Oranges are Not the Only Fruit Challenge

Food, photography, look, feel, taste. All the little things that make my eyes sparkle.
Sam from Becks & Posh and Andrew Barrow from Spittoon came up with a great idea: organizing a food photography challenge around the theme Oranges are not the only fruit. How appropriate for me since Santa Claus-hint, Felipe in Spanish- was nice enough to bring me a digital food photography book. I can practice. I joined in!

Rules are simple: join Flickr, and then join the Foodography 1 Group before uploading pictures.


  • You need food.
  • You need a camera.
  • You need imagination.
  • You need to be hungry (more creativity happens, not to mention you can be fed once the shots are taken)

I had all of these except for food so….

We live very close to Russo’s in Watertown where I headed off determined to find orange “things” that would become my food picture preps. I did not come back with an empty bag. Instead, I bought kumquats, ugli fruits, persimmon s, and indulged in cactus pears (and I got those because they puzzled me).

I shuffled things around in the kitchen to try a few presentation ideas, and came up with a few shots, soon eaten once the photos had been taken, so I cannot redo the exact same shot, lucky me!

And this is only a beginning since the foodography is lasting for a few weeks.

Learning more about the do’s and don’ts about food photography, share and practice, and also eat quickly the food preps after the shot is made.

Join in! It is fun!

Acknowledgement: I almost ate all of my supplies (blushing), so I have to go back to the store before new shots.

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