Raspberry Feuilleté Amuse-Bouches — Mes amuse-bouches, feuilletés aux framboises

Why making things small when they could be big?

Here is another of those times when I am having fun with finger food! The paradox is the following. I think that one of the reasons why I like to make everything small is because I have always known myself as “big“. Not in the sense of kilograms or pounds-I am a lucky one-, although you could think this in view of my food production (and I promise I am not feeding a family of 20), but in the sense of length. The reason why I do not keep the kilograms or pound is because the food goes in the length.

I am not sure whether I should share with you what my dad used to say about my feet as an example. The fact is that when you get older and more mature, you do not care about what used to upset you as a teenager. So this is what my dad used to tell me. Context : I am a true downhill ski lover, and my lovely dad (I know you love me Dad, but you still teased me with this for so long) used to say that I did not need skis to ski since I had my feet, or he nicknamed me “Berthe aux grands pieds” (see note *). But then I replied: Attends, je mesure quand même 1 m 75! (Wait a second, I am 5’9”). So I think it is all right after all.

Making things small today might be a good way to fulfill the frustration I experienced as a younger girl. Always too tall for my age! Who knows why! But do we care? I don’t think so. And you probably don’t either.

So let’s just focus on my Raspberry Feuilletés!

Raspberry Feuilleté Amuse-Bouches

You need:

  • Puff pastry
  • Mascarpone cheese
  • Orange essence
  • Confectioner sugar
  • Sugar (thin grains, I like the evaporated cane sugar)
  • 1 egg yolk
  • Water
  • Raspberries
  • Fresh basil
  • Measurements are given below in the steps.


  • Mix together 1/2 cup mascarpone cheese with 1 tsp orange essence and 1 tbsp confectioner sugar.
  • Preheat your oven at 400 F (200 C)
  • Roll your dough and cut 1 1/2 inch (4 cm) squares.
  • Prepare your egg wash.
  • Beat the egg yolk with a drop of water. On each square, brush some of the egg wash.
  • Sprinkle some sugar.
  • Make tiny holes on dough with a fork to prevent the dough from rising and place in the oven for 15 mns or so (check regularly, the time might vary).
  • Take out and let cool down.
  • Place the mascarpone preparation in a decoration bag.
  • On one piece of pastry, place some cream, place another square of pastry.
  • Sprinkle with confectioner sugar.
  • Add more cream and a raspberry.
  • Add a twig of basil.
  • Repeat for as many amuse-bouches as you need.

The real bonus is that like with any finger food, you only need one movement within less than 1 second to get the food down your throat. And enjoy!

*Note: Berthe aux grands pieds was the nickname given to Bertrade who married the king Pépin le Bref in the 8th century. Aux grands pieds literally means with long feet.

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  1. Could this be another reason why French ladies are usually so slim? Finger food!!

    As usual Bea, your photos are scrumptious. Thanks so the mega food porn!

  2. Bea, how delicious is puff pastry, mascarpone, and orange? I love gorging on all three, so this looks like a perfect little mouthful.

  3. Bea,
    i know what you mean (i’m 5’9 as well) but unfortunately the kilos are also going the other way (the horizontal one you see). I’ll try finger food maybe that’s the solution !!
    Your mini-1000-feuilles are awsome !

  4. When I eat finger food, I think oh it’s small and I’ll not put on weight … And finger food is easy to eat : no fork …

  5. Bea,
    I don’t know about your feet *lol*, but what I know you definite have skillful hands… you made these mini pastries so adorable!
    Yup, make them smaller… as an excuse to eat more!

  6. that has to be the most perfect raspberry ever! It looks like it’s just waiting to burst with juicy sweetness.

  7. Hi Kat, ah ah I wish!

    Jen, you are making me think, I don’t know 😉

    Bron, merci!

    Audrey, thanks for stopping by! Cute little things to eat!

    Rob, yes you are right. It cannot go wrong when you combine all those!

    Fred,ahah, my poor you! I think I have the solution for you then! Toss it down!

    Gracianne, oui je me venge bien! 😉

    Rose, thanks a lot for your nice note!

    Fabienne, yes yes you are right!

    Gattina, ah ah I would hope so because I am not skilled with my feet!

    Eggy, thanks a lot!

    L, I like your description!

    Thanks all for stopping by!

  8. Bea, I love these little treasures. They look just perfect. I love your photo with the little line up of four as well. I’m thinking I might make these for my sister’s wedding in June!

  9. Hi Emma,

    It’s been so long since I made the recipe that I cannot recall. But with little puff pastry, you can surely make a lot! These are really finger foods. Sorry I am not able to give you an exact measurement

  10. Thank you for responding, i’m just making sure its enough for my class and it sounds like they will and also they look amazing!