Herb and Red Peppercorn Goat Cheese

Herb and Red Peppercorn Goat Cheese

We love soft fresh goat cheese.

Everyone in my family, in fact, except my dad. One of the best memories I keep from the yearly summer trips my family took to southwest France was the weekly expédition to the marché where, invariably, we would return with a few fromages de chèvre frais (soft fresh goat cheese) in our basket. These types of goat cheese were made by local artisans and had me dream of owning goats, so that one day, I would too be able to make that delicious type of goat cheese. I really loved the idea.

But of course, that never happened.

I don’t own goats — although I am still in the love with the idea — but I am a huge fan of fromage de chèvre frais.

Much to my regret, that type of cheese is hard to find where I live. Or at least this is what I thought before I recently visited Formaggio, in the hope of buying goat cheese for a recipe I was writing for the Boston Globe.

What fresh goat cheese would you recommend?” I asked the young girl at the cheese section of the small Cantabrigian delicacy store. Lulu was staring at the glass window behind which various attractive goat cheese were on display.

You’ll love this one,” she answered without hesitation. She was pointing at a small table hidden in a corner, where two types of cheese were arranged for sampling. “It’s Belgian and really tasty. Would you like to try some?

She was right.

The cheese was perhaps not looking like those I remembered from my vacations, but it was still excellent: extremely light and balanced, and with great texture.

It’s a St Maure? I’ve never heard about this one,” I said, feeling content to have discovered something new.

You know what Lulu? We’ll come back soon to buy more,” I told her as we returned to the car.

I used the cheese for the Herb and Red Peppercorn Goat cheese recipe I wrote this week for the Seasons Column of the Boston Globe.

It’s always nice to have this kind of recipe handy, should you feel like enjoying an easy-to-make, yet dressed-up snack. We ate ours with crusty baguette and red wine a few weekends ago, when our friend J. came to visit.

The whole thing disappeared within minutes.

It happens that quickly, with tasty fromage de chèvre.

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  1. Ah!! Delicious! I love soft goat cheese, and am currently in love with red peppercorn! Beautiful in a flower arrangement, too, but have been grinding it with my French roast in the morning along with some cinnamon, ginger… (taken by necessity from the the all too brief seasonal Wintry Blend coffee with spices from Trader Joe’s)

    Nifty new site format, too! And the my tired eyes can see what I’m typing in the comment box now!

    Thank you, Bea! 😀


  2. Dearest Bea..A close friend of mine here in Tampa owned about a dozen goats. He made fresh goat’s cheese every day and sold to the local markets. I would think you would be able to find a supplier outside of Boston. You don’t really want to own goats because they are the cutest, dirtiest little things you will ever have. Love your site and the photos. You really do an outstanding job!!! Thanks, Diana

  3. Beautiful post, as always! I too can’t shake the idea of owning goats….always in the back of my mind. How lucky you are to have such a sweet shopping companion!!!

  4. i love the fresh new (and sleek!) look.
    i had some great fromage de chevre frais when i was in europe about a month ago -simply with a bit of nut bread- it was delicious.

  5. Moi aussi j’adore ce genre de chèvre frais.
    Photo comme d’habitude très appétissante 🙂

  6. Beautiful pictures as always! And it’s a nice new design, more practical too. But I really loved your previous header… I miss it, it was so sweet and charming… the perfect one for a charming blog!!

  7. I’m charmed! Simple and delicious. Tes photos sont magnifiques tu arrives à donner de la noblesse à tous les ingrédients…bravo!

  8. You know there’s just something about your blog and the photographs that has me so enticed. Perhaps it’s the candy colours in all your images – you must have the most beautiful plates, cutlery and tablecloths!

  9. Une autre belle et bonne façon de rehausser le goût du fromage de chèvre frais. Je l’essaie très bientôt.

  10. The recipe looks wonderful.
    I agree with the previous comment about your cutlery, etc…
    Every time I visit your blog I feel like going out shopping for new table cloths,plates, cuts, everything.
    I think that might be a good business idea, you definitely have a very particular taste.

  11. Love it! I’m mad about cheese. I recently read the book, A Pig in Provence, by Georgeanne Brennan, an American who moved to the south of France and became a cheesemaker. Fun book. I baked your hazelnut chocolate cakes. Yum. This cheese recipe has to be next!

  12. How lovely! We have a wonderful resource for fresh goat cheese. Will have to make it pretty next time we’re lucky enough to grab a wedge!

  13. Hi Bea! It’s funny… here in Italy in our region Piedmont, this kind of dish is quite usual but made with cow cheese, not goat. We call them “tomini” and we garnish them with fresh parsley sauce or chopped chili peppers or again “my way” with honey and curry sauce!
    Bye 🙂

  14. Dear Beatrice, your pictures are purely beautiful. The style, the recipes…everything. I just discovered your blog…inspiring.
    thank you.

  15. Bea, dear. Tomorrow is your birthday, is it not? Moi? Mon anniversair c’est le 6me, so we are very close there. I hope you have a wonderful, content and joyous anniversair with your family and that you make a delicious cake, just for you. Happy Birthday, dear!

  16. ça a l’air vraiment appétissant, j’adore ce genre de plat simple et savoureux grâce aux herbes …

  17. Mmm…goats…I live in a city and can’t go getting goats, either. I joined a raw milk club specifically to get my hands on goat milk to make cheese (I’m getting a batch going tonight, in fact). The Weston A. Price Foundation has links to all kinds of places where you can get raw milk — surely there’s one in Boston that has goat milk? It is an immensely satisfying and very simple activity. Now to track down some pink peppercorns…

  18. At the York Farmer’s Market today they had two vendors with wonderful goat cheeses. Hickory Nut Farm in Lee NH had a terrific variety including a white lace that she was pairing with a mango chutney. I love your site and can’t wait for your book. The market is just behind Stonewall Kitchen’s flagship store in York Me, right off of 95. It makes for a perfect Saturday morning, the market, the store and then a walk on York Beach. Just perfect.

  19. I really love goat cheese desserts, their are awesome. If I have guests, I just make goat cheese deserts and they love it. Are there any other good uses for goat cheese?