Baking with Meyer Lemons — Pâtisser avec des citrons Meyer

meyer lemon baking

Baking with Meyer Lemons
Baking with Meyer Lemons,
One of the Cook’s Privileges.

Where is the recipe?

Comiiiinnnnnnng…I know you will excuse the wait, won’t you? February is already too busy, and then, the weather was just too nice today to stay in. It almost felt like Spring in the air.

And a reminder: the real voting for the Death By Chocolate contest starts tomorrow Monday February 4th and ends Friday February 8th — many thanks for your kind comments and nominations. Incidentally, Feb 4th is the day of my mother’s fête (do you remember the tradition in France to celebrate people’s first names?) Her first name is Véronique.

meyer lemon baking

Joyeuse fête ma très belle maman !

I wish I could have baked these cakes for her as I know they would have become one of her favorites.

In the meantime, happy Sunday to all of you. A lot of you, I know, are watching the game tonight.

meyer lemon mousse

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Dark Chocolate and Raspberry Cake,
Chocolate-Ginger Mousse
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  1. aahhh so pretty, I adore meyer lemons, such pretty flowers too!
    Happy day Véronique!

  2. Nice to meet you.
    Thank you for introducing my cat’s photograph on January 28.
    I am honored to be published with your wonderful photograph.

  3. I have never seen Meyer lemons in Australia, but we used to grow something similar in our garden. They were called lemonades, and I think they were a hybrid Meyer/normal lemon. I used to eat them like oranges, they were so sweet!

  4. I’m waiting for your recipe for the Meyer lemon pressure ;), love the Meyer lemons toooo much, especially here in California.
    Et bonne chance a toi ( et a moi en tant que lectrice) pour le concours Death by Chocolate!

  5. Happy day to Veronique! I tried to find my name day, but the closest I could find was Michel on Sept. 29th.

    One day I will have to track down some Meyer lemons. The day here in NYC is not spring-like at all, but these pictures do lend a printemps-esque feel to my little office.

    Us vs. Food

  6. Coincidence…J’ai fait une creme au citron Meyer pour accompagner nos crepes samedi soir! Ces gateaux ont l’air delicieux!

  7. Wow those flowers look so beautiful, I dont know how you do it. I keep trying to figure out how to make the shallow frame thing work for me so I can just focus on the middle bit but I am really a point and shoot kindof girl. I am madly jealous, your pictures are amazing. 🙂