Foodography – more fun with the camera

Follow-up on the same foodography event organized by Sam and Andrew from Spittoon. Post started here.

Here are a few of my newly posted pics on Flickr.

Great way to learn more about food photo taking, which is mon vrai dada ( anyone knows how to translate this in English? ) TT?

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  1. Hmmmm…. Let’s see. Translate *mon vrai dada* ? How about *my real hobby* ? Let me go look… Indeed, look here:
    “Dada in French is a child’s word for hobby-horse. In French the colloquialism, c’est mon dada, means it’s my hobby.”

  2. Hi TT,

    Merci, this helps! As usual, you are my walking dictionary!

  3. Hi,

    May I know which camera model you are using for your pictures in your blog?

    I’d appreciate if you could email me.


  4. May I ask what camera model you’re using? your photos are amazing!
    Can you email me with your reply? Thank you!!

  5. Yes,
    I also like to know wich camera/lens you are using.

    If it’s not to much to ask?

    Could it be Panasonic/Lumix GF1?

    BTW My brother in law lives in Boston & My sister in Toulouse