Traveling North


lugeMy friend Bénédicte — La luge sur le lac

Lulu thought we were in the North Pole. Even if we’ve not yet been there, she was right. With its vast landscapes of untouched snow gently lit at sunset, it surely looked like it at times.

It was cold. Majestic. Inspiring. And oh so good for the soul to be there!

Ce n’est pas le pôle nord,” I told her. “Nous sommes au Québec.

Once again, we traveled to Canada.

And yes, I will come back to tell you all about it-it’s really worth it!

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  1. Today..especially last night..

    ce fut le paradis ..Couvert d’un blanc immaculé..les arbres lourds de neige..

    I know.. it’s enough already..but even with the fact that we had to drive downtown..from our little sleepy town..and it took almost 2 hrs..
    Les vues..étaient imprenables.
    Looking forward to your full post:)

  2. Snow is beautiful … Especially when it is pure white. Once the cars pass by it becomes gray and muddy. Not that beautiful. Bèa, we have the sugar season now. Hope you had some “tire sur neige” while visiting. It is one of my favorite seasons.

  3. Karine, I did have tire sur neige. Tous les jours après une journée de ski. The girls (Lulu and her little friend Lila) loved it–and we did too! Such a clever idea!

  4. Beautiful pictures, it is what Canada is all about during the winter. For the past two days, it has felt here, in Ottawa, like we are in the North Pole. We received more than 25 cm of very wet and heavy snow. Perfect time for hot chocolate…mmmmm…. And yes, tire sur la neige, my 4-year old discovered it last year and can’t wait to try it again this year. Here’s to “cabane à sucre” season!

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