Driving near Vallelunga

March 15, 2013.

I am currently in Sicily at Case Vecchie.

So happy to see and hug Fabrizia and Ximena again.

Excited to soon meet of all our students and have a fabulous workshop together.

Despite the rain!

These rolling hills are so green that they make me feel we could be in Ireland!

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  1. Have fun! It looks wonderful – so green and fresh. It snowed again here in Canada – sigh…

  2. This looks indeed more like Ireland than Italy 😉 I would’t mind though 😀 You could celebrate St. Patrick’s Day right away 😉 Enjoy it!

  3. I love your site and your book even though I eat only plant foods. I’ve been able to take some of your great recipe ideas and convert them. This looks like an area in Eastern Washington state (USA) just east of Yakima. It is big wine country. I love the rolling hills.

  4. My real father was born in Sicily but I haven’t been there yet… It’s beautiful! Thank you!

  5. so green already, can’t believe it! 🙂 we still got some snow leftovers in Denmark 🙁

  6. WOW, you are right. It’s the salt air and the rocks for fences and it could be Ireland. I cannot tell you how often I use your cookbook. Thank you again!

  7. Every time I stop by your blog I’m truly amazed by the beauty of your pictures!!! Wonderful…

  8. Le printemps montre enfin le bout de son nez dans l’est de la France! Les forsythias sont enfin en fleur et ton billet me rappelle une recette de Gnochis à la riccota venue de Sicile ;-). Quelques pousses d’épinards et je sais ce que l’on mangera ce soir.Humm ! Merci Béa et reviens nous vite avec des idées délicieuses !

  9. Hi Beatrice,
    any great and affordable dining places you can recommend in Sicily? Looking for some great rustic delicious Italian trattorias.Or else, what are the specialities of the area?