Laugh, It’s the Flight of the Conchords & France

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Moi in New Zealand

Not the usual kind of post since I am not even talking about food. But wait, don’t go as of yet. I had so much fun that I had to share.

Vraiment !

Most of you who have read previous stories about my travels know that I’ve lived in New Zealand for a while, and love the country dearly. Well in fact, I love this whole side of the world, including Australia and Tasmania. So much so that I traveled there three times already since I settled in Boston. There will be another time soon!

But in the meantime….

Have you heard about the Flight of the Conchords before?


Well, if you haven’t yet, and wish to have a nice piece of laughter, you should really check them out. Two kiwi blokes, Bret and Jemaine (not forgetting their band manager), that don’t take themselves seriously, and make me smile every time I hear them.

Their latest episode is about their view on France, and can be viewed here:

Je voudrais un croissant

Pull a chair, settle yourself comfortably and be ready for a good moment. Well I found this funny! I particularly loved the sweater tied around the neck! The typical French stereotype that even Bénabar, of whom I am a big fan, talks about in one of his many delightful poetic songs. I promise, I never do that!

Bon weekend à tous !

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  1. 2 of my friends dressed up as Bret and Jermaine for halloween.. they both sing and play guitar too, so they covered a couple of their songs… it was awesome!!!!!

  2. I’d love to see that part of the world. Yes, Flight of the Conchords are totally hilarious. I haven’t see the clip of their song about France yet–yay!

  3. LOVE Flight of the Conchords! Their music is hilarious. I love “Business Time” and “I’m Not Crying.” The show is great!

  4. I wore my sweater around my neck recently and an Aussie friend said “that is so New Zealand, Australians tie them around their waist”

  5. I love that episode!

    Jacques Cousteau!


    The pictures are also lovely 🙂

  6. Oh that’s too funny. Thanks for sharing it Bea!
    I still look forward to wearing my Team Building Exercise 1999 t-shirt every Wednesday.
    Fab pics, as always!!

  7. Bea – my six degrees of separation story – Brett is the son of my old ballet teacher and I remember him running around in nappies and later as a very skinny little boy in ballet tights! I do find them hilarious though – hadn’t seen this one – it brought a smile to my face too – thanks.

  8. I looooove FOTC, I try to make everyone I know watch it. The hiphopopatmus and the rhymnocerus make me laugh every time.

  9. FOTC rock! I can’t believe the first series was played on some random channel and time here in NZ – had to get it out on dvd for a winter weekend of show after show – bliss!! They are recording series 2, can’ wait!

  10. Merci de me faire découvrir Flight of the Conchords ! Shame on me, I’m right here in this beautiful country and did know about them…They are indeed funny !
    Great shots !

  11. love them. My favourite is ‘business time’. You have a lovely blog. Great food/recipes and photos too.

  12. I love the FOTC! I’ve been recommending them to everyone, so funny! I also love New Zealand, I just had a look at your wonderful photos.

  13. psshhhh you said “not about food–don’t go yet!” well good! travel and food are the same things for me. i love seeing other people “off topic” bravo, et tes photos sont trop belles de ne pas montrer. merci, j’etais au new zealand cette matin! 🙂

  14. From a kiwi (well french kiwi) living in France, that clip and those piccies were just what I needed to see! They are my favourite comedy act, love them to pieces!

  15. They are so funny! The first time I heard FOTC was Hiphopopotamus vs. Rhymenoceros, which was hilarious. Thanks for sharing. I hadn’t seen that one.

    Your photos are stunning!

  16. First I love your blog it’s lovely, flight of the concords they are hilarious, and Australia I think is the best country in the world to live. I’ve lived there for 3 years and it was the best time of my life. I’ve been to New Zealand too but for a very short visit, too short…Aussies they really know how to have fun.

  17. we do know Bret & gemaine here in france. And they have a whole lot of episodes after this one… Cause they’re not just songs, they’re episodes.

  18. Tres drole! Love Flight of the Conchords too. How did they manage to have everyone love them this fast. (by the way, I did wear my sweater around my necks back in the days…)

  19. I can always count on you to make me travel….so colors are so gorgeous!! I need a vacation…and that episode always makes me laugh so hard!!

  20. Merci merci à tous ! I really enjoyed reading your comments and impressions. Glad you like them too!

  21. Ha Ha! I was just watching that yesterday! Great show I must admit! I will be sending you those Athens details shortly.

  22. I had no idea what Flight of the Conchords was until a few months ago…now I love them! And I’ve always admired that photo of you in NZ – it belongs on the cover of a book!

  23. Beautiful! Is that Piha Beach?

    My family and I almost moved to NZ — we had residence visas and everything — but didn’t, because it’s so, so, so far away from our family and friends in Boston.

  24. your post has made me entirely homesick for new zealand…actually, it was linking back to your post from April ’07 that really did me in. What I would give for those heavy, plane-cramped legs if they would bring me back to nz! I lived there for four years of my childhood and haven’t been back since. And, as far as Flight of the Conchords, I LOVE them, especially this faux de fa fa song.

  25. I am actually going to NZ in 2 weeks and this post made me VERY EXCITED!!! I’m currently living in Australia, have been to Tasmania, and totally understand why you’ve been back 3 times already. I plan on retiring in Tasmania or something. Truly an untouched and spectacular land.

  26. je viens voir ton magnifique blog régulièrement et je ne pourrais jamais te remercier assez de m’avoir fait découvrir FOTC! Leur clips me font rire encore et encore, même si je comprends pas tout…Foux da fafa est en boucle sur mon Ipod, bonne humeur assurée.
    J’aime beaucoup le tout début “mutha uckers”, quand l’indien compte dans sa tête…ca me fait rire à chaque fois!

  27. Ahh, so lucky to be married to a kiwi. Always look forward to visiting the in-laws (they are very lovely people anyway)!