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Corn Zucchini Goat Cheese Clafoutis

Corn, Zucchini and Goat Cheese Clafoutis, for the Boston Globe

Well well. Today is another one of these days when I wake up to some good news. At least, I feel happy to see some results of my many hours spent behind the kitchen stove. Food is always gulped down so quickly compared to the many hours spent preparing, have you also noticed?

So here you are! I am grateful to have been given these opportunities!

And now I can have my cup of tea while thinking about more ideas!

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  1. It’s great to see the clafoutis picture – I only saw the recipe on It looks fantastic – even the picture of the picture looks tasty!

  2. Congratulations again, dear Bea! Your beautiful food photos deserve all attention they can get 🙂

  3. This looks gorgeous, and I’m mad about sweet corn at that moment, so you’ve given me yet another recipe to try!

  4. je suis heureuse pour toi et ton travail mérite largement ces honneurs… j’espère que tu auras beaucoup d’autres bonnes nouvelles comme celles-ci …

  5. I tried cherry clafoutis last weekend having read it so many times in this blog! It was delicious. Now, I am going to try this savory one soon! Gorgeous pictures and you deserve all these attentions. I am sure there will be more to come!

  6. Such wonderful news bea! Congratulations! I haven’t made a clafoutis yet and I really want to do one soon.

  7. c’était tellement évident que tes photos arriveraient jusqu’aux magazines! ton talent méritait bien un écrin!

  8. I’ve been reading your blog for weeks… Je le trouve formidable, continue!

  9. Saw your piece in the Globe this morning — what a lovely surprise! The photo really caught my eye — even reproduced on newsprint, it is beautiful.

  10. Tout d’abord, je découvre votre blogue et je dois vous offrir mes félicitations pour votre excellent travail. Photos, texte et recettes semblent magnifiques. Une chose m’intrigue toutefois. Comme je n’ai pas encore eu le temps de le parcourir en entier (aurais-je jamais le temps..?), je suis intriguée par deux petits mots “Gluten free”. Vos recettes le sont-elles toutes?

  11. Well done Bea.

    Your photos are divine; your recipes and writing a true pleasure to read.

  12. Oh, well done, Bea. I know that feeling of seeing your very own work on public display and there’s really not much better a feeling, especially to start your day with. You are doing great things, keep believing in what you do and all will come out beautifully.

  13. Congratulations Bea! Your work deserves more exposures through different mediums and it’s great pleasure coming to your blog to check out new photos everyday—it’s my daily routine now… 🙂

  14. Bea, i have read your blog with pleasure for some time now, but today was the first time I made one of your lovely recipes– the corn, zucchini and goat cheese clafouti. It was delicious. Thank you so much for a wonderful summertime dinner and congratulations on being published!

  15. Congrats, Bea! It must be so exciting to see your recipes show up in all these publications – deservedly so!

  16. Congrats, it’s well done! Tes réalisations sont superbes, ton succès est bien mérité. Comme on dit par ici: proficiaat!

  17. Congratulations Bea !! I am now very sad that I missed the Sydney newspaper today 🙁

  18. Thank you so much all for your very nice and encouraging notes. It means a lot to me! You are one of my drives to continue wanting to create and cook!

    Miss Diane,

    Non toutes mes recettes ne sont pas sans gluten. Mais beaucoup le sont. Je dois mettre a jour les balises. Merci!

  19. Question??? I cut this out from the Globe. Can I make it and serve it room temp at a beach picnic as an appetizer, or does it suffer???
    I’m making some of your inspired tarts tomorrow to take with us to Singing Beach. Thanks!!!

  20. Hi Chris, thanks for your note!. Yes this savory clafoutis travels well this way, not a problem.
    Singing beach sounds such a great idea. I love this beach! I hope you enjoy the tarts! And have fun!


  21. I must say the recipe(Goat cheese clafoutis) without your dazzling photos doesn’t quite do the recipe or you justice. Glad I have your blog to keep discovering your wonderful visual offerings.

  22. Congratulations, I’d wake up and think that was beautiful news!
    I especially like the sound of the blue cheese, tarragon and spinach – not exactly the way you put them out there but it sounds good to me.
    Love the photo of the article and the plate together Béa!

  23. congratulations!! ^_^~

    it’s such an enjoyment just to see all these mouth watering photos that you took not to mention the wonderful recipes that you share with us!

  24. My version of the Globe didn’t have the photo ( We’re the NH edition) – my friend and I fought over who got the cut out recipe……Then I realized it was yours – just fabulous, Bea!

  25. Isn’t it so wonderful to see your stuff in print…in REAL newspaper print!! I get all giddy and have a silly smile on my face. Congrats on your 2nd article. Here’s to many, many more.

  26. Je ne peux que me joindre au concert de louanges. C’est merite n’est-ce pas, mais ca doit te faire tellement plaisir.

  27. I am -so- far behind on my blog-reading, but I wanted to pop in and say congratulations on the article in the Globe. What a gorgeous photo!

  28. just a note to tell you that I made this for dinner yesterday! It was delicious. Too delicious that I totally forgot to take a pic first!!