So happy

It was 4 am and Lulu was hungry. The soft chirruping noises she was making sounded like “hello, anyone here? I am hungry, pick me up!“; they were also becoming louder and more frequent. Her legs were stretched out into the air above the bassinet, pedaling like someone going up a hill. I stood up to look at her. Her face lit with an enormous smile; I smiled too. I lifted her and sat back comfortably in bed to nurse her.

The room was quiet.

She was done quickly — a matter of only ten minutes — and fell asleep on my breast. I carefully rolled her close between P. and me, so that she would finish the night with us — a treat we love to share.

And then it’s when I found out.

Half asleep, I walked to the bathroom, and on my way out, I stopped by my desk to check my mail. There wasn’t any particular reason, really. It was just out of habit. I checked the weather forecast and opened a new window on my screen to load my blog. And, I stared.

Hein ? What’s that?

Had I made a mistake? What was that page, with pictures of me all over? My sleepy eyes tried to read quickly, quicker than my brain could understand at that late hour of the night. But then, just like pieces of a puzzle put together, I started to understand.

And felt overwhelmed.

By such a note, so wonderfully written by my love P. — he is quite someone indeed — and by all the words you’ve all generously left in that space since then.

There is one word, un mot, in French: merci.

Thank you!

You’ve been *so* kind.

What can I say? This birthday will leave me with an amazingly good memory because of this gesture. Because of P.

And because of your words.

It’s true that life is hectic at our house these days, between work commitments, a cookbook to write, and a darling daughter to take care of. But oh it tastes just *so* delicious.

I am really spoiled.

And so, would you believe me if I told you that it even became better?

Seriously, it did.

A few days later, not only my mum arrived for a planned two-week visit, but I also received another wonderful surprise: a new dining table that, it’s silly to say, I like so much that I want to kiss it every time I sit at it. And you know, that happens quite often.

Then, this past weekend, P. organized the best surprise birthday party I’ve ever had. I am still not sure how he managed to not leave any sign, anywhere in the house — beside a sudden gardening spree — but he did. Quite well, in fact.

I was, once again, completely surprised.

And feeling so happy to be in such good company. Between him, our beautiful cheeky daughter, my friends, and you.

So, once again, merci. Hopefully I will soon be done with my manuscript so that I am more available again, to write, and to respond to your notes and emails.

Worth turning forty, n’est-ce pas ?

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  1. bon anniversaire! quel geste d’amour de la part de votre mari! bons souvenirs de genève!

  2. Enjoy and savour every moment of love and care Bea! You deserve it to the core. may God bless you with all your dreams!

  3. Bonjour !
    Joyeux anniversaire en retard !
    Je voulais vous dire que j’adore ce que vous faites, car c’est magnifique. Ca me donne tellement envie de manger que ça en devient un délit :p ( je plaisante ^^’ )
    Je vous ai pris une photo que j’ai mis sur mon blog :$ Mais j’ai mis un lien vers votre site, donc j’espere que ça ne vous dérange pas :s
    En tout cas bravo, je suis fan de tout ce que vous faites =D En plus j’adore les couleurs alors j’ai directement flashé xD
    Bonne continuation !

  4. Béa,

    I am so glad you had a wonderful birthday. You are such an inspiration to all of us. Your recipes and posts are charming and delightful. The colors of your photos are brilliant. I especially enjoy reading about your travels and your new baby girl. I can’t wait to read more!

  5. Joyeux anniverssaire en retard!

    La journée a passé trop vite, mais à lire la tienne, je sais qu’elle fut superbe et cela, j’en suis bien contente.

    Te lire est un vrai rayon de soleil. Continue et j’espère bien que ton livre arrivera jusqu’à nous, ici, dans la Belle Province de Québec, à Montréal!

    Passe une belle journée et salutations à P. et Lulu.

    À la prochaine,

    Obroa : )

  6. An enchanting post! I adore reading your tales as you embrace each moment wholeheartedly. Cheers!

  7. Wow.. good post.. I can only imagine your fulfilment as a mother.. those special quiet times with Lulu that money cannot buy.. the feeding times.. nuturing her body and soul. Enjoy the moments, Lulu & P.

    P. is such a dear & blessing! and we look forward to having a peek of the dinning table that’s giving you such joy.. and of Lulu too!

  8. I read the post that P left a for you, it was wonderful, and made me think that there are loving men out there, he is very proud of you and your little girl and all that you do!

  9. That is really sweet of him! I’m planning a surprise birthday party for my husband later this month too! I hope I leave no traces for him to find out too! Wish me luck!

    You sure sound like you have a really small, sweet loving family. Take care!!

  10. usually when i come to your blog, my mouth watered, but now my eyes “watered”… gosh you’re so lucky 🙂

  11. Hi Bea! once again, happy birthday and good luck for your job!! (what a beautiful zodiacal sign do we have !!) 😉

  12. I’m happy you had a wonderful day. I read your blog every time there is a new post and it brightens my day. You got back what you give :o)

  13. Le message est parti trop vite. Je disais: et quelle joie de dormir avec la petite. Ce sont de très belles années et profites au maximum. Bonne fête en retard.

  14. I was so pleased when I saw the wonderful hijacking the other day. Of course you deserve such a dear surprise, and you are indeed as lucky as he is. We look forward to each new post, but we’re all human and know you’re doing so much right now! Enjoy this time! Happy belated birthday!

    Oh, and what a wonderful table!

  15. Oh, how wonderful, Bea. Birthdays should always be so fabulous. I find myself wanting to see the top of the new dining table. The write-up sounds like it has so much character. I can “see” why it’s kissworthy. 😉


  16. Hi,

    I also just love Un Gars et Une Fille. Have an apartment in the 3rd and cannot wait to go back next week. Love your blog….live outside of Boston part of the year.

  17. How sweet is P! Such heart warming post!

    Happy belated birthday! I hope you had a wonderful time with your family!

  18. You are delicious! Merci à toi pour toute cette beauté, ce plaisir et ces mots chaleureux. Bon travail!

  19. Coucou…J’ai remis une ancienne recette à toi et bien entendu, j’ai refait le lien….Bonne semaine Béa

  20. I loved this post! How beautiful that your happiness is making so many people smile too, Bea. Your blog is lovely and the recipes are great, but the sweetest thing is to visit and see that you and your family are writing another recipe, for simple, sweet happiness in your daily life. Bonne fete!

  21. Bea, life only starts at forty (well, at least that’s what my Mom says…and Mom’s are always so smart!!). Happy super belated anniversary, *girl*!!!