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On KaraKare Beach, New Zealand Feb 2006

The lovely Anne from Station Gourmande (if you look at the name of her blog, we are almost twins ;-)) tagged me from a Meme around the world.

What a good way to travel through the world foodosphere. Let’s go (On y va!)

1- Please list three (four, I cheated) recipes you have recently bookmarked from foodblogs to try:

I do not need to introduce any of the following food bloggers, you all know them, and I like them all!

  • Traveler’s Lunchbox: Melissa‘s Bônet. I have had it bookmarked for a while and just drool at the idea of making it! Melissa always presents mouth watering recipes that I keep bookmarking, but I just have too many on my list, and for that matter, I keep thinking about Tea’s post that was so real!
  • Orangette: Molly‘s Flan because it looks delicious, because I love flan, and because it is so original and green!
  • David Lebovitz: David‘s chouquettes. How can I not resist? And since David is the pastry master, I have to try those babies…
  • Becks&Posh: Sam‘s florentines, which I found a long long time ago, same story, bookmarked it but was caught up in making so many other things that I just never got to it! If there is a simple cookie that I am addicted to, they have to be florentines. I keep buying them (made with dark chocolate filling), so I think it is time to make my own. Sam’s look gorgeous and they are a must try.

2-A foodblog in your vicinity

I just discovered Helen’s lovely Beyond Salmon and it seems that we only live a few streets away from each other!

3-A foodblog located far from you

Bron’s colourful Bron Marshall, another friendly New Zealander (I have New Zealand dear to my heart, and you surely remember that part, unless my English is really bad or you are blind!)

4-A foodblog (or several) you have discovered recently (where did you find it?)

Berry Simple, and Tea and Cookies. I discovered them while reading favorite food blogs and since I am very curious. I surely do not regret it at all since Berry Simple is just delightful and Tea‘s stories are just words to devour.

5-Any people or bloggers you want to tag with this meme ?

Who am I going to throw my bouteille à la mer to?

food photography food styling tartine gourmande new zealand meme

Bouteille à la mer (Sea Bottle)

Many food bloggers I could think of…I like a lot Matt from Matt Bites and Ilva from Lucullian Delights, I just discovered Helen from Beyond Salmon and want to know more about her lovely blog as well as Kel from Green Olive Tree. Hope they do not mind sharing their ideas about this Meme Around the World. C’est à vous! Your turn! I look forward to reading your answers!

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  1. Bea,
    If ever there was a picture to inspire travelust that is it! What a lovely shot!
    I have to add that I would like try many of the luscious recipes you have put up;)

  2. Ma station avait rendez-vous avec ta tartine et je ne suis pas déçue, beaucoup de découverte pour moi. Le plaisir du surf. Thanks.

  3. It is a very pleasant meme, but just for your information, we say “bouteille à la mer” and not “de la mer” 😉 …
    I’m sorry , I don’t remember if I have ever left a comment but still I am a regular visitor 😉 and I love the photos you share … The first one on this post is absolutely wonderful…
    Have a nice day

  4. out of topic
    I was cleaning some files last night from one of the folders that was classified Norway… one paper inside is a recipe… TART TATIN and there on the top on the paper BEA’S KITCHEN. i looked at the date 2004 oh my

  5. You’re French, those choquettes should just flow naturally from your fingers (and ovens!)

  6. Hi Anita, ah yes you just want to be walking on this beach and go….thanks for your nice note! I look forward to seeing your creations!

    Anne, ah mais que oui, je suis contente de voir que ca va te faire voyager! Merci à toi!

    Thalie, thanks so much for stopping by! And yes yes, please I am glad you told me, I forgot my latin, especially for one of these expressions that I so rarely use! 😉 Merci

    Kat, merci!

    David, merci! I will take your word for it, I just hope it comes true then, sinon….

  7. hi bea, what a lovely post! i’ve been eyeing melissa’s bonet recipe too 🙂

  8. Sorry, Bea, I had actually read this meme (and Molly’s flan is on my list as well!), but totally forgot it when tagging you again. Sincere apologies..

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