A carrot hazelnut cake to say à bientôt

Lulu’s mamie left tonight. We are all sad.

Lulu and I decided to bake a carrot and hazelnut cake for her, one that she could easily pack and take with her on the plane.

Tomorrow, she will be back in France.

We are already missing her, everywhere in the house.

And in the kitchen — spotless for two weeks thanks to her tidy-everything hands.

We have to love our mums!

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  1. ohhh, I just made a yummy carrot spice cake, gluten free! Yours sounds so yummy! I love your blog!
    Take care,

  2. Mums always have those nifty hands, don’t they? My mum is real good at keeping the entire house spotless! She is my goddess!

  3. So sorry. I always feel bad when my parents leave (they are Albanian), especially since I know they will miss my little boy so much.
    That cake sounds sooo good! Can you post the recipe?

  4. It is a beautiful carrot cake, and I love the stories about your little one. I am very lucky to have my mom living so close to me (she is dying for a granddaughter 🙂 ).

  5. C’est certain, elle va te manquer. j’ai cru un moment que tu allais venir en France mais tu dois être super occupée avec ton livre. Au plaisir de te revoir très bientôt. Bises.

  6. i know that feeling well… i have been missing my mom since we got back over a week ago. but i’m sure she will be back before you know it!

  7. Mums are always the only ones who says the right thing in the right moment… even if they’re far away their presence is always strong in our thoughts 🙂 Good idea to cook such a yummy cake for your mum!!!

  8. I have a carrot hazelnut recipe from Pierre Herme that I will make today, so how nice to see you’ve made one too 🙂

  9. Well, I dont know her but I felt sad too, when I read your post. Thank heaven for moms !
    Btw your ake looks yummy!

  10. Baking your mum a treat to carry in her travels home is such a precious sentiment. What a thoughtful daughter you are!

  11. That cake looks divine! My mom lives in NC and I am in Las Vegas. It’s so hard to be so far away, and when I go visit it’s so hard to leave!


  12. Sorry to hear your mom left. I can’t imagine how you feel yet I am sure you treasured every moment together.
    Est-ce que vous organizez un voyage en France pendant les vacances?

  13. Oui, c’est tres important les mamans. Merci pour la recette.

  14. Thank you everyone. I’ll try to post the recipe soon. I’ve just too much on my plate, so to speak, right now 😉

  15. Tout comme Cascadia Girl, j’allais demander “Où est la recette?”…

    Mais je suis arrivée à la fin des messages et j’ai lu votre réponse, alors nous attendrons bien patiemment cette recette… car, la photo donne l’eau à la bouche!

    Oui, nos mères sont souvent des joyaux que nous prenons trop souvent pour acquis. J’espère que vous aurez l’occasion d’aller en France pour vos vacances.

  16. Et bien, je suis tout a fait d’accord – j’attendrai patiemment la recette pour ce gateau qui a l’air trop bon. j’adore le gateau aux carottes, et avec la noisette, ca va etre un vrai delice.

    Looking forward to it…. when you have a chance. In the meantime, have a great weekend ! 🙂

  17. je ne vois pas la recette pour le hazelnut carrot cake

  18. Quel joli geste…sûr, elle va te manquer. Moi aussi j’ai cru pour un instant que tu viendrais en France. Le gâteau aux carottes avec en plus le croustillant des noisettes est un délice et a un goût d’enfance (ma mère me le faisait souvent 🙂 La photo est très douce.

  19. This looks so delicious, and I always love your pictures! I look forward to when you post the recipe, but don’t worry, we can wait – enjoy the craziness of life!

  20. hello,

    i adore your site and cannot wait for your cookbook. i would love the recipe for your carrot hazelnut cake. it looks sounds so yummy!

    when will your cookbook be out in the US? sincerely,

  21. Hi Béa, thanks for all the wonderful recipes. I just discovered your site! When you get a change can you please post the recipe for the Carrot Hazelnut cake? Thanks, Mila

  22. yeah im also a big fan of carrot cakes. And the gluten free category is such a good idead. thanks

  23. that carrot and hazelnut cake looks so good i want to lick it off the screen! could you please share the recipe? thank you!

  24. I found your blog after buying your book at The Book Larder in Fremont (Seattle). I LOVE the few recipes I’ve made from it & am very excited to try a few from here. I’m currently baking without gluten, dairy, eggs, almonds, and cane sugar, so I’ve had to modify the recipies a little, but they have come out really, really good. Far and above the best cookies & muffins I’ve ever had that meet my restrictions.

    This carrot hazelnut cake sounds so yummy I was hoping you could direct me to the recipie?

    Thank you for your fabulous work!