Mindful while I enjoyed radishes


Radish, Edamame, and Goat Cheese Tartines with Fleur de Sel Recipe —
Mindful Magazine


Canada seems to be everywhere in my life right now.

I love that it’s happening!

So since I was just speaking about Canada, I wanted to tell you about Mindful.

Last year, I was asked to contribute to the food section of this brand new magazine–the magazine is available at Barnes and Noble bookstores and Whole Foods Markets. I wanted to work for them because I loved the ethics of the magazine.

I wanted to be mindful.


Their very first issue is out, and although I have not yet seen the print copy (waiting for it to come), I love what the designer has done with the layout of the food section.


Radish and Potato Salad with Goat Cheese and Tarragon-Lemon vinaigrette Recipe —
Mindful Magazine

And if, like me, you have an unavoidable weakness for radishes–yes, Lulu and I will be the first to plant them in the garden in our neighborhood–you will enjoy two recipes I developed, styled, and photographed for them.

The first one is a recipe for Radish, Edamame, and Goat Cheese Tartines with Fleur de Sel; the second is a Radish and Potato Salad with Goat Cheese and Tarragon-Lemon vinaigrette. And you don’t even need to wait: they are available on their website by following this link.

Mangez des radis! Ca croque ! Ca pique ! Ca sent le printemps !


Radish and Potato Salad with Goat Cheese and Tarragon-Lemon vinaigrette Recipe —
Mindful Magazine


  1. I live in Canada and I’ve not heard of this magazine. But I’ll be looking for it on the news stand. Planting radishes (and eating them) is a wonderful pleasure of early spring.
    Gorgeous photos.

  2. This recipe seems so wonderfully summer to me…can’t wait for farmers markets to start up again 🙂

  3. Your just reminded me how much I love radishes. They make me think of my childhood with my beloved great-grand aunty who always made them for me, in potato salads and on buttered bread, just like in your recipes. The first photo looks so much like springtime. Just what we need here in Germany after the darkest Winter in history. I’m off to buy radishes. Thank you for reminding me of the almost forgotten joys of Spring.

  4. your pictures are so beautiful and even the food looks like delicious .i like it!

  5. Les plats se dégustent d’abord avec les yeux, et de ce côté-là je dois dire que c’est une franche réussite ! Ces plats tout en couleurs ouvrent grand mon appétit 🙂

  6. Just bought this magazine last night at whole foods.

    Your photography is stunning. I can’t wait to try the recipes. I can hear the crunch and feel the first burst of spicy goodness just looking at those spring radishes.

  7. oh. love this. I used to eat tons (well, not literary) of radishes when i was a kid, so they are comfort food for me now. Haven’t thought of pairing them with goat cheese, will have to try now. Thanks!

  8. Oh I so wait for spring and local radishes to come. I’ve been dreaming about a potato salad with radish, mache and some good aromatic cheese for an entire week now. Your radish-inspired tartines and potato salad look divine! Lovely food styling too.

  9. I bought radish seeds yesterday to plant in my garden. I will wait a few more days too make sure it is warm enough, but I can’t wait to eat them on bread with goat’s cheese, like in your first picture. Thank you again for so much Spring inspiration!

  10. They’re also sooo good if you just serve the raw radishes with butter that is whipped with herbs and fleur de sel! That way the butter is light and you get crunches from the salt in the butter. Bread on the side is optional as well of course.

  11. Oh, j’adore les radis!!!
    Your recipes look fresh and healthy and your photos are so beautiful as always, I love the composition. Thanks for the information about the magazine too, I’ll make sure to look for it at Barnes & Nobles now.
    merci encore.

  12. Bonjour Bea ! Happy today to you ! I know that you spent some time in Carmel Valley,California. Would you ever consider giving a Food Photography Workshop there ? I spend time over there every summer and could give you suggestions for good restaurants,fun activities,and beautiful spots to visit.
    Thank you so much and God bless you !
    Fondly ,Katy


  13. Radishes! I hated them as a child and now I love that peppery bite they give to a salad. 🙂

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  15. I’m growing radishes on my window, hope they will grow big so I can make this salad!

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