Tasting Ireland

The Irish sea, Dublin

After my recent trip to France, from which I have brought pictures and stories (and props!), I also unexpectedly made a stop in Ireland.

I’ve just returned, with Lulu and P.

We are tired.

But our heads are filled with colorful images and faces, the memory of special family time–and my tummy content from eating delicious cheese, air dried lamb (thanks so much Susan W.), smoked salmon, peas, organic butter, gluten free brown bread to die for, and creamy yogurts.

ireland meadow tartine gourmande

I also met the oh so sweet Ella and visited Bloom (this superb flower and food event, showcasing the best garden and food artisans of the entire country, is still going on until Monday June 4th, so make a stop, if you live or are visiting Dublin).

I am going to show you all of it later.

But in the meantime, I need to attend to my overgrown garden.

It looks like a jungle in there.

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  1. Just returned from Ireland last year and my heart sings every time I think of the trip. Your photos in this article are so superb that I cannot wait for more to come out!

  2. vos photos donnent envie de faire un tour en Irlande… Je viens de m’offrir votre livre, je vais me plonger dedans !

  3. So envious of you getting to visit all these lovely places. Thank you for sharing the photos and stories with us who can’t go so far. 🙂

  4. So glad you visited Dublin in such a good weather… it’s so uncommon here! Ireland with sunshine looks like a paradise! And we enjoy it so very much (when we have it!) Martina

  5. So close! So close *wails* . Come back soon! You’ve yet to meet Kevin Thornton, and my chocolate coffee fudge

  6. Can’t wait to read and see more on Ireland. I have delayed traveling there, with hopes that my golf game may improve, first. Better not to wait, eh? Looks like you found great light and some sunny days. Lucky!

  7. Ireland is where I developed my love of anything with salmon. That love is still strong nearly 30 years later!

  8. I would love to visit Ireland – It’s on the list. Can’t wait to read about your adventure. The unexpected stops always turn out to be the best adventures.

  9. What a beautiful country! I was lucky enough to visit 2 years ago and your picture make me yearn to go back. Those doors have such personality – I love them.

  10. Oh how I love Ireland! Such a beautiful country and people. Your photos capture the moments of beauty so well! My favorite Irish food would definitely be the brown bread. If you happened to snag a recipe for the gluten-free version, I would love a copy– I miss making it so!

  11. I will be in dublin this weekend. Where can I find that brown bread to die for? Pleaseeee
    Thank youuu

  12. I am travelling to Dublin this weekend. Can you send me where to find that brown bread to die for?
    Thank you

  13. Can’t wait to hear more about your Ireland trip AND see what beautiful props you’ve taken home from France! I love props!!!! The French ones seem to rise above them all!

  14. bonjour Béatrice,
    j’adore votre blog et je trouve vos photos magnifiques. Pouvez-vous me dire où je pourrais acheter sur Internet les petits bols à fleurs que vous utilisez pour vos photos et vos tissus.
    Merci pour votre réponse et j’ai hâte de voir votre prochain post.

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