I hope they last — J’espère qu’ils vont durer

Les fruits rouges : Sour Cherries, Red and White Currants

For some reason, since I was a kid, the days after August 15th always felt like already the end of summer — after my grand-mother’s regular family reunion meal of August 15th, date of her fête since her first name was Marie. She always started the meal with melon au porto and jambon du pays. And we invariably had a salade de fruits du jardin (garden fruit salad), amongst other things, to finish the meal. Red and White currants were a must in her fruit salad, as well as preserved cherries. After all, we were no less than twenty-eight mouths to feed.

I am already dreading when these lovely beauties, les fruits rouges de l’été, will be gone! I’d better get some recipes done before this happens.

You too ?


  1. Each season gives us something to look forward to. Our cherry season is in full bloom here in western Montana. It seems everything I bake these days has cherries in it! Another lovely photo, Béa.

  2. I live in Florida so we still have months of heat ahead of us but as far as the summer fruits being gone, yes, it saddens me in a way. I have been baking with berries as much as possible and soon I will start to preserve them. We also celebrated “el dia de la virgen” (the day od virgin mary) on aug 15th every year. it’s a holiday in spain. lovely memories.

  3. Bea – Now that we are back in California, we are getting to taste the red ripe most delicious strawberries again! There is some truth to the term “Endless Summer” around here… We are also savoring figs, apricots, and blueberries…. and oh, wild blackberries are everywhere! You need to come visit us sometime ;o)

  4. Here, it already feels like October… The weather is really autumnal.
    Une merveilleuse photo!



  5. Magnifique cette photo Béa! Moi aussi, j’ai un pincement au coeur lorsque finit la saison des fruits rouges. Heureusement, ils se congèlent bien ce qui permet d’étirer encore un peu le temps de leur dégustation. Il me tarde de lire les recettes que tu vas nous préparer avec ces fruits..

  6. Gorgeous photo, as always. I too love the summer berries season. It’s almost the end of cherries season here, and blueberries season is in full swing. Yum!

    I have an award for you over at my blog 🙂 Not sure if you’re into that sort of thing but just want to acknowledge a brilliant blog!

  7. Superbe blog… les photos sont magnifiques…je reviendrais…(La librairie Junku, se trouve au 18 rue des Pyramides – Paris 1er)…

  8. Like you, I hope summer lasts, not only the berries, the light. I guess I chose the wrong country to live in.

  9. I always think of August as Sunday. It is relaxing and quiet, but Monday (September) is lurking around the corner with all the busyness that arrives with the fall. I’ll miss the fruits of summer, but I smile with anticipation on the plenty of the fall harvest.

    Wonderful photo(!) and probably lots of wonderful memories of August 15th.

  10. I’m feeling the end of summer, too, and am in a mad rush to make as many treats as I can with summer’s fresh fruit and vegetables. I can’t wait to see what you make with these beautiful currants.

  11. Moi aussi j’adore les fruits rouges, j’en ai d’ailleurs congelé en prévision, et j’ai fait une recette ce week-end, toute simple mais délicieuse! (sur mon blog)
    Dommage que leur saison soit si courte, mais c’est aussi ce qui fait leur charme! 😉

  12. Here is the Northern Piedmont (Virginia, not Italy!), currants are long gone (gone by late June), sour cherries were last seen around mid-July, and the last blueberries just vanished. Over for summer raspberries, blackberries and wineberries too! Day-neutral strawberries are still producing well and will do so until frost, though. Same with Alpine Strawberries.

    Like may others, I have jammed, jellied, sorbeted, ice-creamed and just plain frozen those summer jewels. But, while I love them, I don’t mourn their passing because it is now the season for peaches, nectarines, plums – and soon figs. Then followed by apples, pears, asian pears, quince, persimmon…

    But I DO love currants! and It makes the easiest jelly in the world (http://www.laughingduckgardens.com/ldblog.php/2008/06/23/the-easiest-jelly-in-the-world/)

  13. I am a lucky one since I get to celebrate the 15th and the 18th for my first name (my blogging name being one half of it), and I feel that after the 20th summer is just about gone!! Stocked up on berries too this morning 🙂

  14. I’ve tried so many of your recipes and the Macarons came out delish– The white currants are absolutely amazing..

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