A Food Styling and Photography Workshop in Andalusia, Spain


Portrait by White Loft Studio
Food Shots by me

One of the many things I love about what I do is the ability I have to meet amazing people that become and stay friends. People I write to, people I think about, people I want to work with.

Marta is one of those.


Portrait of Marta Muñoz-Calero by Mirta Rojo photography–
Food shots by Marta Muñoz-Calero

I met Marta Muñoz-Calero last year during the workshop Lara and I taught in the South of France in May. Right away I liked her. Right away she and I started dreaming of running a workshop together in Spain where she comes from. Marta is a wonderful food stylist and photographer.

After months of preparation, I am happy to announce that Marta and I have a fabulous food styling and photography workshop ready for you in the beautiful area of Andalusia, in the south of Spain.

This 4 day/5 night workshop will occur from June 9 to 14, 2013 in El Hotel Esparragal near Seville.


Photos from El Hotel Esparragal, Spain

You will learn food styling tips, how to work with natural light to create beautiful food images reflecting your own style–add them to your portfolio–, how to improve your workflow, and how to handle post production (retouch images for web or print). You’ll receive great opportunities to practice through food styling assignments and also shoot on location, weather permitting (but it’s the south of Spain, so we should be fine in June, right?)

And then there will be the pool and the beautiful gardens around the hotel to relax by too…

Our journey will include a visit of Seville to discover its tapas culture. Visits to local artisansham drier, olive oil farm, a horse exhibition and manzanilla tasting–as well as a paella class are included.


El Hotel Esparragal is an authentic Andalusian farmhouse located in Gerena, 15 kilometers from Seville. The place has its own herd of horses and bulls. The cottage is located in an area of over 3,000 hectares in which horse riding, hunting, visits to the farm in a 4×4 can be organized.

The main house of the aristocratic family was transformed into an exclusive hotel with a huge garden, a pool, and several patios. The luxurious rooms retain the style of a large Andalusian farmhouse–something rare today.


Photos from El Hotel Esparragal, Spain

Marta and I want this workshop to be a great opportunity for you to improve your food styling and photography skills while you enjoy and document some of the wonderful Spanish food scene with its people.

The cost of the 4 day/5 night workshop is US$ 2,650 and is limited to 14 people.

Where: Hotel El Esparragal, Andalusia, Spain

When: June 9th to June 14th, 2013

What is included: All instructions and local visits and activities (with transportation). 5 breakfasts, 4 lunches (one is a paella class and a tapas lunch in Seville), and 4 dinners. We will meet you at the train station in Seville (we will let you know the time) for pick up and drive to the hotel–or you may prefer to drive on your own.

Airfare and train from Madrid to Seville are excluded.

Registration will open on Thursday Feb 14th, 2013 at 10 AM EST (to secure your spot, you will need to send a US $300 non refundable deposit)–I will post the link to use the day before.

We hope to meet you in Spain in June!

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  1. That looks like an amazing trip! Just magical! I love all the pictures and the different settings for the food! Are you going to have a trip next year or later this year? I would love some more information on this!

  2. Is the price for a single occupancy room? If a friend is coming with me but not attend the workshop (just share the room), is there a fee involved?

  3. Hi Sabrina, I will inquire availability and cost with the hotel. The price listed is indeed for a single occupancy, and for all hotel/food/transportation/visits and instructions. Would be so much fun to see you again, after such a long time!

  4. Could you please confirm the date once again?
    You are writing above: “This 4 day/5 night workshop will occur from June 9 to 15, 2013 in El Hotel Esparragal near Seville.” June 9 to 15 is Sunday to Saturday and would therefore be 6 nights/5 days. Thanks

  5. I’m so glad you are setting up another one!
    If you and a friend are attending the workshop, can you share a room and get a discount?
    This looks amazing! I would love to go.

  6. Hi Alexandra,

    Yes it’s a 4 day activity program (from Monday June 10th to Thursday night June 14th). Students check in on Sunday June 9th (travel day for most) and leave on Friday morning June 14th (so that we can have a full day on Thursday). Makes sense? You are right, I made a mistake with the date 😉 Thanks for noticing!

  7. ce matin, le titre de votre post m´a fait réver… un atelier ¨food photo¨ en Andalousie, chez moi !

    … si vous avez besoin d´une assistante, d´un guide touristique ou de quelqu´un pour faire la vaisselle… je serais ravie de vous apporter mon aide bénévole 🙂

    j´suis française, passionnée de gastronomie, de photographie et fan de votre blog que je suis avec admiration depuis la ville de Grenade.


  8. Génial 🙂
    Je vais essayer mais ça risque de me coincer mi-juin avec les examens de ma fille (une photographe en herbe, elle-même). Sinon … bon amusement avec tout

  9. Finally i see that you and Aran are going to work in Spain!! I come from Madrid but I live in Zürich….we will see if i can do it, it looks amaizing.

  10. Hi Bea! I am Kumud from India. This sounds so much fun, something that I have been looking for. Just a few questions, are the rooms single occupancy? Also, do you need special photographic equipment like macro lens, etc…This is to make sure that I have the proper gear to start with…..
    Look forward to hearing from you!!

  11. I spent a semester in Spain in college – how much fun would this be to go back?! Alas, I have a meeting in Portland, Oregon that week so cannot join you. I guess I’ll just have to wait for your class in Boston (wink, wink)!

  12. This sounds so much fun, something that I’ve looking for. Does one need special photography equipment like macro lens etc.

  13. Hi Kumud, You’d bring your SLR camera and the lenses you use. Macro lens is a good thing to have for food photography, but if you don’t have one, it’s fine too.

  14. This workshop, along with the accommodations, look like the stuff dreams are made of!
    I have the same question as Sabrina….what if someone joins me (like my husband) who will not be attending the classes?
    Is there pricing for this scenario?
    Thank you so much,

  15. Hi Brook, hi Sabrina,

    Yes, husband or friend can join. Marta and I have asked the hotel about cost for an additional guest in the room and we are waiting to hear from them. For sure, the extra person would need to pay for meals and visits if he/she is joining them. Makes sense? We should have an answer by tomorrow. Thanks a lot to both!

  16. The workshops you have offered in the past and this one is Spain sound so magical. Alas, I can’t swing it right now. Any chance you would consider one in Boston, even just a day or two, for those who would love to learn from you but can’t travel so far right now? Fingers crossed…

  17. What a lovely place to spend some days! I’ve been to Seville last year and I hope Ireturn again soon, Spain is wonderful. Nice trip to you!


  19. These are amazing shots! Two thumbs up! Mouth watery food (checked) Photo elements (checked) Conducive aura (checked)… After this open a restaurant!!! XOXO:D

  20. I am supposed to be in Pourtugal around this time while my husband is on business. This sounds like a dream come true (taking a class with you is on my bucket list) but I won’t know the exact dates of his trip until shortly before. Sigh.

  21. Dear Bea, I am your reader from Hong Kong. How fascinating of this upcoming class in Spain. I wish I could join and now trying to fixing my schedule and get the leave permission from my boss. 🙂 Bon

  22. Bea,

    Did you get an answer back from the hotel about bring a guest?

    Do they offer 2 single bed type of room?


  23. Dear Bea- i have been following your blog /recipes/bought your book etc
    love everything you do. I am from South Africa and have a small business culinary getaways- i take people away on a culinary experience/cooking course.We have so many beautiful places and great chefs. I am also taking a group of women to France in Sept. I would love to know if you will consider visiting SA – ?? I would love to host you and get a group of people together for one of your courses.-promise you will love it!! Hope to hear from you soon.

  24. Your workshop in Spain is just what I was looking for, but I already have scheduled another trip for those dates. I live in Mexico and will be in Cape Cod most of the summer. I would like to see if you could schedule another workshop in mid-September in Boston. I have a freind from Mexico who would be able to make that date as well.

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  26. Hi Béa, is there still availability for this workshop? Sorry I’m a bit late but would love to participate. Peta

  27. Hi Peta, yes there is actually. If you are interested, send me an email.

  28. Bonjour,
    J.adore votre blog mais je ne suis pas sûre des ingrédients quelquefois, cela représente t il trop de boulot d.écrire les recettes en français également, merci beaucoup et bonne continuation

  29. Hi Bea,

    I would love to join you for this workshop. There is space for me too?
    I sent you yesterday an email to know if there is still availability for the workshop…but maybe you did not see it yet!


  30. Wow, I’m a bit late to the game, but I wonder if there are still spaces available? I live in Rota (near Cadiz), so I would be able to just drive there. Have a good one!

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  32. Hello I am very interested in your next workshop and especially any photography styling workshops . Can you please let me know
    Best regards

  33. Hey
    Unfortunately i missed this workshop, are you having another one anytime soon.
    Also I’m from Egypt and i really want to learn about food styling, do you do any private courses ?