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papillote fish ocean perch

Ocean Perch Papillote with ginger, lemon and julienned vegetables

Another week when I am bringing to you more news, and articles.

The first thing?

  • I was really nicely surprised, and honored, that Kim O’ Donnel tried one of my recipes and wrote about it in the Washington Post’s Food Blog, a Mighty Appetite. She reminded me that I should make my quinoa and amaranth chocolate cake soon, probably to pack on our soon-to-come trip to Italy. Mind you, I am in love with a new chocolate cake recipe I created this weekend, this time using teff flour and almond butter! I cannot wait to have the time to tell you about this one. I bet you are going to love it as much as P. and I did. I did not have time to take pictures, we ate the whole thing quickly!

    Merci Kim!

  • Then, here is another contribution to the Boston Globe’s Seasons Column. This time, I am talking about the wondrous of papillotes, you know, this cooking technique that consists of wrapping food in parchment paper later baked in the oven. When used with fish for example, prepare the food with herbs, lemon or orange juice and spices, and then wrap! Healthful and quick to make. I chose to share a fish papillote recipe, using tasteful ocean perch filets, lemons, ginger, julienned vegetables and plentiful of herbs. Olive oil finished the dish.


    I wonder why I waited for so long before sharing with you papillotes since I am a huge fan — almost as much as of tajines. So there will be more papillote recipes on my blog soon.

  • Check the full article here with recipe, if you like.

And on these words, well my dear readers, many thanks again for your visits and generous comments at each time.

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  1. these papillotes looks delicious and I hope you enjoy your trip to Italy, everything you shared sounds exciting!

  2. Bea your recipes are always with ‘style’ and I realized that you like red and pink colour ! Chocolat of Cookinginrome

  3. This looks fantastic and easy and quick; what a great presentation! Do you think it would work to julienne in the Cuisinart (with the circle blade)? How long would you estimate that this takes to prepare from start to finish? How are the leftovers?

    Being gluten-free, I cannot wait to hear about your teff and almond butter chocolate cake! Those are three ingredients I love and use all the time, but have never used simultaneously.

  4. Ces papillotes illuminent un journée encore une fois pluvieuse… on n’en finit plus… et ici on en est presque encore à manger une bonne choucroute hivernale !

  5. Tes recettes me plaisent bien…
    Te voila taguée : 6 questions sur tes préférences culinaires…
    Cordialement, Fabhyène

  6. I don’t really remember my very first papillotes but I can tell you I am a huge fan of the technique. It always seems perfect.
    Of course your photos . . . well you know sometimes I come here and just fill my eyes – I try to do that only when I’m not starving!

  7. Lovely, as always! thanks for the reminder of this good technique! I’m going to try it with halibut as soon as I can get to the market!

  8. I am thrilled you are posting so many gluten-free recipes! You make gluten-free cooking into pure art. Just beautiful!

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  10. Beautiful pictures. I love cooking en papillote–the perfect steam and all the flavors mingle. Thanks for sharing.

  11. many many thanks everyone!

    M, you can surely use the Cuisinart, with circle blade, but of course, the shape of the vegetables will be different. What is important is to have them thinly sliced since the cooking time is short. So they need to cook quickly. You can also use a tool very handy, and cheap to buy. Check this link here
    It is fast, in fact.

    Karina, very sweet of you to say!

  12. Not long ago, I started my first entry on And all of a sudden I’m drawn into this whole world of food styling and photography (both of which I love). I adore your photos! You’ve probably heard it a million times so I guess it doesn’t hurt hearing it once more 🙂 You have made it into an art. Thank you, thank you, for being such an inspiration. I’ll be looking out for a book in your name, I dare say.

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