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I can hardly believe that about half of a year has gone by since I last updated my blog. And although I have many good reasons why this happened, I am not necessarily pleased to realize that time flew out of my hands in such manner, and that a long absence from this space occurred for me.


So before moving into 2015 and start fresh, I thought I would still gather images highlighting some of what 2014 looked like for me . I’ve been meaning to share them with you for a while, and now is a perfect time to do so.


The year 2014 involved a lot of memorable trips, some for work with workshops, and some for fun with family time–with food always sneaking in the middle.  I am truly thankful for the year and what it brought along.

You will see why–be prepared, this is a long overdue series of photos.


Fast forward to the middle of winter.

In February, we took a family trip to Costa Rica for some rest in a pretty home on the Pacific coast. Lulu has kept asking that we return since then.

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In April, I traveled to France to teach two food styling and photography workshops in Paris with my stylist and photographer friend Sandra. What a blast we had! Those students who came to meet us were incredible.










Spring was in full bloom.

After twelve days in Paris, I took the TGV to the northeastern part of France to meet my parents and Lulu (who had stayed with them while I was working) for some family time.





I was only back in Boston that it was almost time to leave again.

In June, I traveled to Europe again, to England this time, in order to teach another food styling and photography workshop at Hawthbush Farm in East Sussex.

The place that welcomed us was beyond expectations! And the group that traveled to meet Leigh, Alison, and I delightful!


Between styling and photography sessions, we visited local beauties, like the Seven Sisters Cliffs where we enjoyed a picnic (which the pretty Danish homeware company Rice kindly sponsored).








I felt lucky to be assisted by Alison and Leigh, such talents. While Leigh always made sure that everything ran smoothly for me to teach, Alison prepared delicious meals for us.




We picked  cherries too.



(Photos of me taken by Leigh Metcalf)


This trip made me fall in love with England and its countryside once more.


Back in France, it was time to enjoy local strawberries, cherries, and my mother’s homegrown vegetables.

And a slice of the Lorraine countryside  as I know it in the depth of summer.











A few weeks later in late July, Lulu, P. and I took a short plane ride from Paris to Reykjavik in Iceland. We were looking forward to surrounding ourselves with sceneries made of summery green pastures interspersed with overfilled cascades and torrents.

It was our third time in Iceland and Lulu’s first. The magic which had touched us before happened again as we traveled throughout the island.

Iceland invariably leaves us mesmerized.












Once back to Boston, summer gently left room for fall to settle in. It was then the time for Lulu to be back in school. But apple orchards were ready for us to visit.

If you’ve been to New England before, you know that autumn here and its vivid colors is stunning.



It’s naturally become one of my favorite times of the year to spend outdoors, taking long walks in forests nearby, and in the kitchen to bake tartes aux pommes (apple tarts) and make compote de pommes (stewed apples).





When Lulu was off school for a week in October, we decided to rent a lovely home tucked in a forest on Martha’s Vineyard island. I cooked a storm as the house was superbly equipped with a chef kitchen and all the cooking gear any aspiring cook can dream of.

Morning bike rides were followed by walks with picnics taken on immense beaches which we literally had all to ourselves.








Chocolate sneaked in. With cakes and cookies always ready to be baked.



On Christmas day, our sweet Lulu turned six. Friends came over to share a meal with us.


There was a requisite chocolate mousse cake to celebrate.

Lulu’s favorite birthday cake, she tells me.


You may like to know that you will find the recipe for this delightful cake soon in my new upcoming cookbook. Because all along in 2014, I’ve diligently kept working on that book. Little by little. Month after month.

I am excited thinking it will be out for you to enjoy soon. My editor and I are putting joined efforts in making it feel and look amazing.

And do you also know what else I have to tell you?

I have to tell you something fairly big for me and my little family.

If I’ve been absent and also regrettably canceling a few workshops I had planned to hold in Brooklyn, Sicily, and Mexico, with my dear foodie friends Karen, Fabrizia, and Angela, it’s because I have something else amazing in the cooking.

I’ve been anxious and nervous to share the news for real reasons. But only two months away now, I can find more courage to let you know that I am expecting a second baby in late February.

2015, for sure, is promising us a new beginning.

A new adventure in motherhood and marvelous discoveries for our family.


Happy New Year 2015 to all of you!

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  1. Congratulations on the new member of your family and the cookbook! I can’t wait to see more about both! 🙂

  2. Oh quelle belle nouvelle Béa ! Lulu fera une adorable grande sœur !
    Et superbe restropective de l’année 2014…
    Que du bonheur pour cette nouvelle année !

  3. Gorgeous pics as always and can’t wait to meet the new family member 🙂


  4. What beautiful photos! Thank you for sharing your life, images, recipes, and wonderful family news with us! I feel I get to travel the world through your camera. I love my copy of “LTG” – can’t wait for your your next cookbook! (-:

  5. Quelle jolie nouvelle ! Je vous souhaite à tous une belle année riche en couleurs et créativité. Merci pour ces superbes et inspirantes photos.

  6. So good to read you again! Congrats for the new member of the family and the book (‘can’t wait to read it! ).

  7. Lovely to see you posting again, some beautiful pictures there and lovely memories too, thanks for sharing. Congratulations on the book and the new baby. Sounds like 2015 is going to be a great year.

  8. Lovely news! Baby ! and cookbook!
    Best wishes with both. Lovely to see your beautiful photographs again.

  9. What an amazing year and such beautiful photos. I have missed your posts but look forward to more in 2015. Congratulations on your baby and your book!

  10. Quel délice visuel et gourmand de partager votre année en images si bien réussies et d’apprendre vos bonnes nouvelles! Félicitations! C’est bon de vous lire de nouveau.

  11. Content de te revoir Béa, tes billets me manquent. Que cette année 2015 soit replie de couleurs et de bonheur pour toi et tes proches.

  12. Congratulations, Bea and Phil! Very happy and exited for you both!

    Thank you for sharing the photos and news with us. Now I’m hungry! 🙂

  13. Such lovely news about the pregnancy! Congratulations! No better reason to stay away and enjoy some family time 🙂

    Welcome back, and thank you for this lovely photographic summary of your year – your photography is outstanding as usual, and it is just so inspiring.

    Happy New Year!

  14. Ooooooh ! Félicitations ! Une sacrée année que 2015 didon : un bébé et un livre ^^ Moi je dois attendre début juillet pour le bébé mais pas de livre 😀 ! Encore bravo, on attend tout ça avec impatience !

  15. Breathtaking photos! Congrats on the wonderful new addition to your family!

  16. Your post was so worth the wait! Congratulations and happy new year!

  17. Congratulations to you and your family! More adventures ahead and we will be happy to go along and enjoy your fabulous photography. Happy New Year to you!

  18. Oh dear Béa, I’m sooooo happy for you!!!! My best wishes for you and your family, thank you for sharing those amazing news with us!

  19. Wouah ! You just made me cry, such beautiful news, pictures and in all of them such happiness and beauty !
    I wish you the very best to continue in 2015 !
    And I also cannot believe Lulu turned 6, I’ve been reading your blog since before she came into this world and it seems like yesterday to me… Time flies !
    Bonne Année !

  20. Congratulations on the next chapter of your life. The photos are stunning.

  21. Bonjour Béa
    Très heureuse de te lire, je m’ennuyais de tes récits et superbes photos. Félicitations pour le nouveau bébé qui arrivera bientôt. Et surtout Bonne Année 2015 pour toi et ta famille.
    Grosses bises xxx

  22. Félicitations, Béa ! What great piece of news ! Voilà une année qui s’annonce riche en changements et en émotions.

    Merci pour ces sublimes photos. Moi qui ne peux voyager actuellement, je me console à travers toi.

    Profite bien de tes deux derniers mois de grossesse and take very good care of yourself.

  23. Toutes mes félicitations à venir pour les deux bébés! 😉
    Merci beaucoup pour la rétro et très belle année à toi et ta famille. Un coucou du Var.

  24. Oh la bonne nouvelle ! Toutes mes félicitations ! Tes billets m’ont bien manqué, je suis contente de te lire à nouveau 🙂

  25. Woo hoo!!! New post no matter how much time has passed -its Beautiful and inspiring!!! You had quite a year Bea!!! Its a nice snapshot to summarize the events.
    2015 will be surely very exciting too. And we feel connected to your news and u know why. We look forward to receive your news and sharing your excitement.
    Katya et William, russe-francais 😉

  26. Hello! This is my first comment to you, here, but you have been living happily and deliciously in my kitchen for several months, now! 🙂

    I just want to say a wonderful congratulations to you as you look forward to your baby coming and that your house and trip (and that kitchen) in Martha’s Vineyard sounds like an absolute dream and that picture of the young girl with the daisies and the huge smile is precious beyond words!! 🙂

    All the best to you!

    Katy Noelle x

  27. Felicitations d’une Lorraine a une autre Lorraine.
    Voeux de bonne sante a tous.

  28. These photographs and this post overall are quite moving – thank you for putting your heart into your work – very inspiring….Congratulations, too!

  29. Congratulations Bea!! Wonderful news.

    Tell me how I find out about your workshops, I would love to attend one if you are still carrying them out in 2015. Thanks so much!

  30. Quelle bonne nouvelle, Bea! Félicitations et merci de partager avec nous toute la beaté que tu es capable de voir et de créer.

  31. Congratulations, Béa! A new baby is the best gift (and inspiration!) one can have in life. All the best wishes! Happy 2015!


  32. What a feast for the eyes your pictures make! Breathtaking….. Congratulations on your exciting news! 🙂

  33. What an absolutely marvelous and inspiring year of teaching, growing and sharing your many talents… Bravo Béa!! I hope to join you for more adventures in 2015!

  34. Beautiful fotos and lovely colours 🙂
    Congratulations with the new baby!
    I hope there will be other workshops in Europe in the future. I would really much like to participate!
    Best wishes from Denmark,
    Connie E.

  35. What a furious post, with such amazing news! I wish you all the best for your family,it is so exciting to welcome a new family member! And I can’t wait to hold your second book in my hands. I just love the first one and yor style!
    Beautiful pictures!

  36. Congratulations on the new baby coming in Feb!! I was wondering if you could tell me where you bought that unusual bundt cake pan with the dots and swirls on top??? I have just fallen in love with it :).

  37. Felicitations Bea. Lulu doit etre super excitee. Est ce que le livre arrivera en meme temps que le bebe. Bonne annee et plein de serenite pour cette fin de grossesse. On pense partir au costa rica au printemps, as tu une adresse de logement a nous recommander?

  38. So happy to hear you had a great year and are awaiting the arrival of your baby in February. Looking forward to taking your Sicily workshop someday soon – best of luck to you next month!

  39. An amazing year Bea!!! Love the post recapping all your travels and the beautiful photos! And so excited for the news of the baby that is on the way. Hope to see you in the new year!!! xxx

  40. This is such an incredibly beautiful post Bea! Such a wonderful year you’ve had – I do miss that time in Paris too – thank you so much for a lovely workshop!

    And what an exciting year you have ahead of you! Congrats to the new family member to arrive soon – what a wonderful surprise!

    Lots of hugs and love from Sweden //Sonja

  41. Well worth the wait. Where do I start? Wishing you all the best for so many things, your bébé, how wonderful, new book, continued success in all of your creative endeavors, health happiness to you and your family. My thoughts are in Paris, no no not Paris, so very sad . . . hope everyone in your circle of friends, family are safe.

    Much love,

  42. Bea-

    So exciting! Congratulations
    on the new little one soon to
    come into your life to bring more
    joy to your lovely family.


  43. Coucou Bea! So happy to see you are back with beautiful pictures, as always, and what a news! Felicitations! L’annee 2015 ne peut pas mieux commencer pour toi et ta famille… cheers! Elise

  44. Congratulations for your new baby, and your lovely family. It’s great to read you again

  45. Félicitations pour la belle nouvelle ,
    ça arrive bientôt…Tous les souhaits de Bonheur, Santé et tous pleins de beaux projets dont nous pourrons profiter en 2015…
    Je suis à chaque fois très impressionnée de la beauté des photos,et j’adore les recettes.

  46. Dear Béa, I only just read this wonderful news and I’m so incredibly excited for you and your family. I wish you a few wonderful last weeks of pregnancy and all the best of luck, health and happiness for the time ahead. xoxo from the Netherlands, Denise

  47. Congratulations! It’s dark outside and just a few minutes ago there was a wonderful sunset amid the black clouds: it was wonderful to travel with you. I loved every picture.
    Take care

  48. Oh que de bonnes nouvelles! Félicitations à toi Béa et toute ta famille pour la venue du nouveau bébé à la fin du mois; c’est formidable!!! Lulu sera une merveilleuse grande soeur et pourra t’aider à pouponner. Prends soin de toi! Vivement de voir tes photos du nouveau né et de lire ton livre aussi. Bises à tous

  49. What great news! Congratulations and enjoy this special time welcoming the new baby! Wishing you all the best 🙂

  50. Congratulations !!!
    Your photo journey was so very beautiful.
    Wishing you and your family all the very best. xo

  51. thank you for sharing all this and your great new, so … congratulations!!
    anyway….we all are waiting for your new book !!
    a huge kiss from Italy!

  52. I think to you. I hope you are okay.
    Greeting from North-Germany
    – without snow –

  53. Congratulations, Bea to you
    and your lovely family.
    Hope to see you in Boston
    again…was there for your
    first cookbook and I’m looking
    forward to your next one.
    Congratulations to you, Lulu,
    for becoming a big sister!

  54. Amazing journal of what’s gone through your previous year. Congratulations on your baby, and hope that you will have more adventures for food and travel. You’ve been to so many places, it’s a shame to put a stop to it now. Keep sharing your great food finds, travel adventures, and more. Hope to read more from your blog soon!

  55. Congratulations, all the blessing to you and your happy family!
    I’ve just recently found your blog and while I’ll diligently wait for the upcoming posts, I will dig straight into the archive for now :)!

  56. Hi Bea ! I love your gorgeous photos ! Congratulations on your new sweet baby !! What blog site do you use ? Thank you ! Katy

  57. Dear Bea,
    I might tell you before somewhere in the comments here that your blog was one of.. 2 I read and enjoyed regularly. Even if you post rarely, archives are beautiful and full of inspiration.
    Since I started following your blog, I moved to another country and became a mother too.
    I wish I could bring so much beauty into life of my daughter as you do for Lulu.
    Congratulations with the second baby and I hope that everything is fine and you are back here soon with the new pics of your family and creations.
    With admiration,

  58. Xenia, thanks so much for the kind words. They touch me. And many congratulations on becoming a mother too to a beautiful girl. I surely hope to be back soon with stories and pictures and tasty food! Thanks again!

  59. Felicitations! What a lovely post, looking past to once again savour lovely moments and friends, and then looking ahead and sharing delightful news with us. What wondrous gifts God has given you: two little ones to cherish. The love you have for your family is like a precious jewel. Thank you for sharing so much beauty and brilliance with us, a reflection of your Marvelous Creative God. Your photos and recipes are generous and as good to read and look at as I am sure your food must be.

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  64. Glad to see your blogs again, have missed them. Congratulations on the baby too.

  65. Ma petite soeur et ma chérie belle,

    Je ne peux plus imaginer les jours sans voir tes photos… They reach deep into my Spirit, which senses space abd time thru specific imagery, and awaken my Soul!!! Inevitably, my Soul rushes to the surgace, taking a huge first breath of Life Explained… recomposing itself, it purposefully looks around to dwell on the beauty, fragrance, and texture of each one of your photos of captured existence…

    It has been so each time I have sought for your eyes–the enchanted viewer of the magical beauty+essence of WHAT is… but, today, I could NOT leave without telling it to you…

    Longing to see you… and P, and to smileat/with Lulu and Remy.


  66. Thanks Melinda! Hope you are doing well! It’s been ages since we last spoke. How is life for you? Glad you enjoyed the ride…..hugs