  72. ¡Feliz cumpleaños! I am another of the annonymous followers. I love the joie de vivre that lingers after reading every recipe of yours…, and just like you I had a baby some months ago, so I’ve tried to improve my cooking during my maternity leave. Please keep it up Bea!

  73. joyeux anniversaire from switzerland!!! your page and your style, your recipes, everything here is AMAZING!!! thank you so much for sharing!!!!

    all the best to you and your family

  74. What a wonderful post ! Happy birthday Bea. Good luck with baby, book and everything else. x

  75. Dear Bea:
    It’s the first time I post on your BLOG. But after seeing this wonderful declaration of LOVE from your husband, I decided to write to wish you a wonderful BD celebration with your wonderful family. A friend from IRELAND forwarded your link to me a couple of weeks ago. And then I shared it with friends in US, Germany, Switzerland, Canada.. I am from BRAZIL. And I admire your blog, your photos, your recipes, and your love for LIFE. Keep like that. You are a wonderful example to many people. Greetings from Rio de Janeiro!!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! And I can’t wait to buy your book!

  76. Happy birthday from Scandinavia, Bea! May your good dreams come true…and how sweet of your husband to hijack your blog and let us know about your birthday. You two, no you three!, are lucky people. 🙂

  77. c’est très touchant je trouve ce que ton mari a fait !

    Je te souhaite un très joyeux anniversaire moi aussi, à bientôt


  78. Magnifique! le billet, le blog les photos! (le bébé, l’allaitement et tutti quanti..) je suis fan de tout ça, j’admire, je reste baba…oui, 40 ans, chouette je ne les ai pas encore trois petites années pour faire aussi bien ou m’en approcher, “joie de vivre” quel bonheur! je ne te connais pas évidemment, mais ce qui passe j’aime. Alors, bon anniversaire à toi, que les prochaines 40 années soient aussi fortes!

  79. Quelle belle déclaration! Happy Birthday! Joyeux anniversaire! Bonne continuation de ce super blog, si jolies photos et délicieuse recette!

  80. Happy Birthday, from a long time lurker……

    40 is beautiful, enjoy your wonderful life!

  81. Happy Birthday Bea , Vraiment Bonne Chance a toi pour ton Livre (je rame avec mon second et j’angoisse alors je n’ose pas imaginer tes changements de couche entre deux Shooting )!!!
    Good luck & Happy Birth-D


  82. Your husband was sweet to hijack your blog and leave such lovely words about you and your life together….that is the best birthday present ever!
    Happy Birthday!

  83. How wonderful!

    Bea, take a deep breath – life gets even better after 40!

    Best wishes and many more!

  84. Happy birthday from Canada! Good luck with your book. And have lots of fun today with your baby and husband. I wish you and your family all the best!

  85. Feliz Aniversário, Joyeux aniversaire, Happy birthday …Feliz cumpleaños..In many languagess justo to wish you happiness, love and joy.

  86. Happy Birthday!

    I`ve read your beautiful blog for a couple of years now, but I still havent commented on it yet. The food and photos are amazing, and your new baby is absolutely gorgeus.

    Best wishes to you from Norway.

  87. Chère Béa,

    Je te souhaite un très joyeux anniversaire. Merci pour ton merveilleux site, qui m’aide à traverser des moments difficiles. Tout de bon avec ta famille et meilleurs voeux pour cette année qui sera bien remplie.

  88. Béa, ton marie était tres gentil de nous dire que c’est ton anniversaire – quel joli collage de photos – je te souhaite une journee plein de bonheur. Joyeux anniversaire.

  89. Bonne Fête chère Bea! Tout le meilleur pour une merveilleuse année.
    Ton mari est un amour. Quelle belle surprise et que de belles paroles. You are a lucky woman. May al your wishes come true. Big hug from Montreal, … Karine (an inspiring future chef)

  90. Quel beau témoignage à une femme de la part de l’Homme de sa vie! Je me joins à tous pour souhaiter à Béa une excellente journée d’anniversaire et longue à votre couple et sa petite famille!

  91. Happy BD Bea and best wishes to you and your family!!!!
    You and your husband are both very lucky to have each other and such a family!

  92. Happy Birthday Bea!! Thanks for all you share with us, and here is to many more great years, cheers!!

  93. ¡Feliz cumpleaños Bea!
    wish you many years more filled with lots of love, happiness and health for the three of you.
    I want to also congratulate you and THANK YOU for sharing this amazing Blog with all of us, I have certainly enjoyed very much reading your stories looking the beautiful
    pictures and of course trying out the great recipes…please keep it up : )
    Best wishes!

    A Venezuelan in Houston

  94. Happy birthday Bea! May 4 is also my sister’s birthday. What a joy to read such wonderful things about you. Your food and images are a gift to us all. I look forward to hearing you on the panel in Boston.

  95. Joyeux anniversaire Bea! Passes une merveilleuse journee.

  96. Happy Birthday Bea! You inspire me with your beautiful photos and food. Your blog was one of the first I came across and is still one of my faves.
    Happy 40th!

  97. Happy birthday Bea! Ive never commented b4 but have always loved ur blog, its fotographs and ur cute sweet baby. may u have a good year ahead.


  98. Oh Bea, Happy Happy Birthday to you!!! You’ve provided many beautiful recipes and colorful feasts for our eyes….for your sincerity and genuine love of food and people….Thank You! May today be a joyous one for you. The best is yet to come for you!

  99. Bonne fête Bea! J’espère qu’elle sera remplie de joie et de douces attentions.
    : )

  100. happiest of happy birthdays sweet bea!
    hugs to you from a fellow recent 40 year old!
    (april 25th)

  101. Thank you Bea for your beautiful work and inspiration! 40 is fantastic –you’ll love it.
    take care and congratulations to your husband, P. for letting us in on the date!

  102. Happy Birthday!
    I read your blog religiously. I come for your fabulous recipes, your simple and beautiful photography, but also for the joyful spirit and the humor in your writing. I love to read about your budding family and your culinary successes. I also love that we share a birthday and a love for strawberries! I hope your day and your life are full of wonder and joy!

  103. Oh Bea! How well you are loved, and how well you share your love of life with so many. Blessings and happiness to you on your 40th. May you have a day extra-full of beauty, laughter, inspiration, and joyful energy. Happy, Happy Birthday!

  104. Joyeux Anniversaire, Béa. You have it all together, girl, AND you make 40 look like half those years! Seriously! What a great collage.
    Have a great day!

  105. how utterly sweet!!! happy belated birthday…and many happy returns!!!!!! 😉

  106. What a sweet way to start such a wonderful day!! Have a fantabulous birthday Bea!

  107. Wow, this posting has blown me away, such a nice initiative and such sweet words! Happy Birthday!

    I regularly visit your website and it is in the top of my favorites. It always amazes me watching your incredible food photos and reading your stories.

    Keep it up! 😉

  108. Très joyeux anniversaire, Béa ! Quel mari formidable tu as et quelle belle preuve d’amour 🙂 Bisous.

  109. Joyeux anniversaire, Béa! I hope you had a lovely day full of wonderful surprises like this sweet post from your husband. Wishing you, P. & Lulu all the best!

  110. What a sweet husband! Happy Birthday Bea! Joyeaux anniversaire!

  111. Congradulations on everything. May you always be blessed with a joyful abundance as God intended for all. Thank you for being such an inspiration. Its because of you I am taking more and more pictures of food and life and living life with as much passion as I can. May your daughter be raised with so much love as she turns into the beautiful rose upon which you and P. help her grow up with.

  112. Happy Birthday Béa! I wish you all the best for your BD.
    Goodluck for the book and enjoy being mom and wife as you are doing now.
    Keep blogging plssssss.

  113. Happy birthday Béa, from Spain!
    I’m turning forty this month as well, and I love cooking and reading your beautiful blog.

  114. It is wonderful to see someone embrace all the beauty of life as eloquently as you do. I hope your birthday brings continued joy and creativity. I seem to recall that my first birthday shared with my new daughter was absolutely the best–and that was almost 26 years ago.

  115. Happy Birthday Bea! And many many happy returns! Keep enjoying the little pleasures of life with P. (what a sweet dedication!) and your little one!

  116. Happy Happy Happy B’day, Bea! Hope you are enjoying your day.

  117. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Welcome to the club! I turned 40 last November. 🙂 Cheers to you and your incredibly thoughtful life and family.

  118. Hauoli Makahiki Hou! Sending you all the best wishes for a wonderful birthday from Hawaii! Congratulations on your gorgeous baby and good luck with your new book!

  119. Happy, happy birthday, Bea! You are an inspiration, your blog is fabulous, and it’s so great to know that you are loved so well. May this be your best decade yet! Many happy returns of the day…

  120. WOW!!! u r truly loved and admired by so many!-me included. i thank you for the inspiration and the gifts u share.u r making the world a better place one dish and one blogpost at a time. bless ur heart, P. and lulu. many happy returns. xxx

  121. Happy Happy Birthday!!! Enjoy this milestone and welcome to the club.

  122. Happy Birthday Bea!! That was so so sweet of P. to write this tribute to you.. aahhh what bliss.. with such a good & loving husband, a baby, a book, this blog and all the wonderful people with their wishes for you and your family!!

    Have a wonderful day!

  123. Joyeux anniversaire Béa!!!! Quel adorable mari tu as!!Je viens voir ton blog entre deux petits dodos de mon petit bout de chou qui va bientôt faire cinq mois,a peu près le même age ta petite Lulu:)

  124. Just want to share a belated birthday wish to you. All the best. I really admire your passion with food and photography.

  125. Happy birthday, Bea!!!!!!!! O…….. FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOSSSSS!!!!!!!
    From Spain. A lot of kisses

  126. Happy Birthday Béa. Nice job P. My wife nearly cried when I showed her your post. I’m impressed too. Well done.

  127. Bea,
    Your husband’s note was so touching to read. Your site has added so much joy to my life ever since i found it while living in France and trying to figure out how to say “butternut squash” ..certainly not courge beurre noix… :-)) Your food and your personality add so much to all those who have the opportunity to experience you. I thank you for sharing yourself with so many people in such a beautiful way, i certainly feel lucky. You offer so much and I hope that you continue to experience so much joy, love and meaning in this coming year.

    Happy Birthday!!

  128. Happy Birthday Bea from Singapore! Your hubby is so sweet and I hope you have an absolutely great day! You so deserve it.

  129. oh, how sweet of P to do that for you! Happy Birthday and many,many good wishes.. I know that for you — THE BEST IS YET TO COME!

  130. Joyeux anniversaire et merci pour ce petit post Monsieur Bea !! 😉
    Merci a toi Bea de nous faire partager toutes ces petites merveilles et ces superbes photos… je te souhaite beaucoup de bonheur pour cette 41eme annee… un petit bout d’Amour, un livre a venir et un Hom qui t’aime autant… que demander de mieux ? 🙂

  131. Happy belated birthday Bea – hope you had a wonderful day and looking forward to reading more of your beautiful posts, love to Lulu too. kxxx

  132. Happy birthday Bea, have a wonderful day…ehm night!!! Merci Bea pour ton ‘regard’, ta gaieté et ta passion (ton mari a su les décrire avec beaucoup d’amour)…Je te souhaite tout le bonheur du monde et bon courage pour tes projets!

  133. Bonne Anniversaire, Béa! You have a wonderful husband/blog hijacker there. Congratulations on so many exciting new developments for you! the sky is the limit.
    Looking forward to everything to come.

  134. Wishing you a grand 40th Birthday and year to come Béa!!!! You and your husband, make a wonderful team. Lulu is lucky indeed!

  135. Herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Geburtstag, Bea!
    Your blog and photography are always inspiring. The very best to you in your 5th decade and all the years to come.

  136. happy belated birthday Bea … i hope it was filled with joy and good food, good friends and lots of love from your family!! xo

  137. Happy Belated Birthday! 40th is only the beginning! You rock girl!

  138. Happy belated birthday! love you, and love your blog!
    and hey pretty lady, Happy Mother’s Day also!

  139. UN TRES JOYEUX ANNIVERSAIRE, Béa, de la part d’une Taureau comme toi ! Beaucoup de joies et de découvertes avec votre si jolie petite fille. Quelle belle famille et quelle merveilleuse preuve d’amour que ce joli texte de ton mari. Vraiment, un joli chemin de bonheur pour vous trois !

  140. Happy belated birthday ^O^

    I am one of your fans … I love your blog and I have made some dishes and desserts from your blog. They are delicious and fantastic!

    Thank you for sharing.

  141. happy 40th birthday! fellow taurus!

    i enjoy your writing, recipes, + beautiful photography..a welcome respite in a busy day and an inspiration..looking forward to many more stories of life and delicious food, + travel!



  142. FELICIDADES BÉA!!! Joyeux 40ème Annivesaire!!! 😀 Happy belated birthday and God bless you all three. xxNat;-)

  143. Je suis aussi taureau comme toi, mais du 30 avril…bon anniversaire et plein de bonheur…à toi et ta petite famille

  144. Joyfull B-Day Bea! I wish you lots of babies and books, lods of creative ideas and fun, million plus one beautiful photographs and more. Wow 40 is a big number. You go girl!

  145. Happy Birthday! Thankyou so much for sharing your passions online. It is wonderful to see such a family celebrating life together. Happy festivities!

  146. Happy Birthday – your blog is a particular treat, so generous of you to share not only the beautiful photographs and food writing, but also some glimpses into your life.

  147. Happy Birthday! Wow…40 is a big number. I’m waiting a few months for that one myself. I really enjoy your blog and your beautiful photography. Best of luck with your book!

  148. Hi Bea, congratulations from Argentina… I really love your work… and Happy Birthday….

  149. Bon anniversaire!

    Hope you enjoyed your Birthday and love your blog.

  150. happy birthday Bea!!!

    a blog to warm everyone’s heart… especially mine…

    thank you!

    God bless you abundantly! (^_^)

    anastasia – Bali

  151. Happy birthday from Canada! I’d been reading your blog for quite a while now and I really love it. I look forward to your book.

    All the best,

    Chowhound – Victoria, BC

  152. Happy Birthday from Finland, Béa! You really have readers from all over the world who admire you and your blog. All the best for you, P. (who wrote such a wonderful post) and Lulu!

  153. Bon Anniversaire Bea!

    You’re an inspiration. Reading your blog is like a breath of fresh air. Thank you.

    Happy Mother’s Day!


  154. Hope you get this note in time, but have a Happy Mother’s Day – you’re first!

  155. That’s so sweet of you, P.!!

    Lectirce assidue, but maybe my first comment here if I’m not mistaken. What a wonderful post to show love and support to your wife.

    By the way, Béa, félicitations (pour le blog, le livre et la vie de famille…) et un très Joyeux Anniversaire!

  156. Happy happy happy Birthday! Buon compleanno! Wish you the best :))
    Alessandra from Italy

  157. Some call it the taste of hapiness but maybe we could call it you.

    Happy birthday to all of you.

  158. What a beautiful post ! I can feel the emotion potential of Bea when she discovered it ! Happy Birthday Bea and a lot of beautiful things for your family !

  159. Happy belated birthday and best wishes for a wonderful year full of good health, much happiness and all the best that life brings to you and your wonderful family.

  160. Joyeux anniversaire!
    Je découvre votre blog depuis hier, j’adooooore.
    Je suis impatiente de tester vos recettes!

  161. Joyeux anniversaire!
    Je découvre votre blog depuis hier, j’adoooooore!
    Je suis impatiente de testes vos recettes.

  162. Dear Bea – All the happiest of birthday wishes to you! I am so grateful for your blog. I like to read it, especially the posts about your travels with P., slowly and carefully, savoring each word the way I would bites of an amazing meal. Thank you for sharing your warmth and joy with all of your readers! You truly deserve the great happiness you have found.

  163. Even when i have no time to do anything apart from work I always like coming here to see new posts, photos..and it does cheer me up. I have never had the pleasure of meeiting Bèa in real life but if her blog is anything to go by..she is an amazing person. and what a beautiful birthday post. Happy birthday bèa! Loads, loads of happiness

  164. I wish my husband did that ! Quelle belle attention de sa part… avec tout le reste ! Je suis moi-même en train de préparer la fête surprise des 40 ans de mon mari et j’espère qu’il sera aussi surpris et content que toi.

    Joyeux anniversaire en retard ! Tu as l’air comblée : que ça dure longtemps !


  165. Happy belated b-day!
    What a great way of your hubby to wish you a wonderful birthday!!!!
    And thank you fo sharing it with us.
    Just love La Tartine Gourmande and am following it for quite a while 🙂
    Always love to read a new post and this is definitely a special one.

  166. Aaaaah, how lovely! Bea, a very belated but sincere happy birthday! Wishing you continued happiness in the forthcoming year!

    Kindest Sarah x

  167. Un petit peu en retard… bon anniversaire !
    And what a wonderful husband is yours! Nice hijacking!
    I’m French and live in a host family, and with the 10 years-old girl we made the brioche tonight for tomorrow’s morning breakfast… and it seems yummy! I say it seems, but actually I tried it! Just the pieces that got stuck in the cake pan and I think everyone is going to love it tomorrow morning… we’ll try and put a comment on the brioche post 😉
    Bonne chance pour la suite, bravo pour tout, bonne 40 année, et merci pour ce super blog !

  168. bea a bit late but been so busy with work.. BELATED HAPPY BIRTHDAY looks like you are just a month older than I. bon anniversaire

  169. Oh, dear Bea – you’re obviously coping with the baby and the blog much better than I do. I’m only now catching up with Bloglines updates to realise that I’ve missed your birthday by almost a fortnight 🙁 Apologies!! And delayed, but all the warmest birthday wishes to you!! Hugs from Tallinn – Pille, K & little Nora

  170. apologies from us over at Chez. This was beautiful, brought tears to my eyes, lovely note from your husband. Happy 40th and welcome to the club!

  171. What a sweet post. I know its November but cheers to you and your family this holiday season.

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