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Today is a typical Saturday, except that because of the Thanksgiving holidays, walking down the streets of Harvard Square was extremely pleasant. It was obvious that people were probably either still out of town or just resting (did I say resting or being lazy?) after much agitation over preparing turkey and swallowing down the it-is-too-much-food Thanksgiving dinner.

So what did we end up doing? Going out for lunch at Upstairs on the Square. I have probably dined there over 15 times, my husband even more, but rarely went for lunch. I forgot to mention that I also much prefer the Monday Club Room, downstairs, for its simplicity, yet touch of funkiness. But mainly, what I like there is the food. Well you would say, there are many places out there that offer very nice meals, but to me, the key thing is beside the savoir-faire, the choice of ingredients. And I have to admit that in that particular Cambridge’s restaurant, they do it quite well. Everything is tasty, delicate and once again, key, very well presented.
So what else to say, well, it is nice to have a place you know you can spontaneously go to, not thinking too much, like today, on the Thanksgiving aftermath, because you know that you will not be disappointed. It is good, elegant : food for the brain.

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  1. salut BloggingBea!
    Ben j’espere que tu as fait une tres longue promenade… genre 100 fois le tour de Harvard Square pour meriter ton lunch de samedi!
    T’es pas folle?
    La dinde on la torture, on la badigeonne et on la farcit mais elle nous le rend bien la carne hein! Moi je suis farcie pour 15 jours la!

    Ca va etre soupe de poireaux et laitue dans sauce jusqu’a Noel.
    Bises a vous deux!

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