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Like a lot of other food lovers, I think food has to be interesting to the eye. The appeal first comes in”what you see”, because it is “what you are going to eat”. Hence, like many others, I like to make it look beautiful, not only in shape, but in the matching of colours on the plate, and then on the table. A real art, actually also a real “casse-tête chinois” at times, not always straightforward, but eh, so much fun!

I just finished reading an article about Digital Food Photography on O’ Reilly that made me very enthusiastic. So far, when cooking to post recipes and pictures of my dishes on my food website, I really did so with the amateur eye, let’s say, I was doing my best, following my sense of taste, colour and style. The result was not always successful, to say the least. After reading more about food photography, I was pleased to hear that I was already using some tips suggested. Not a bad start after all, as it is nice to know that without being a real professional food photographer, you can actually make nice pictures to show what you do. Pictures really help to get an idea of what you are cooking. Are you amongst those, like me, who prefer cookbooks with beautiful pictures? I feel it helps me to better feel what I am doing. After such a read, with little advice here and there easy to apply, I feel more geared up for more fun in the kitchen: I sense that thanks to this article read, my food creativity has been boosted.

Here is an example of a Japanese fish dish I made (Cod with broth on a bed of Japanese “Koshi-Hikari” rice).

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  2. Moi je trouve que Phil a beaucoup de chance :
    Il a une femme belle à croquer qui lui fait de bons et jolis plats !!!

  3. j’ai retenu l’article pour demain, quand j’aurai plus de temps, mais ça a l’air super intéressant! Merci!

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